Listen to this week's Code Jam
by: Frizz on Sunday the 31st of May 2020

You can listen to this week's Code Jam and comment here:

5/30/20 Code Jam

5/30/2020 Code Jam Summary
by: DarkLeth on Saturday the 30th of May 2020

As a reminder, Code Jams occur once a week on Saturdays at 3 PM EST. A new weekly Reddit suggestion thread has been posted.

This week, the following changes were made:

- Mortum has been returned to the game.
- Hadeas has been retired.. Due to a lack of planets that earn FP, Hadeas has earned a reprieve. Low FP factions now receive x5 per captured beacon (was x3).
- Web attacks made by Sha'Kahr units have been reduced to 1 damage.
- Mining Surveyor Acti now works as intended but must be mounted on a vehicle capable of mining to enhance a deposit. Acti has 20 charges.
- Behemoth is the only unit that bypasses Sha'Kahr's damage resistance. DWA, however, does not bypass this damage resistance. This bonus will be closely monitored.

Changes that will be considered in the coming weeks include a modification to self salvage for Ao1 and TFC (base self salvage would increase by 10% for both to a base level of 20% and 10% respectively), a possible alteration to how coordinates are displayed, and allowing users to see which of their units self-salvaged versus which units were fully destroyed.

Quick pre-Code Jam tweaks
by: Frizz on Friday the 29th of May 2020

- Rynn denials now pay 500 Command (was 300)
- Sha'Kahr Acid is now AOE (similar to EMP but on Armor instead of Shields); this effect works through Shields and cannot be mitigated; if Acid cannot reduce Armor below 1
- Some Sha'Kahr attacks now ignore % Damage Reduction
- Sha'Kahr Harbingers now also have Energy Web attacks
- Mining Surveyor Acti now reports old / new amounts in the Turn Log (and now works properly ... maybe too well!)
-The Mining Surveyor Acti cannot be used on a Super Deposit
- Processors will now display how many turns are remaining on a deposit in the Unit Info panel

Code Jam: Saturday
by: Frizz on Thursday the 28th of May 2020

The Code Jam will be this Saturday starting at 3pm EST; reddit questions will be handled before taking comments from Discord.

Code Jam reddit thread

Discord channel

Message from the Kilrah
by: Frizz on Thursday the 28th of May 2020

*** Incoming Transmission ***
Attention warriors!

We bring you ominous news ... we have learned that the Sha'Kahr are responding to our efforts to thwart them. We believe their Queen has discovered a method of creating thralls of the very crews you hire for your armies (clones appear to be immune to the Queen's will). Do not be fooled by their "seemingly" improved abilities; while their skills now surpass anything we have previously known we believe this corrupting influence is a great danger to us all!

*** End Transmission ***

Vehicle Mining Updates
by: Frizz on Thursday the 28th of May 2020

There have been a few tweaks to vehicle mining:

- Ore deposit code has been consolidated, this should prevent deposits from having wildly differing amounts.
- The amount of ore in deposits has been greatly increased.
- Ore processor time has been scaled to be in-line with previous amounts.
- Ore loss % (in the Turn Log) should now be accurate.
- You can now purchase a Rockhound Ability for your Commander (requires Born Geologist) which gives them an intrinsic Rockhound merit (no merit appears for your commander however).

Self-Salvaging is LIVE!
by: Frizz on Monday the 25th of May 2020

Auto-Salvage has been re-worked into Self-Salvage.

All units have a 35% chance to self-salvage when they are destroyed. When a unit self-salvages, all non-integrated mods are left on the wreck but the unit (along with any integrated mods) is returned to its Commander in a damaged state. If the wreck is salvaged, the dropped mods can be looted but not the unit. Damaged units can be repaired for Ore in Refit Army. They can be given to other players but not sold.

Self-salvaging is capped at 85%:
- Baseline: 35%
- Preserver mod: +20%
- Survivor mod: +10%
- Army of One: +10%
- Quick Reflexes merit: +10%
- War Hero merit: +10%

The intent of this change shift battlefield losses from a devastating gut punch to a less-painful kick in the shins. Winning a battle should will still provide rewards and the vehicles of your enemy. However, players can now decide how risky they would like to be and customize their armies accordingly. These numbers will be tuned and adjusted; I'm looking forward to feedback at the next Code Jam.

May 23rd Code Jam Recording is Up!
by: Frizz on Monday the 25th of May 2020

You can listen to and provide feedback on this week's code Jam here:

Listen to this week's Code Jam

If you have feedback, questions or comments you want discussed on next week's Code Jam, please provide them in this thread:

Comments for next week's Code Jam

Random fixes while prepping for today's update:
- Mods that add Ballistic and Missile Ammo have been buffed
- Condensed Neutron Rounds and Armor Piercing Rounds now ignore ALL damage reduction on units they attack (but not buildings)
- Deathwhisper re-work
- Bug fix for Dragoon shield damage reduction (bad copy-pasta)
- New Player Commanders are now more experienced (Piloting & Gunnery) ... great CJ suggestion!
- A buff to the Claymore's speed was reverted
- Base Designed was moved from Hangar to Dropship so users of the graphical hangar can still build bases

5/23/2020 Code Jam Summary
by: DarkLeth on Saturday the 23rd of May 2020

Thank you to everyone who joined this weekend's Code Jam.

As a reminder, these events will occur at 3 PM EST every Saturday for the foreseeable future.

The following changes were made during the Code Jam:
- The Deathdealer now has 10 ammunition rather than 6.
- Building limit displaying incorrect amount on Dominus (100 instead of 70)
- Killrah Mods now have a 1.25 CE modifier

Several other topics were discussed during the CJ:
- The event window will now be a pop-up dialog, similar to the mini-map and chat window. This will allow for users to avoid an unnecessary and presently unavoidable action during game-
- Commands will be 0 command to issue going forward.
- Default factions will now have 1 of every construx, allowing new players to build units while they learn the game.
- Dominus has coming changes regarding PvP windows, node resets and salvage modifications. There is not an ETA for these modifications.

Frizz is working on a new(-ish) feature Self-Salvage (The points below are being actively worked on. A post will be added when the code is live.):
- Auto-Salvage is now Self-Salvage
- All units have a 35% chance of Self-salvaging
- The Preserver mod now adds 20%
- The Survivor mod now adds 10%
- Army of One adds 10%
- Quick Reflexes will receive +10% Self-salvaging
- Steady Hand will receive +25% crew survival
- Battle Field Promotion merit chance now the same as all other merits (was 0.6% now ~8%)
- When a unit is destroyed, if it Self-Salvages, a wreck is created on the battlefield that contains all the non-integrated mods that were on that unit.
- Units that Self-Salvage will appear in Modify Units in a damaged state. You will need to spend Ore to repair the unit before it can be deployed.

After considering moving Self-salvage to Battlefield Promotion I feel this weakens the interesting part of BP (rareness). Self-salvage may also be a way to balance Commander units down the road, so giving this merit a bonus in that area could be counter-productive. I shifted Self-salvage to a weaker merit and tweaks the speed-related merits as-well.

I also feel I moved too fast on some other Merit nerfs; I've rolled those back and will instead buff lower-tier nerfs.

Code Jam Saturday
by: Frizz on Friday the 22nd of May 2020

The Code Jam is this Saturday at 3pm EST on Discord:

Drop-Shock Discord

Reddit questions will be reviewed first:


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