New Planet: Zedus
by: Frizz on Sunday the 09th of August 2009

A new planet has been added which offers Faction Points for capturing a beacon. Zedus is a medium sized planet (5 quadrants by 5 quadrants) with one captureable beacon which provides 1 Faction Point every turn. Bandits do spawn on this planet, but there are no Sha'Kahr. Zedus has the following CE limits: Up to Level 10 - 2,000 CE, up to Level 20 - 1,750 CE, up to Level 30 - 1,500 CE, up to Level 40 - 1,250 CE, and above Level 40 there is a 1,000 CE cap. These are the only limitations on the planet.

The following changes have been made to the other beacon planet, Aldus:
- An additional 5 Faction Points will be awarded every 5 turns for holding a beacon while the Sha'Kahr Queen is in-play
- It is now possible to find Bandit Eyes on a Sha'Kahr Queen

TinyWarz Future Features
by: Frizz on Monday the 27th of July 2009

With TinyWarz's 4th year just around the corner a state of the game post seemed appropriate. First off, I want to say thanks to all of you, TinyWarz would not be what it is today without the players to play it. With most basic game dynamics filled-out new development has looked at possible future features. These are much slower in coming as their implementation has a larger impact on the game and their code must be written from scratch - instead of simply tweaking existing features or code. And now, a run-down of the current features being considered for TinyWarz:

Arena Planets
These are planets that can be rented for TinyBucks. The controller of an arena planet will be able to configure many different aspects of that planet, possibly including:
- Planet's size
- Map set
- Password protect
- Complexity of Units and Mods deployable
- Allow / disallow Cloaking
- Deploying with or without bases
- Whether units killed are actually destroyed (destroyed units could then be salvaged)
- Observation of other players deployed to the planet
Wagering may also be a possibility. The owner would set the stakes (last player left alive, most CE left on planet, longest to hold a Relic, etc.) and the player to meet those stakes would collect all wagers on the planet made by the other players who deployed.

Construction Mini-game
A mini-game available to dedicated builders; this mini-game would require skill (and some luck) to complete. The game would provide rewards for each part completed - additional Mod slot, decreased build cost, better chance at a variant. Players who successfully completed the mini-game would be able to pick one variant for the unit being built and would be assured of a 4 slot unit.

Tokens would be sold in packs and would be purchaseable with TinyBucks and (possibly) a NPC dropped Mod. Tokens would have varying rarities, the most common would revive low level crews or provide a small amount of Command. Rare tokens would allow a player choose a custom name for a crew or even add a variant or Mod slot to a unit of their choice.

I would like to stress that these are just a few of the planned future features for TinyWarz. Nothing has been finalized (yet), but each is currently being developed and its impact to the game is being explored. If you would like to provide feedback on these possible features, you can do so in this post.

Also Updated:
- Units coming out of cloak no longer receive the Energy weapon range-damage bonus during that turn.

Multi-Leader Factions
by: Frizz on Thursday the 25th of June 2009

Factions can now have more than a single leader. Any leader of a faction can make another member a co-leader of the faction. A faction can have an unlimited number of leaders. Current leaders should be *extremely* careful adding additional leaders, new leaders are difficult to remove and can permanently alter the structure of a faction. The "Change Leader" option in the Faction Admin panel has been replaced with the "Leadership" option for Faction Leaders. The following rules now apply to faction leaders:

- Faction leaders all have equal control over a faction.
- There are only two ways to remove a faction leader: A leader can resign on their own or a faction leader who has not logged in for 30 days can be removed by another faction leader (only a leader can remove another leader).
- Faction leaders can now disband their faction if they are the *only* person in it.
- Faction leaders can now view the last 200 payouts to the faction (Faction Points and Command earned from planets) from the Payouts option in the Admin section.
- Faction leaders can now change their Faction Description from the "Change Desc" option in the Admin section.

Unit Hotkeys
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 17th of June 2009

You can now assign a hotkey to a specific unit while you are deployed. To assign a hotkey, select a unit, then hold the Shift key and press the number you wish to assign to that unit; pressing that number will then select that unit. You can assign a hotkey to any unit that is in your faction. To use a hotkey, simply press the number you've assigned to that unit. Hotkeys must be re-assigned everytime you deploy.

