What the Faq!
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 13th of September 2005

A FAQ has been added to the Beginner's Area of the forum. This contains answers to most questions new players have (ie. "how do I get credits/ore/Command/Tinybucks" and a few others). If you think there should be an addition to the FAQ, please message me in-game so I can add it. New players also have a link to the FAQ in their welcome emails.

Also a few small updates - first off, a bug was found in the code that calculates experience. A check that was supposed to place a cap on people who were in a default faction and were killing or gettings killed, was actually capping experience from Bandits for players who dropped with only a few units. This has been fixed, players who drop with fewer units should now see the experience from bandits rise (as long as they're not in a default faction). Also, experience from high-end player-made buildings was waaay out-of-wack. This has been brought in a bit so it's more in-line with other experience rewards (Note: Only the upper-end has been capp'd ... players who fight large bases with large forces should not see a change in experience). Bandit buildings provide the same amount of experience as before.

Also, also the Rockhound merit now also provides an efficiency bonus. This means that the 2nd tier miners (Hermes and Coluber) will be highly efficient with a crew that has the Rockhound merit.

If a server falls in the forest ...
by: Frizz on Monday the 12th of September 2005

It looks like SomethingHeavy fell on one of the ISP's servers today knocking it out for a good couple of hours. I'm going to check into it later on, but I doubt there's much that can be done at this point. That said, I'm giving every Paid User an extra day to make-up for the trouble.

Update: Turns-out that today's blackout in LA also took down the servers that hosted Tinywarz ... it looks like they're getting everything put back together, but there might be another minor outage or two.

New User Bonus
by: Frizz on Friday the 09th of September 2005

Many people have asked for an additional way to earn Tinybucks; now factions can earn Tinybucks by helping out new players. When a new player purchases Paid Days with Tinybucks or through Paypal, their faction will receive 20 Tinybucks. This only applies to players who had no previous Paid Days (ie. players who use-up all their Paid Days will give no additional bonus to their faction when they obtain more). The new player gives the bonus Tinybucks to the faction they are in when they purchase their Paid Days (so players who are in a default faction, purchase Paid Days, then join a player made faction will provide no bonus Tinybucks).

Also, there have been several personal attacks made by-and-against players over the last few days. This will not be tolerated. Comments made within the context of the game are understandable and acceptable (being upset when someone defeats you in a duel or destroys your base), but several users have crossed the line by making very ugly personal comments against other players. This is a game, comments that personally attack another player have no place here and are completely unacceptable.

Login Tweak
by: Frizz on Thursday the 08th of September 2005

I know many of you have become experts at entering your email address at the login screen ... none-the-less, you can now have your email address saved, and the screen will only ask for your password. Also, suggestions are being taking on the forum for future tournament ideas (or changes to the existing format) ... please see this post.

I want it MY WAY!
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 07th of September 2005

Quick update today - you can now re-order Commands any way you choose. To do this, simply load the Headquarters screen, then click the up and down arrows next to each command to put it in the proper place. Remember - commands appear from left to right while on a planet (the top-most Command will be the left-most) and Commands only appear when they being issued to the proper unit (you can't issue a hostile Command to a friendly unit or a Mining Command to a non-Mining vehicle).

Rankings and Duels
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 30th of August 2005

Two big announcements today -
First - We are one day away from a new round of mpogd.com voting. To make September more interesting, there will be weekly prizes, based on our standings, with a bonus prize if we can hold a top standing for the whole month ... check out this post for more information.

Second - Saturday (9/3) at 11am PST will be Tinywarz first-ever Dueling Tourney. The Dueling Tourney will feature 1v1 fights on Dueling Planets in a single-elimination ladder (ie. if you lose once, you're out). The Tourney is open to Paid and Unpaid players, the prizes are:
First Prize - 40 Tinybucks
Second Prize - 20 Tinybucks
Third Prize - 10 Tinybucks
Fourth Prize - 100 Command Points
Fifth Prize - 50 Command Points

There is a 1,000 CE limit for the fights and you can only deploy 1 unit (players who go over this limit will be disqualified). You may use any unit and any mods you want. There is no limit to any Commands or Abilities you wish to use during the fight. Players who move their units out of bounds (past the red lines) during a duel will be disqualified. If neither unit is destroyed within 30 turns, the player who does the most damage (from weapons) will be considered the winner. There is also no salvaging, however players may surrender to their opponents (or use an Evac Command) if they wish to concede a match.

The entry fee is 10,000 Credits ... if you wish to enter, please send your entry fee to me (Frizz) in-game. (Final Note - This is a Dueling Tournament, players making units for other purposes ... ie. running instead of fighting ... will be disqualified)

Faction Tweaks
by: Frizz on Monday the 29th of August 2005

A few small faction tweaks for today. First off, Faction Construx Slots now require 50 Faction points and last for 40 days. However ... they now provide the standard 1 Constux = 10% efficiency (instead of 1%). This should make Construx Slots much more useful (all existing slots have been moved over to this system).

Second, Faction messages now state exactly what was given; when a player's request for an item in Faction storage is accepted.

Third, when construx are given, the reciever and sender will have messages stating what was transfered.

All your base ...
by: Frizz on Saturday the 27th of August 2005

Weekend Update! You can now toggle whether or not your base deploys with you to a planet. When you click on the planet, a link will appear below the deploy costs. You can click this link to toggle deploying or not deploying your base to the planet. The deploy costs will also change, so you can see exactly how much deploying with or without a base will cost.

Faction Points
by: Frizz on Friday the 26th of August 2005

Faction planets have been modified. Holding these planets now pays out Faction Points instead of credits. The top 3 factions with the most Faction Points will have their names displayed on the main page. Faction Points are also spendable - Shared Slots now cost Faction Points instead of Tinybucks (in the future, factions will be able to purchase other abilities and bonuses with Faction Points).

Each revolution of a Faction Planet pays out just over 100 Faction Points. These points will be split between each faction that has a Headquarters on the planet. Every turn a faction has an HQ on the planet, they get a few points, with the points being paid out when the planet reaches horizon. Faction Points that are spent still count towards the total ranking for the top 3 factions.

Forum Tweaks
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 23rd of August 2005

The Beginner's Guide and Glossary in the forum have been changed to be more useful to new players (Beta references have been removed, etc.). Also, the forum's style has been modified to appear more in-line with the rest of the site.

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