PvP Training Planet Added!
by: Frizz on Thursday the 07th of June 2007

A new PvP Training planet, Aldus has been added. This planet scales the amount of vehicles you can deploy based on your level. The higher your level, the fewer units you're allowed to deploy to the planet. The planet as has additional features which should make Players vs. Player fights more interesting: the planet uses the same bandit scheme as Faction War planets, this means bandits can appear from anywhere at any time. Also, a Beacon can be found on the PvP Training Planet, capturing this gives your faction 1 Faction Point every other turn. Keep in-mind, capturing the Beacon will broadcast your position to everyone else on the planet. Lastly, two unique Bandit vehicles can be found on the PvP Training planet, the Bandit Skirmisher Tank and Bandit Thug Meka.

Also, Faction Planet Beacon Captures have also been changed, Beacon captures on the Faction Planet payout now 7 points per cap. This change is to encourage active collection of faction points in an active manner: like the PvP Training planet where smaller groups of units can have heated battles, rather than passive collection: such as the Faction Planet where near impregnable Faction Bases earn points from Beacon caps.

Welcome to the New Server!
by: Frizz on Thursday the 07th of June 2007

Welcome to the new TinyWarz server! We'll be undergoing a shake-out period over the next day or so, once this is finished new content will be added.

Mining Improvements
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 05th of June 2007

The Advanced and Improved Mining Platform Mods have been changed (for the better). These now increase the amount of ore in each deposit and the effects of these mods stack. The Mineralogist ability now also gives additional ore for each deposit mined (and stacks with the mods). If a commander with the Mineralogist ability and a miner containing both mods chooses to mine a deposit with 500 ore, it will mine the deposit as-if it contained 650 ore (30% bonus). This update makes it a little harder to reach 100% efficiency while mining (now only possible with the best miner, best command, efficiency increase ability, and merit) but increases the total amount of ore in deposits. The net result is that even more ore can now be mined with the best-possible miner and miners who use Mining Platforms or Mineralogist will see small increases in yields.

For more information about how these changes effect mining, please see Vehicular Mining Explained.

Pending Updates
by: Frizz on Sunday the 03rd of June 2007

Here's some information about a few updates that are coming soon: The TinyWarz server is getting ready to be super-sized! The new box will have twice the capacity of the current one, which should solve issues some players are having during peak hours. Once the server update is complete a game update will be going in to add new content. The server upgrade should go in some time on Wednesday (6/6), and there will be some down time (10-15 minutes is expected). The forum and wiki will not be down while the server is being upgraded, and turns will not be processing during this time.

by: Frizz on Tuesday the 29th of May 2007

Several tweaks have been added to help improve server performance: In-game emails are now archived every 15 days (players who currently have large Inboxes may experience some lag the first time they access their mail, as messages are archived for the first time). You can also choose to manually archive emails to keep your Inbox clean. Several scripts that do utility work on the server have also been moved to help improve game performance, additional changes will be made are they are needed.

Experience Changes
by: Frizz on Sunday the 20th of May 2007

Some tweaks have been made to how experience is earned which will make it easier for new players. To better explain the changes, here's a quick refresher on how experience is calculated:

When you destroy an enemy vehicle, the Combat Efficency of all your deployed units is compared to the total Combat Efficency of the opponent you attacked (or a fixed number in the case of Bandits and Sha'kahr). This creates a ratio that is then multiplied by the CE of the destroyed vehicle to give the final experience amount. So if you deploy a large force and are fighting someone who deloyed a small force you may end-up with less experience then they do, even if you both kill units with the same CE.

Previously, there was a 1,000 CE cap when you deployed. If you deployed with less than 1,000 CE, the system would move you up to the cap and make the ratio calculation as-if you had deployed with 1,000 CE. With this update, if your commander is level 3 or below, the cap is lowered to 500 CE (you now earn more experience for deploying with fewer units) and you receive at 25% experience bonus for any bandits you destroy. If your commander is under level 10, the cap is 750 CE. If your commander is over level 10, the cap is the old 1,000 CE.

Double Beacons!
by: Frizz on Thursday the 17th of May 2007

There are now two Beacons on the Faction planet. This means factions can now earn faction points twice as fast while collecting Beacons. Note: If a vehicle is already transporting a captured Beacon, it cannot capture another one.

I welcome our new Bandit Overlords ...
by: Frizz on Sunday the 13th of May 2007

A new bandit command vehicle has been spotted on the Faction War planet. Reports are coming in that the Bandit Overlord is providing bandits with improved accuracy and contains detailed information on bandit weaknesses. Commanders should note that if this unit were captured it should provide the ability to exploit bandit plans on the battlefield.

Faction Level Tweaks
by: Frizz on Friday the 20th of April 2007

The Faction Point cost for Faction Levels has been completely reworked. Any of the three Faction Levels can now be purchased for a fixed cost per level:

Level 1: 200fp
Level 2: 600fp
Level 3: 1,200fp
Level 4: 2,000fp
Level 5: 3,000fp
Level 6: 4,200fp
Level 7: 5,600fp
Level 8: 7,200fp
Level 9: 9,000fp
Level 10: 11,000fp
Level 11: 13,200fp
Level 12: 15,600fp

ie. To purchase Faction Level 1 in Construx, Combat and Research now only costs 600 Faction Points (200fp + 200fp + 200fp).

This significantly reduces the number of Faction Points needed to obtain all Faction Levels. Also, factions that had spent points in more than one Faction Level had the cost of the lower Faction Level refunded to them (and the level reset to zero). Factions which only spent points on one faction level are uneffected by this update (however, if you're a faction leader and this update completely changes your ability to "crush other factions" email me so we can discuss it).

Factions, Factions, Factions
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 28th of March 2007

Lots of new stuff for factions, let's get started - Ore deposits mined on Faction War planet now have double the amount of ore. The chance of finding a mega-ore deposit (5x normal ore) has been increased from 2% to 3% (only found on planets where PvP is allowed). Faction War bandit pilots have received special training and now move a little faster (unique to bandits, salvaged bandit vehicles still move at the same speed).

Quick chance to Faction Levels: Research Faction Level 3 is now - One additional Build Slot and bonus to get Mods Slots, Research Faction Level 10 is now - One additional Build Slot and bonus to get Variants.

Last (but certainly not least) ... there are now two Faction War planets, Hellion and Infernus. The maximum number of nodes a Faction War planet can have has been decreased to seven (from eight), but the chance of a planet having more nodes has been increased. There are two new rules for Faction War planets: First, if a faction has captured a node on one Faction War planet, no members of that faction can deploy to the other planet. Second, members who have just joined a faction must wait 24 hours before deploying to a Faction War planet.

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