Pop-up Chat II!
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 25th of July 2006

Some tweaks and bug fixes for Pop-up chat. You should now be have all the functionality of normal chat in the pop-up (giving items to other players, clicking on a name from the main page, etc.). If you encounter any problems with pop-up chat, please post them in the Bugs section of the forum.

Also: Over a dozen new Rewards have been added to RewardGamer, including several Free Trials ... head over to Headquarters -> Tinybucks to check them out.

Pop-up Chat!
by: Frizz on Monday the 24th of July 2006

You now have the option of making all your chat appear in a pop-up window (instead of just when you are deployed to a planet). You can enable this from the "Account Settings" link. You may also need to clear the cache on your browser to enable this functionality. Also, new Rewards are now up on RewardGamer, head over to Headquarters->Tinybucks and check them out!

Faction Planet Change Proposal
by: Frizz on Sunday the 23rd of July 2006

There have been a few suggestions to make the Faction planet a little more competitive. To start things off, I'm considering this. This isn't meant to be the only tweak to encourage more faction combat, just a first step. Please review the post and leave feedback.

RewardGamer Updates
by: Frizz on Saturday the 22nd of July 2006

Several RewardGamer updates: Rewards are now organized into categories, this will make it much easier to find one that works for you. Also 10 more Rewards have been added, including Rewards from ThinkGeek and Buy.com!

Free TinyBucks Strike Back!
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 19th of July 2006

Free TinyBucks are back! MobRule Studios is proud to announce that RewardGamer has gone live! RewardGamer will act as an online marketing site, offering revenue alternatives for gaming advertisers and publishers. Starting today, TinyWarz will be the RewardGamer Publisher pilot - this will allow you to earn TinyBucks by completing RewardGamer offers. Offers from several Advertisers have already been listed and can be accessed from Headquarters -> Tinybucks. If you have any feedback concerning RewardGamer, please post it to the General Discussion area of the forum.

Incoming Transmission ...
by: Unknown on Monday the 17th of July 2006

*** Incoming Transmission ***

Priority: Urgent
Classification: Public
Sender: United Federation

At 00:11:17 the United Federation intercepted the following images from a long abandoned outpost on the edge of known-space. The transmission was scrambled and only a small amount of the data has been recovered. Our top-scientists have been unable to determine the purpose of these images and their public release has been authorized:

If you have any information concerning the technology depicted above please contact the United Federation immediately.

*** End Transmission ***

by: Frizz on Friday the 14th of July 2006

A few tweaks to round-out the week:
* You can now reset your password automatically (if you forget or otherwise lose it). If you fail to login you will be presented with the option of reseting your password.
* A note will now appear in the faction messages stating who deployed the faction's base.
* The vehicle list that displays while deployed will no-longer show destroyed vehicles.

Code Words
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 12th of July 2006

To make it easier to point new players to the Wiki, Forum, FAQ, Glossary, and New Player Guide - the following code words have been added to chat:


Entering any of the above "codes" will replace that text with a link which will take you to the appropriate page. For example, entering: Please read the :faq: to find out how to mine ore.

Will appear as: Please read the FAQ to find out how to mine ore. in chat.

Respec My Authority!
by: Frizz on Saturday the 08th of July 2006

All players now have one free Respec for their Commander. This allows you to re-select Skills, Abilities, and Commands for your Commander without losing your Commander's Level or Experience. You can Respec your Commander from the Headquarters -> Tinybucks panel (this features replaces the Reset Commander function). If you want to use more than one Respec, another can be purchased from Headquarters -> Tinybucks.

Also, vehicles which give no Ore when scrapped (new-player vehicles) are now marked as [Newbie] on the Black Market.

TinyWarz Chat Mods!
by: Frizz on Monday the 03rd of July 2006

Given the recent influx of new players to TinyWarz, it has become necessary to create Chat Moderators who can manage in-game chat. That said ... TinyWarz Chat Mods are ready to go! Invitations will be going out shortly to players who have been selected as Chat Moderators. Note: Players who are selected will be held to a higher standard in-terms of how they use their powers and what they say in chat. Chat Mods who are found to abuse the rights given to them will have their Chat Mod rights stripped and may find their accounts removed from the game as well.

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