Open Source Updates
by: DS Community on Friday the 20th of July 2012

Update by khaibar:
- Arenas now have an "Unlimited Ammo" option

Open Source: New files ... Arenas!
by: OS Frizz on Sunday the 15th of July 2012

By popular request the files for generating arenas have been added to the SourceForge project. For everyone who has wanted to create new / special arena options or types ... now's your chance!

UI elements / options for creating an arena.

Validates input, creates arena ... this is a more complicated file: variables are generated and written to special arena_planet files so they can be read by process_turn and process_deploy to ensure arena options are enforced.

Open Source Updates
by: DS Community on Thursday the 12th of July 2012

Updates by khaibar & Matt:
- Units will now be removed from a Task Force when destroyed
- Un-salvageable units will no-longer appear as wrecks
- Ore & Unknown processors will now display their coordinates when they are running low or out of ore

- The process for submitted changes to the game has been simplified.

Open Source Updates
by: DS Community on Monday the 02nd of July 2012

Some great fixes by Vanoi:
- Offensive Mastery's to-hit bonus had been swapped with Defensive Master's dodge bonus
- Offensive Mastery's to-hit bonus fixed
- War Hero Merit provided 20% crew survivability instead of 10%

process_ai added to SourceForge
- The brains of the Bandits, Shak & Faction buildings ... enjoy!

Open Source: New files
by: OS Frizz on Sunday the 01st of July 2012

A lot of you have been waiting for this; this file contains all the to-hit logic for the game. Some bonuses are passed in from other places (effects, commands, etc.), process_turn.php will give you a better idea about the source of a penalty or bonus.

This is where the magic happens! This files handles taking units from your army and adding them to planets. This file is also called when a Drop Pad is used.

Open Source Updates
by: DS Community on Thursday the 28th of June 2012

- Bug fix for damage taken from buildings by DWA
- Your Commander death now shows coordinates in log
- Units deployed with 0 Armor will now receive 1 point of Armor

Open Source: Let's Do This
by: OS Frizz on Tuesday the 26th of June 2012

Ok, let's give this a shot! The SourceForge project can be found here:

Open Source Drop-Shock Files

A sub-forum has been created to discuss code changes and possible updates:

Open Source Drop-Shock Forum

The forum contains information on how to post code updates. The initial focus should be on bug fixes and changes to functionality which does not affect gameplay.

Open Source Drop Shock?
by: Frizz on Sunday the 24th of June 2012

I've spent a lot of time thinking about how the game can still move forward given my lack of time to work on it. What if we open source it? Please post your feedback here.

Sanctuary of Shadows X-var
by: Dev Frizz on Friday the 09th of March 2012

Sanctuary of Shadows has a major re-tooling of the Asp which could help this lesser-used unit see more front-line action -this X-var has a 100% chance of being in the variant pool during construction:

X-var Improvements
* +2 Controlled Speed
* +3 Max Speed
* -2 Gunnery Levels to-be-hit
* Main-gun: +10 Damage
* +20 Shields

X-var Draw-backs
* -20 Armor
* Target Recognition Acti removed
* Main-gun: -1 Range
* +10 Command to deploy

- X-variants are no-longer allowed on Zedus

ER X-var
by: Dev Frizz on Monday the 16th of January 2012

Elite Resistance has requested the following X-variant for the Long-Rifle:

- Gains deploy main-gun Acti: adds +5 Range (can exceed 10 Range), Long-Rifle cannot move
- Gains undeploy main-Gun Acti: Long-Rifle can move after 4 turns
- Long-Rifle main-gun does +50% damage to Armor, no damage to Buildings
- Long-Rifle main-gun cannot be given a different weapon-type
- Long-Rifle cannot have any additional weapons added to it

- Commanders with the Army of One ability do not need the Battlefield Promotion merit to pilot Commander-only / Activated Meka
- Due to abuse the Scrapyard's Mobile Salvage Acti no-longer functions on non-PvP planets
- Rynn Priority Resupply missions can now be launched every 20 hours (was every 24)

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