Commander, Mod and Bandit Tweaks
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 02nd of January 2008

- Activated or non-Activated Command Units now require the Battlefield Promotion merit in-order to pilot them. Even Commanders are now required to have this merit in-order to pilot a Command Unit. Activated Command Units can still only be piloted by Commanders.
- You can reset your Commander's Merits from the Headquarters page by using the "Reset Merits" link. Do this if you wish to select different merits for your Commander (this feature will be removed after 1-2 weeks).
- The Energy-Web Missiles Mod now causes a unit to lose 1 controlled speed in the following turn if it hits an enemy's shields. The Mod still causes a unit to lose 1 maximum speed if it hits the enemy's armor.
- The experience penalty for players over level 20 deploying to non-PvP planets (Riona and Taris) has been removed. Also, players over level 20 who deploy to these planets will find much more difficult bandits to fight. Keep in-mind that these bandits are easier to fight and do provide a bit less experience then bandits on PVP planets.
- Also, if you are in standard Construction Mode (ie. you have not activated Expert Mode in Account Settings) you will now see how many pre-req. Mods you have available for construction.
- Two new commands have been added: Power Rush (Adds 20% shields / 4 turn cool-down) and EMP Pulse (Removes 15% shields / 5 turn cool-down). These commands cannot target buildings. If you are using the Image Pack, you can download the new Command images here.

Expert Construction Mode
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 01st of January 2008

You can now enable Expert Construction Mode from Account Settings. This allows you to build Vehicles, Mods, and Buildings with fewer clicks than before. However, you will receive much less feedback and information while building in Expert Mode. You can bring up more information about items you wish to construct by clicking on the "*" next to an item's name, but you will need to keep track of any required Mods yourself while in Expert Mode.

Server Upgrade Complete!
by: Frizz on Friday the 21st of December 2007

Welcome to the new TinyWarz server! This server is more powerful than the previous one and is running on a more reliable network. There may be a few outstanding issues with the move - if you encounter any problems, please post them to the Bugs area of the Forum.

Also, the following changes have been made:
- The building limit on Faction War planets has been lowered to 40.
- An innate to-hit bonus for turrets (1 Gunnery Level) has been removed.
- XP Advanced Meka have had their CEs increased by about 50%
- The Spellbreaker's Teleport ability has had its cool-down reduced to 7 turns
- The Nightstalker's Controlled Speed has been reduced to 3
- The Nightstalker's Immunity ability has had its cool-down increased to 10 turns
- The Nightstalker now only provides a sector wide to-hit bonus of 1 Gunnery Level (only when activated)

Stacking Penalty
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 18th of December 2007

There is now a penalty applied to stacks of units which will make units that are stacked together much easier to-hit in combat. For every additional unit past one in a stack, every unit in the stack will be easier to hit. Every additional unit in a stack will give two-thirds of a gunnery level as a bonus to-hit any unit in that stack.

For example: If you are shooting at a target that is in a stack of 7 other units, you will have a bonus to-hit of:
(7-1 Units) * (2/3 Gunnery Levels) = 4 Gunnery Levels
If you are shooting at a target that is in a stack of 2 units, you will have a bonus to-hit of:
(2-1 Units) * (2/3 Gunnery Levels) = 2/3rds of a Gunnery Level
If you are shooting at a unit that is not in a stack, there is no stack bonus to-hit it.

Also Note:
- Buildings count as part of a stack, ie. a building in the same square as a unit gives a bonus of two thirds of a gunnery level to-hit either the unit or the building.
- Destroyed units & buildings, Ore deposits, Relics, and Beacons do not count as part of a stack.
- Stacks do not take into consideration enemy, friendly and allied units. All are counted the same when considering the number of units in a stack.
- When ordering an attack, you will see a Stack Bonus modifier listed if you are receiving a bonus to-hit from attacking stacked units.
- The Stack Bonus is capped at 8 units.
- Thumpers have been slightly improved to account for swarm tactics.

This should encourage you to think more about your units' movements (when deploying a large number of forces) and to co-ordinate more with your teammates when making attacks or defending.

Also, if your commander is destroyed on the turn an Emergency Evac command you ordered was due to go off, you will now no longer pay your drop cost to remove your units from the planet.

Also, players who are using the Image Pack will now receive an additional Command point bonus for ending their turns early.