Also, all order hotkeys (Set Waypoint, All Attack, Command, etc.) can no longer be assigned to numbers.

Game Tweaks
by: Frizz on Thursday the 21st of May 2009

The following updates have been made:
- The building limit on Dominus has been decreased to 20 (was 25).
- You can now set a Faction Status which is viewable from the Faction Info panel. Your status can be entered from the "Status" option in "Admin" tab.
- Energy weapons now receive a damage bonus if they are firing inside their optimum range. This bonus increases energy weapon damage from 5% to 50% depending on the range to the target. Energy weapons only receive this bonus if they are firing inside their optimum range (ie. if a weapon with a range of 3 hits a target 4 squares away there is no damage bonus). The damage bonus is as follows (ranges 9 to 6 are for Turrets):
+ 9 squares from target, 5% bonus damage
+ 8 squares from target, 10% bonus damage
+ 7 squares from target, 15% bonus damage
+ 6 squares from target, 20% bonus damage
+ 5 squares from target, 25% bonus damage
+ 4 squares from target, 30% bonus damage
+ 3 squares from target, 35% bonus damage
+ 2 squares from target, 40% bonus damage
+ 1 square from target, 45% bonus damage
+ Point blank (0 squares from target), 50% bonus damage
- Bases can now only have one person deploy to them every 5 turns.

Change Account Settings While Deployed
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 14th of April 2009

You can now change your Account Settings while deployed to a planet. To do this, click on the oil can icon on the right hand side panel. Any options you modify will be updated the following turn; you can even modify your Image Pack location, update your hotkeys, adjust your zoom level, unmute players or make a purchase.

This should provide greater flexibility over game options while you are on a planet. Feel free to try different options to see which ones provide you with the best performance while in-combat.

Also updated:
- Deployable buildings can no longer be undeployed when an enemy is within visual range of the base
- Buildings cannot be Powered Up when an enemy is within visual range of the base
- Reminder: Turrets cannot fire when they are unpowered
- You can now no longer deploy to a base for 10 minutes (was 5) plus 1 minute for every 2,500CE (was 5,000) if your Commander is killed; the maximum penalty is now 30 minutes (was 15)
- Dominus-only view added to Faction Combat Report
- You will now receive a message when you are unable to deploy to a base because your Commander was killed

Custom Flags
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 01st of April 2009

Faction Leaders can now set their own custom flags from the Faction -> Admin -> Change Flag panel. Flags must be in GIF format, under 1kb in size and either 14x12 or 12x10 pixels (GIFs cannot be animated). Faction leaders should not copy flags from other factions when setting a custom flag.

Also Updated:
- Emergency Cloak Acti removed from Deep Sensor Meka, Sensor Scrambler penalty to-hit reduced to -3 Gunnery Levels (was -4)
- Drone Queen now gives nearby Sha'Kahr a bonus to-hit

Faction Territories
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 11th of March 2009

A new planet, Dominus, has been added. This is a Faction Territories planet where factions can face-off in an attempt to seize and hold as much of the planet as possible. The Faction Territories planet shifts the focus from base attack and defense to open field combat; small bases can still be created to allow factions to organize and resupply, but most areas of conflict on Dominus are well outside a base's protection. Image Pack users should download this update.

Update Details:
- 100 quadrants on Dominus (10x10), bases cannot be deployed when a player deploys
- 64 capturable quadrants / territories (8x8)
- 36 possible buildable quadrants / territories (6x6), quadrants next to deployment area cannot be made buildable - a faction can only have one buildable quadrant / base, this base can be deployed to
- Edge quadrants of planet is the deployable area, players cannot deploy to a quadrant with a territory node in it (unless they are deploying to a base)
- For 10 Command one captured territory can be enabled for deploying buildings, this has a small building limit (25), buildings are deployed Faction War style
- Factions can only capture 1 territory every 3 turns, it costs 3 command to capture a territory, only Commanders can capture territories
- If faction controls no territory then any territory can be captured
- If a faction controls a territory, then additional captured territories must be adjacent (up, down, left or right) to a captured territory
- Captured territories pay out faction points (1 Faction Point for every 5 Nodes, every 100 turns), planet has over 4,000 turns so every orbit has over 40 pay-outs
- Command spent deploying units or buildings is retained by the planet (less 30%), this amount is paid back to faction based on control of planet - 50%, 70% and 90% controlled gives 15%, 30% and 50% of Territory Command pool paid back every Node pay-out period
- Territory Command pool available to factions is displayed on the planet info window in the deploy screen
- Faction allies do not share control of Nodes, so control of planet is measured in-terms of each faction individually
- At horizon, remaining Command on planet is paid back to factions based on percent of planet Nodes controlled (all Command remaining in pool is paid back)
- If a Node which is buildable is taken over by another faction, Node becomes unbuildable and must be re-enabled by the new controlling faction
- Planet cycles with Faction Planet
- Relics and Nodes now provide line of sight
- Drop Shock duration increased by one turn

