A MODest Proposal
by: Frizz on Monday the 13th of March 2006

The following game update, detailed here, is being proposed. Please review and (if you feel the need) provide feedback.

Updated: Crew CE Modifiers will be changed with this update as well.

by: Frizz on Friday the 10th of March 2006

The update is in! ... This modified many, many pages across the site. Current players should clear their cache (in IE this is done from Tools -> Internet Options, then click Delete files). Then close all open Internet Explorer windows. If you still have problems on a page, hold Shift and click Refresh.

Update ... Coming Soon!
by: Frizz on Thursday the 09th of March 2006

Back-end update going in tonight around 11pm PST. The server will be down while this update is going in (should take around half an hour). Do not deploy around this time or you will be unable to control your units while the game is updating.

Incoming Transmission ...
by: Unknown on Monday the 06th of March 2006

*** Incoming Transmission ***

Priority: Urgent
Classification: Public
Sender: Rebel Combine

The folloing is a Priority One alert from the Rebel Combine:

Approximately 36 hours ago our primiary base on Hellion was wiped out by unknown attackers. Our forces were unable to identify their combantants, but did report that they used technology far superior to anything seen before.

The following broadcast was the last transmission sent from the base:

We are the Sha'Kahr. We have returned ...

*** End Transmission ***

Incoming Transmission ...
by: Unknown on Monday the 27th of February 2006

*** Incoming Transmission ***

Priority: Urgent
Classification: Public
Sender: United Federation

At 00:16:30 the United Federation lost contact with a recently deployed outpost on Hellion. The outpost was scheduled to conduct signal research and contained only a minimal support staff. More-troubling is the fact that no distress call was heard from site at the time contact was lost. All attempts to raise the outpost have failed and additional forces sent to the drop-site have also been unable to re-establish contact.

Given the nature of this disappearance, the United Federation is suspending all future deployments to Hellion and Hadeas.

*** End Transmission ***

Practice Planets
by: Frizz on Sunday the 19th of February 2006

Dueling Planets are now Practice Planets - Practice Planets are designed to help new players get a feel for the game without risk of losing units, crews, or mods. Experienced players can also use Practice Planets for duels or to test new vehicle configurations. These planets have the following attributes:
- It costs no Command Points to deployed to a Practice Planet.
- Up to 4 players can deployed to a Practice Planet at one time.
- Commands issued on Practice planets do still cost Command Points.
- Units destroyed on Practice Planets are not really destroyed, simply removed from play while you are deployed.
- Units cannot be salvaged on Practice Planets (because they are not really destroyed).
- No experience is given for destroying vehicles on Practice Planets.
- No Command Points are given for destroyed vehicles on Practice Planets.

Letters, We've Got Letters
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 14th of February 2006

Happy V-Day!!! Messages in your Inbox will now only display 50 at a time (most recent first). Page numbers will appear at the top of the Inbox as needed. This should make it much easier for people to view their messages and will also allow this page to load much faster ... Also, you can now select all the messages on one page by pushing the "Select All" button (at the bottom of the Inbox), this will select all the messages on the Inbox-page you are currently viewing.

Chat Policies Update
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 31st of January 2006

Several players are under the impression that attempting to circumvent the swear-word filter by adding a space, extra character, or non-letter character is OK. It isn't. The Chat Policies have been updated to reflect this, players caught attempting to go-around the swear-word filter will receive a strike.

Alliance Tweak
by: Frizz on Thursday the 26th of January 2006

A quick update today for Faction Alliances - Factions will now receive a message when alliances are broken. These messages will state which faction broke the alliance and when the alliance was dissolved.

Relic / Beacon Tweak
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 24th of January 2006

Quick tweak to capturing Relics and Beacons - you can now capture a Relic or Beacon if there are Faction Allies present. You can still not capture a Relic or Beacon if there are enemy or bandit vehicles near-by. Also, you can still not capture a Relic or Beacon if it has been captured by a Faction ally.

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