by: Frizz on Saturday the 21st of September 2013

Thanks to the community for the following updates:

- Infernus is now a Simple Only Unit / Mod planet (Intermediate Buildings are allowed)!
- Salvaging now shows # of Mod slots
- If the Zedus Beacon is unowned it will now appear to everyone on the map (after turn 8)
- Deployed turret bugs fixed
- More limits on unpaid players removed
- Issue with Zedus PU pay-out fixed

Faction Building Effect Fix
by: Frizz on Sunday the 30th of June 2013

Faction buildings should now only provide positive effects to players actually in that faction (per ticket #100).

Thanks Vanoi!

Stealth changes ... Go!
by: Frizz on Saturday the 29th of June 2013

I've had a long time to think about stealth and I feel I finally hit on the problem: the intention of stealth was to create units that behaved like "submarines" they would operate below the surface where they could not attack or be attacked, move into position for a strike, then fade away.

The issue is: in a turn-based game, an previously unanticipated attack can be devastating.

The following changes are have been added:
- A unit in the same sector (10x10 squares) as a stealthed unit will now be able to "see" that unit. The cloaked unit will appear stealthed and neither unit can attack the other but this should finally give people who dislike stealth a way to operate that prevents a completely unseen, attack that wipes them out.

- Stealth units will no-longer be uncloaked if they end their turn in the same square as an enemy unit.

This tweak provides a lot of options for players to remove the "surprise! you lose everything!" aspect of stealth while leaving the tactical aspect in-place (we may even need to remove, lessen revealers after this change ... but let's take it a step at a time).

- map_viewer.php has been added to git. This file controls all the view-logic for generating the playable map while deployed.

Mortum Pay-outs Fixed
by: Frizz on Monday the 03rd of June 2013

Mortum will now properly pay out TerraBucks after the morning and evening PvP ends.

Unit Jam #2: Results!
by: Frizz on Sunday the 02nd of June 2013

Bandit Skirmisher Tank
- Max Speed increased to 4 (was 3)
- Damage taken by armor now reduced by 2 points

Dragoon Meka
- Max Speed increased to 3 (was 2)
- Shields increased to 70 (was 60)

Unit Jam #2: Sunday 6/2! (rescheduled)
by: Frizz on Saturday the 01st of June 2013

Unit Jam #2 is on deck!

Be online at 8am 6pm PST on Sunday, June 2nd. Players online will be discussing under-used units / mods / buildings. These items will be improved immediately following the Unit Jam!

Edit: Sorry for the change of time. Hopefully more people can attend in the evening.

First Unit Jam Complete!
by: Frizz on Thursday the 16th of May 2013

First Unit Jam is complete! Thanks to everyone who participated ... here are the results:

- Added Energy weapon damage increase to 10 (was 8)
- Now takes 30% less damage from Missiles

- Built-in missile weapons now have Anti-Armor effect (double damage to armor)
- Built-in missile weapon ammo decreased to 10 (was 15)
- Added Missile / Energy weapons receive AntiA effect

- Added weapons receive +1 range

Unit Jam Tonight!
by: Frizz on Thursday the 16th of May 2013

Hey everyone -

I'll be online tonight at 6pm PST; I'll be discussing under-used units with any players online at that time. We'll select one unit and make some changes to it -something that can be done in under an hour. Then those changes will go live immediately!

See you tonight!

Acheron & Mortum Consolidated
by: Frizz on Sunday the 28th of April 2013

Acheron & Mortum have been consolidated into a single planet: Mortum. This planet has day and night PvP times. By decreasing Faction Wars to a single planet, it may be time to add a Beacon or two ... ask your Player Council about that. =)

Also, I've been brainstorming about ways to decrease the "bite" of losing valuable units in combat. Check out this post, The Long Lost Mek Graveyard?, for more information.

Bandit Arenas!
by: Frizz on Sunday the 14th of April 2013

Thanks to Vanoi for putting this together! You can now add a little "flavor" to arenas and include bandits in them. You can also modify the following stats for bandits:

- Spawn Rate
- Additional Shield Regen
- Health Bonus
- Damage Bonus
- Speed Bonus

You can also toggle allowing deployment to areas which are occupied by other players / bandits.

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