The System is (was) Down
by: Frizz on Thursday the 13th of April 2006

A full disk took down the site today; it looks like certain log files are being kept around longer than they should have been. Some tweaks have been made so these files will take up less space on the server, this should keep this problem from cropping-up in the future.

Server Tweaks
by: Frizz on Thursday the 06th of April 2006

A long-standing issue with people seeing 403 Forbidden errors has been hunted down and fixed. However, some additional tweaking may still be necessary. If you encounter any 403 Forbidden errors while on the site, please post when it happened and what you were doing when you saw the error to the Bugs section of the forum.

Also, the Training option in Headquarters -> Tinybucks now provides one random level of piloting or gunnery (instead of 100 experience). You can still only train crews that are under Level 3.

Mod / Crew Tweaks
by: Frizz on Thursday the 30th of March 2006

More big changes today. You can now (once again) add ANY mod to ANY unit (regardless of unit or mod complexity). However, there is a CE penalty if the Mod's Complexity is higher than the unit's Complexity. If the Mod's Complexity is higher than the unit's, you will receive a message that a CE Penalty has been assessed on the unit:

- Intermediate Mods assigned to Simple Units receive a 25% CE Penalty
- Advanced Mods assigned to Simple Units receive a 50% CE Penalty
- Advanced Mods assigned to Intermediate Units receive a 25% CE Penalty

The idea behind this update is to continue to allow you to have the flexability to modify your units however you see fit, but to reward units that use Mods that are at or below their complexity (with a lower CE: which means a lower drop cost AND more experience for their kills) while still providing the ability to create "surprise" Simple units that are packing big-guns.

Also, the dodge bonus for crews with Elite Piloting has been removed (it was only a place holder when Elite Piloting had no purpose). To compensate, a new Ability has been added called "Lightning Reflexes" ... which makes your Commander harder to-hit in combat (Survivalist is a pre-requisite). Also, a to-hit bonus that turrets had (to compensate for the dodge-bonus high-level units received) was removed.

Crew Revival and Meka Requirements
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 29th of March 2006

Crew revival cost have been (re-)re-scaled (lowered), this should take some of the bite out of losing crews under level 8. Secondly, vehicles are now sorted by name on the Modify Units screen. Also, to make lower level vehicles more necessary in the leveling process and provide a need for the highest level of piloting the following change has been added - All Mekas now require an additional Piloting skill level to use:

- A Simple Meka requires a crew with Skilled Piloting
- An Intermediate Meka requires a crew with Veteran Piloting
- An Advanced Meka requires a crew with Elite Piloting

Note: All vehicles are not Mekas. Mekas will have the word Meka in their name (ie. Sai Meka) ... vehicles do not (ie. Cobra Hovertank). So you can still place crews with Rookie Piloting in Simple vehicles (ie. Cobra Hovertank), but they need to have Skilled Piloting to use a Simple Meka (ie. Sai Meka).

Also: This change is part of a larger restructing of how crews / vehicles / mekas / mods are used. It is NOT the last change to this area, so please keep an eye out for future updates.

More Tweaks
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 28th of March 2006

Some small tweaks have been added:

- Roadrunner stats reverted to old method
- Hydra stats reverted to pre-tweak
- Speed cap added, units can now not move faster than 12 squares per turn when deployed
- Faction planets now have 1,000 Command up-for-grabs instead of 500

New Modify Units Page and Tweaks
by: Frizz on Thursday the 23rd of March 2006

The new Modify Units page has gone live. If you receive an error while accessing Modify Units, clear your browser's cache, you may have an old copy of the file. Also, a small balance pass has been made to some vehicles and mods. These changes are:

- Striker (CE decreased to 175)
- Puma (CE decreased to 135)
- Ground-Hog (CE increased to 145)
- Brightlance (Armor increased to 25, main weapon damage increased to 19)
- Super Nova (CE increased to 825)
- Ares (CE decreased to 800)
- Pirata (CE decreased to 700)
- Beast (CE decreased to 325)
- Grunt (CE decreased to 340)
- Titan (CE decreased to 350)
- Jabberwock (CE decreased to 345)
- Behemoth Heavy Tank (CE decreased to 330)
- Python Heavy Hovertank (CE decreased to 350)
- Tortoise Assault Vehicle (CE decreased to 340)
- Long-Rifle (CE increased to 365)
- RoadRunner Turbine stats changed (only gives +3 max speed now)
- Hydra Powerplant stats changed (Controlled Speed Bonus increased to +2)
- Calypso Prism stats changed (Damage bonus increased to +4)
- Balanced Ammo stats changed (-1 Damage and +5 Ammo)
- Explosive Ammo stats changed (Damage bonus increased to +3)

I give to you ...
by: Frizz on Monday the 20th of March 2006

Give messages for Command Points, Tinybucks, Credits, Ore, Construx and Vehicles have been modified to display their text in green with "System Message:" displaying in bold, at the top of the message.

Also ... the cost of reviving high level crews is being re-considered (now that more high level crews are involved in combat). If you lose a crew, you may wish to hold-off on reviving it ... a update may go in over the next few days concerning revival costs.

by: Frizz on Saturday the 18th of March 2006

Small tweaks for the weekend:
- The maximum number of buildings a faction base can have has been increase from 70 to 85.
- A bug with the alien base, which made it easier to kill, has been fixed.
- Some alien turrets have received small tweaks.
- Scrapped crews no longer give Command Points.

Balance Update
by: Frizz on Thursday the 16th of March 2006

The following changes are now in-game (current players should clear their cache to make sure they are viewing the most up-to-date pages):

- Simple vehicles can only use Simple Mods.
- Intermediate vehicles can use Simple and Intermediate Mods.
- Advanced vehicles can use all Mods.

- Intermediate and Advanced vehicles have had their CEs lowered (which will also lower their drop costs).
- Simple Mods now have slightly higher CE Modifiers (making them a little more expensive to place on vehicles).
- Advanced Mods now have slightly lower CE Modifiers (making them a little less expensive to place on vehicles).
- Crew CE Modifiers have been halved (making them much cheaper to place on vehicles).
- The chance of crew death has been greatly deceased when a vehicle is destroyed.
- The Derringer Mod has had it's ranged decreased to 1.
- The Covert Meka now has a greater chance of avoiding enemy fire in-combat
- The Sixth Sense and Early Bird Mods have had their benefits increased.

New checks are in-place to prevent vehicles from using Mods they are not supposed to. Be very careful configuring current units that have illegal configurations, you may be unable to save your changes, and may lose your current vehicle configurations.

Also, a new page has been added to the Headquarters page. Activate Units now allows you to make units Active or In-Active. In-Active units do not appear in the Modify Units or Create Army pages. This allows players with large amounts of vehicles to store pre-configured vehicles and free-up space on the Modify Units, Create Army and Market pages. It is also the first step in re-working these pages so they are easier to use for players with large numbers of units and mods.

A MODest Proposal 2 (The Revenge!)
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 14th of March 2006

After some thought and discussion there appears to be an alternative to yesterday's proposal. I've posted both options here. Please vote on the one you would like to see and add any comments you may have to that post.

Update: A second update may also be rolled into the Mod Slots update. This would tackle CE balancing ... check it out here.

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