Planet Changes
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 28th of November 2007

To help promote larger battles for faction nodes and to encourage use of the PvP Training planet for training instead of for Faction Point gathering, a few changes have been made. The following planet tweaks have been added to promote larger-scale combat and base attacks:
- Faction Point payout for captured Nodes has been increased by 25%
- Beacon payout on the PvP Training Planet has been decreased by 50%
- CE Limits on the PvP Training Planet have been decreased by 500
- Also, Bandits should no-longer appear when you are out of bounds

Game Tweaks
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 21st of November 2007

A few quick tweaks:

- Buildings that increase and decrease movement no-longer stack. Only the highest (increase) or lowest (decrease) value will be used. This is to prevent users from creating "fly-trap" bases that cannot be escaped from or bases that provide huge movement bonuses.
- You can no longer recruit crews if you have more than 100 Level 1 & 2 crews already. Several players were accumulating crews large amounts of crews which was causing performance issues for them on other panels. You can still buy Level 1 & 2 crews from the Black Market (or be given them) if you have more than 100 Level 1 & 2 crews. If you have 300+ crews and are experiencing timeout issues, please recycle or give-away crews before reporting issues on the forum.

Incoming Transmission ...
by: Unknown on Sunday the 04th of November 2007

*** Incoming Transmission ***

Priority: Urgent
Classification: Public
Sender: Rebel Combine

X-Projects research has been completed!!! We would like to thank every citizen who took part, more information about X-Projects can be found here.

*** End Transmission ***

Incoming Transmission ...
by: Unknown on Monday the 29th of October 2007

*** Incoming Transmission ***

Priority: Urgent
Classification: Public
Sender: Rebel Combine

Attention citizens - We need your help!

Our top scientists have unscrambled the last transmission from the X-Projects lab, but vital pieces of this communication are missing! We have discovered that various bandit groups scattered across many planets have jammed and intercepted parts of this vital message. Undoubtedly, these groups have discovered a way to store this data and are keeping it with the hopes of harnessing X-Projects technology for themselves.

The Rebel Combine urgently needs all citizens to keep an eye out for bandits which may be carrying this data. Unfortunately, we have no information on how the bandits could store and transport these records, but our spies have discovered a sizable increase in bandit com-net chatter, and it is our assumption that various bandit groups are attempting to collaborate in an effort to decode the X-Projects data.

Should any citizen recover data from the bandits, they are advised to send it to the Rebel Combine. We are offering a sizable reward to any individuals who can help us decode this new technology, and bring it to all people.

Thanks to all citizens who have assisted with our efforts! The recoveries by Manuel93, haloguy48, phinoy, A_dent, Humungus, Dfenceking, EVILG4, Magesrook (x2), psychokiller, and 13thapoc have allowed us new insight into the X-Project transmission. Unfortuantely, there are still several parts that we are unable to decrypt. Keep your eyes open citizens!

Additional Update:
Citizens! We have almost completed our research, with a few more pieces of data recovered from the Bandits will be able to completely decode the X-Project transmission!

*** End Transmission ***

Incoming Transmission ...
by: Unknown on Monday the 22nd of October 2007

*** Incoming Transmission ***

Priority: Urgent
Classification: Public
Sender: Rebel Combine

Attention citizens - We bring you urgent news!

Our intelligence network has obtained proof that the recent attack of a United Federation lab was in-fact initiated by UF's own security forces. Our spies have also discovered that a group of scientists working at the United Federation's X-Projects lab sought to defect with the breakthroughs they developed. These men of science feared the consequences of one faction controlling this deadly new technology, but were discovered and attacked by UF forces before they could flee the installation.

A final transmission was received by the Rebel Combine shortly before we lost all communication with the scientists. So far we have only been able to unscramble these images. We will continue to research this data and broadcast any results.

*** End Transmission ***

Incoming Transmission ...
by: Unknown on Saturday the 13th of October 2007

*** Incoming Transmission ***

Priority: Urgent
Classification: Public
Sender: United Federation

Approximately four hours ago a strike was launched against one of our outposts which had been conducting deep-space research. The attackers were of unknown origin and they used technology our scientists are unfamiliar with. Our station was able to capture images of the following before we lost all contact with them:

Beware, this new threat appears to be more powerful than anything we have dealt with in the past. Citizen who encounter any of this technology should contact the United Federation immediately.

*** End Transmission ***

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