Player elelcted council members - Results
by: Frizz on Saturday the 13th of April 2013

Please welcome our two newest Player Council members:

eV & ImPacman

Merit Re-work
by: Frizz on Thursday the 11th of April 2013

Thanks to eV & IamLarkable:

The user-submitted code for merit re-work has been added to the game. This gives a crew an additional 5% chance for every level since the last merit was gained.

For example: If your crew is level 25 and it last gained a merit at level 20 it would receive a ( (25 - 20) * 5%) +25% chance to level-up.

- Using a de-leveling Power-up now also reduces the level count of the last merit earned by one.
- Players who de-leveled crews before this change had their crews manually fixed.

Player elelcted council members
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 09th of April 2013

Hi All -

I'd like to open up two additional spots on the Player Council to the community. To elect a player to these positions, please reply to this thread with one person you'd like to see on the council:


Voting will end on Friday at midnight.

Also: (per tickets recently implemented)
- Dominus Faction Point pay-outs decreased
- Out of bounds movement on Dominus is no-longer allowed
- Possible fix for swarm movement added

Player Council Ticket Forums
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 27th of March 2013

The Player Council Ticket forums, where council members vote on tickets, is now read-able by everyone.

Planet Stuff
by: Vanoi on Sunday the 24th of March 2013

Just some minor stuff.

- Rynn Command Payout has been greatly increased
- Rynn exploit fixed (Suicide Exploit)
- Dominus Payout has been fixed (Exponential FP Exploit)
- Zedus Power-up Payout slightly tweaked (Percentile Based)
- 0.2 Command for Bandit Kills
- Ao1 Controlled Speed Tweak (Code Order, now affect by mods)
- Overcharged Shield Tweak (Code Order, Overcharged shields not happen the same time as PDS)
- Weekend Exp Text Corrected (No-longer affected by Exp Reduction)

As you can see Command output has increased dramatically, hope you guys enjoy. :D

by: Vanoi on Saturday the 02nd of March 2013

Some more weekend updates for today.

- Mstgt now shows the correct text in the right situations
- DWA Bypass Phaseshields
- Small text touchup
Zedus beacon now give a Power-Up on horizon depending on how long they've been held:
- <30 turns, Simple PU
- <60 turns, Intermediate PU
- <70 turns, Advanced PU
- >70 turns, Elite PU or Merit-related PU

My Bandit Arena still in the testing phase... :'(

I Broke It
by: Vanoi on Sunday the 24th of February 2013

So just getting a few things out of the way before we delve deeper.

- Dominus' text and node cap properly changed
- Esikia/Konu base drop cost now shows
- Leopard's CE is now correct
- Gatlinger Meka and Wyvern are now Elite Complexity

We have a few still sitting on the burner as they get tested... (Hint Hint Bandit Arena Hint).

Information Overload
by: Vanoi on Sunday the 10th of February 2013

Slight tweaks this week to provide more informative and more accessible DropShock.

- Dominus has been changed to offer a more optimal payout.
- Bandit Bonus now shows on Event Logs
- Esika/Konu now have a percentile base discount relative to how many turns is left.

The Bonus Exp is still going until Monday, rack up them Exp!

B-B-Bonus Exp Weekend!
by: Vanoi on Thursday the 07th of February 2013

It's offical, guys: we're having our first bonus exp weekend!

The bonus should begin exactly at Midnight (12:00 Am PST) Friday and end on Midnight (12:00 Am PST) Sunday. We've decided to run this for the entirety of this month to see how things goes, behave, have fun, and worship the Frizzle and we may just get it for longer.

This bonus is a flat 50% that doesn't just stack with Bandit Bonus or the Experience Mods, it increases them by 50%! Note that this bonus only applies to exp gained for one self, thus your crews can't share it with your commander.

*cough*Did I mention it applies to Pvp too?

If you guys have any feedback on the implementation of this update or just any comments in general, hit us up in the Forum.

Various Updates
by: RoseThorn on Sunday the 03rd of February 2013

-Aldus, Mortum, and Acheron now provide salvage reports for the entire cycle
-Aegis' movement effect no longer affects itself
-Leopard main-gun has received a new effect, AMeka (deals 50% extra damage to mekas)
-Leopard main-guns have their range and damage increased
-Leopard now reduces attacks received by Mekas 25%

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