Commence Firing!
by: Frizz on Thursday the 18th of September 2008

Damage indicators have been completely revamped. You can now see what units are firing, where they are firing from and how much damage each attack inflicted. This should provide much quicker feedback in battles and give you a better idea of where you are being attacked from. Two notes for this update: First, shots that miss currently are not displayed. Second, if you are attacked by a unit that is no longer visible to you, you will only see the damage inflicted, you will not see where the attack came from.

To disable the new damage indicators uncheck "Auto Show Shield and Armor Status when Deployed" in Account Settings.

If you are using the Image Pack, please download the updated files here.

Market Abilities
by: Frizz on Monday the 15th of September 2008

Two new abilities are now available for players who use the Construx Trading Market. The Rogue Trader ability can be purchased for your Commander for 3 Level Points, this allows you to post 2 additional trades / offers. The Market Guru ability can be purchased for 5 Level Points after you have purchased Rogue Trader, this ability allows you to post 4 additional trades / offers.

Also, Mods which provide an increased chance of Critical Hits have been tweaked to make them more useful. These Mods now increase the armor threshold which is used to see if a critical hit can be scored and increase the chance of making a critical hit. More information about critical hits can be found in the answer of one of the latest Ask Frizz questions.

Attack of the Clones!
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 10th of September 2008

Players over Level 75 can now clone their Commander for 40 30 Level Points in the Headquarters panel. Your commander must have 3 merits in-order for you to clone them. Cloning duplicates your Commander's skills and merits (but not abilities or commands). A clone takes on your Commanders name, plus a marker which designates how many other clones you have already created (clones start at 2, your commander is the original). Clones can be bought, sold, or given to other players. Clones have a CE factor of 1. Clones are not Commanders and cannot pilot Activated Meka. Level Points spent on a clone are not given back if you Respec your Commander; creating a clone will result in a permanent reduction in your Level Points.

Players who create clones now also have the option of taking a free Merit Respec when they create their clone. Players who created clones before this update have been refunded the cost of a Merit Respec.

Also, all faction members now have the ability to view faction emails but only members with Email Delete Rights (formerly Email Rights) can delete messages. Please update your faction ranks accordingly. Going forward, no email restores will be provided for factions whose members accidentally or purposefully delete email messages.

Faction War Update
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 09th of September 2008

To make it a bit more difficult for one faction to hoard all the Nodes on a Faction War planet the following changes have been made. The total number of buildings that can be deployed to a Node has been increased by 5 (from 40 to 45). However, for each Node a faction controls (after the first), this limit decreases by 5:

Faction controls 1 Node - 45 Building Limit per Node
Faction controls 2 Nodes - 40 Building Limit per Node
Faction controls 3 Nodes - 35 Building Limit per Node
Faction controls 4 Nodes - 30 Building Limit per Node
Faction controls 5 Nodes - 25 Building Limit per Node
Faction controls 6 Nodes - 20 Building Limit per Node

Note that this limit is applied to all Nodes the moment a new Node is captured.

This update will also force factions to capture nodes more slowly. Please consider the following: If a faction deploys to a Faction War planet and quickly captures 3 Nodes, and does not deploy any buildings between these captures, the faction members will only be able to deploy 35 buildings to each node.

However, if a faction captures a single node and builds it up, it can deploy 45 buildings to its first node. If it then captures a second node, it can only deploy 40 buildings there. If it then captures its third Node, it will only be able to deploy 35 buildings to that Node, but the other Nodes will keep their buildings.

If a faction controls all the Nodes on a planet, it will have a very hard time holding onto them for several reasons. First, the last Node captured will only have 20 Buildings on it. Second, if a faction is attacked and loses buildings, it will not be able to replace any of them if that base is over the cap. Ie. The first Node (which has 45 buildings deployed to it) is attacked and loses 10 buildings (say the faction holds 6 Nodes), then those buildings cannot be re-deployed because the faction's building cap for that Node is 35 Deployed Buildings vs a 20 Building Limit.

Planet Tweaks
by: Frizz on Monday the 08th of September 2008

The planet code for the Relic and Training planets has been tweaked to make these planets more user-friendly. Previously, players who deployed early to these planets could quickly explore them and deny access to other players. It is now much easier to deploy to these planets and finding bandits on the Relic / Training planets should also be much easier.

Also, this update briefly caused dead bandits to still be able to attack. All items (units, mods, buildings and crews) lost due to this issue have been replaced.

