Additional Player Council Member
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 29th of January 2013

Please welcome krisjaniz to the Player Council!

Frizzletastic Update
by: Vanoi on Saturday the 26th of January 2013

By Frizz:
- Unpaids can now use Unique units
- Necro AI Slaves with 1 Max Armor fixed
- Firestorm AI Probes no longer count as Necro AI Slaves
- Deterus' Shield Assist Acti now has a cap of 8 weapons it can redirect a turn

Just a bunch of bug fixes with some re-done by Frizz himself.

Small Update
by: Vanoi on Sunday the 20th of January 2013

By Khaibar:
- Autosalvaged Units will no longer attack, keep targets, have effects or be target-able
- Faction Buildings on War Planets now have their actis
Brightlance has been slightly buffed:
- Added energy weapons recieve -1 recharge
- Shields increased to 75 (was 60)

Further updates should come soon as I stop messing up codes. :D

Construction files added to git
by: Frizz on Saturday the 29th of December 2012

Construction files added:

- construct.js
- construct.php
- construct_all_info.php
- construct_unit_info.php
- construct_unit_req.php
- process_build_commit.php
- process_build_remove.php
- process_build_start.php

The Better Council Update
by: Vanoi on Friday the 28th of December 2012

By Vanoi, The God:
- Armorer repair reduced to 5 as per Council decision, Merit text added
- Longrifle, after careful thought was changed to Snipe so as that Weapon Type modifying mods wouldn't override the Double-shot acti
- Scout Sniper Meka's turret limit set to correct value of 2

Source Code moved to git
by: Frizz on Sunday the 23rd of December 2012

The Drop Shock source code has been moved to git (DS git code). This should allow faster inclusion of new code and features.

The DS Open Source How-to has been updated to reflect this change.

Game Update - Game Updates!
by: Frizz on Sunday the 16th of December 2012

Chat Mods can now make and edit game updates. They can use this power to post updates, suggestions, and changes made by the Player Council.

Drop Shock: Moving Forward
by: Frizz on Sunday the 09th of December 2012

Hi all -

The previously discussed Player Council is moving forward . Drop Shock's first council members are:


This group will be responsible for approving code for New Features which are added to the game (https://sourceforge.net/p/dropshock/tickets/). The process for adding content will be as follows:

1) A ticket is created on SourceForge with the new code (Status: open)
2) Community members can leave comments on the ticket for the council to consider
3) The ticket is approved or rejected by the Player Council (majority vote) and a council member changes the ticket's status (Status: council-approved or closed-rejected)
4) The code is added to the game (Status: closed-added)

I will be committing one hour each weekend to add council approved code to the game. The council will also be given my personal email address so they can reach me for questions. I also will be moving the SourceForge code to Git so increase the speed of getting new features into the game.

Open Source: New files (deployed)
by: OS Frizz on Sunday the 12th of August 2012

All right-side panel files used while a player is deployed have been added. These are the files that let players issue Commands, attack units, get stats, deploy buildings, deploy more units, etc.:

- panel_attack
- panel_attack_3d (same as panel_attack, but used when a player enables newer graphics)
- panel_command
- panel_deploy
- panel_deploy_3d (used when player enables better graphics)
- panel_dropship
- panel_stats
- panel_time
- panel_unitinfo
- panel_unitstats

Facebook Fix
by: Dev Frizz on Thursday the 26th of July 2012

Facebook logins and sign-ups should be working again for all browsers. If you encouter a Facebook-related issue, please post to Bugs area of the forum.

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