Lastly, Sha'Kahr Drone spawning has been tweaked. Sha'Kahr Drones are now a little easier to spawn on Aldus. However, if any Sha'Kahr Drones are alive, no new Drone groups will appear. This means that players who want to hunt Drones can now kill a group and then spawn a new one, while players who want to avoid Drones can simply avoid the spawned Drones and won't have to worry about new ones until the existing Drones are destroyed.

TinyWarz Announces Chrome Support!
by: Frizz on Saturday the 06th of September 2008

I'm proud to announce that TinyWarz now supports Google Chrome. There are a few minor issues that still need to be looked at, but you should now be able to play TinyWarz with Chrome without any major problems. Because Chrome has pop-up blocking turned on by default, you will need to make the following change after you download Chrome so that pop-ups will work:

1. Click on the Tools menu.
2. Select Options.
3. Click on the Under the Hood tab.
4. Select the 'Notify me when a pop-up is blocked' checkbox.
5. Click the Close button.

Please report any errors you encounter with Chrome to the Bugs area of the forum. Also, Chrome does not currently support using images which are sourced from your computer. This means that the Image Pack will not work with Chrome. A work-around is being looked into, but if you would like to use Chrome you cannot (currently) use the Image Pack.

Tweaks and Changes
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 03rd of September 2008

First-off, congratulations to Humungus for providing the winning entry in the Take Part in the Next Update competition. Humungus's winning suggestion, the "Wraithunter" vehicle modification, is one of two new mods which has been added to the game, and for contributing this entry Humungus has received the first of these mods. If you are interested in obtaining a Wraithunter or Shadowraith for yourself, be warned ... the Sha'Kahr will not give them up easily.

If you are using the Image Pack, you can download just the updates here. You can enable and download the entire Image Pack from the Account Settings panel.

Also in this update:
- Death Lance's damage was increased
- Burster's damage was increased
- The Palestar and Necromancer have their CEs decreased
- Battle Axe X's armor was increased (150 to 200)
- Palestar's armor was increased (35 to 45), shield regen was increased (4 to 6)
- Palestar's AE Shield Regen bonus increased to +5/+10 was +3/+6 (normal/activated)
- Palestar's Shield Boost cooldown reduced to 6 (was 8)
- Necromancer's armor was increased (25 to 35) and Energy Weapon damage has been increased (12 to 18)
- Necromancer's AI limit increased to 8 (was 6)
- Necromancer's Hostile ICE cooldown was reduced to 5 (was 7)
- Nightstalker's max speed decreased to 5 (was 6)
- Spellbreaker's armor decreased to 20 (was 40)
- Players level 5 and under now receive a large bonus to experience for destroying Bandits
- Players level 15 and under now receive a small bonus to experience for destroying Bandits
- Commands can no longer be issued against Sha'Kahr Drones
- As more Sha'Kahr Drones deploy to a planet, they will become less common

Because Sha'Kahr Drones are now much more difficult to defeat, there is now a chance that one Drone might have multiple Mods which can be salvaged. Also, some reports have mentioned that Sha'Kahr Drones are being spotted collecting "shiny things" ...

Damage Indicators & A Planet
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 27th of August 2008

The medium and large map sizes now have damage indicators similar to the explosion that appears when a unit takes damage in icon mode. If you are using the Image Pack, you will need to download this update. You can also download and setup the full Image Pack from Account Settings. If you experience any problems with the new indicators, please clear your cache before making any posts to the Bugs area of the forum.

Also, new players now have their own Dueling Planet to practice on - Wulf II. Players with a commander who is Level 10 and under can deploy to Wulf II. This is a practice planet which is exclusive to new players; so you can learn the ropes with other players of a similiar level. The old Dueling Planet is now Wulf I and can be accessed by any player Level 2 or higher (players between levels 2 and 10 can deploy to Wulf I or Wulf II).

Firefox 3 Support
by: Frizz on Thursday the 21st of August 2008

The TinyWarz code-base has been updated to support Firefox 3. Firefox 2 was much more forgiving of code that was proprietary to Internet Explorer. While Firefox 3 is much faster than the previous version, several tweaks were needed to make TinyWarz compatible with this latest version.

If you find any bugs or issues, please report them to the Bugs area of the forum.

Also, the latest update is almost complete: A contest has been started to complete the final stages of this update.

Lastly, construction should now begin sooner for players who have a lot of vehicle modifications.

Happy Birthday TinyWarz!
by: Frizz on Monday the 11th of August 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday TinyWarz! Thanks to everyone who has joined and enjoys the game; you're a huge part of making TinyWarz what it is today. Also, finishing touches are being made to the next update which should be released shortly =)

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