Additional Updates:
- Dominus Territory Command Pool now starts at 1,000 Command Points
- Dominus now provides a Faction Point pay-out bonus (50%, 75%, 100% bonus faction points) for control of planet (50, 70, 90% control)
- You can now set hotkeys to order all units in a stack to move at Controlled or Max Speed (orders to move at Cloak Speed must be issued individually)
- Sha'Kahr Queen now gives more Sha'Kahr Tears
- Faction Territories Node pay-out increased to .5 FP per Node / pay-out cycle
- Sha'Kahr Shadowraith Range increased to 7 (was 6)
- Palestar weapon damage increased to 7 (was 6)
- Palestar Acti cooldowns decreased by 1 turn each
- Activated Palestar Sector Shield Bonus increased to 15% (was 10%)
- Control of Dominus required for bonus pay-outs (Command and Faction Points) reduced from 50%, 75%, 100% to 50%, 70%, 90%
- Controlled and Max Speed hotkeys now work on individual units
- Players in default factions can no longer deploy to Faction planets
- Titan Meka Max Speed increased to 6 (was 4), High Tension Shocks requirement removed
- Jabberwock Meka Max Speed increased to 5 (was 3), Missile Ammo requirement removed
- To-hit bonus for stacked units reduced from 2/3rds of a Gunnery Level per unit to 1/4th of a Gunnery Level per unit
- Palestar unit Acti cool-downs reduced by 1, CE deduced to 1,700 (was 1,750)
- Scout Sniper CE reduced to 1,950 (was 2,150), main-gun damage increased to 60 (was 50)
- Faction leaders can now upload a custom flag for their faction from the Faction -> Admin panel

Sha'Kahr Tear Changes:
Some changes have been made to Sha'Kahr Tears which makes it easier to integrate mods and also reduce the loss of Tears for integrating mods on any unit complexity. The chance of integrating a mod with Sha'Kahr Tears has been increased by 10% for all complexities; the new values are 80% for Simple units (was 70%), 40% for Intermediate units (was 30%), and 20% for Advanced units (was 10%). Also, a 10% bonus is now given when trying to integrate a mod onto a non-meka.

Also, Sha'Kahr Tears are no-longer always destroyed when trying to integrate a mod onto a unit. The chance of Tear destruction is based on the complexity of the unit. This chance applies whether or not a Tear integrates a mod onto a unit. This means a unit can fail to integrate a mod and not lose a Tear in the process, a unit can also succeed at integrating a mod and also lose no Tears. Simple units have a 40% chance of Tear destruction, Intermediate has a 70% chance, and Advanced has a 90% chance. A 10% bonus (lessening chance of Tear destruction) is given if the unit is not a meka. The Construx bonus also applies to Tear destruction (up to 10%). Each Tear makes an individual check for destruction, so it is now possible to integrate a mod onto an Intermediate unit and keep both Tears, just lose one Tear or lose both Tears. For example: Integrating a mod onto a Simple non-meka unit with no previsouly integrated mods and a full Construx bonus has a 100% chance of success and only a 20% chance of losing a Tear in the process.

Lastly, if you fail to integrate a mod, but lose no Tears, the game will automatically try to integrate the mod again (the re-try is made at the same % chance). Also, the chance of Tear destruction does not change when a unit attempts to integrate a second mod; however, the chance of successful integration is still halved when trying to integrate a second mod on a unit (including the non-meka bonus).

Sha'Kahr Gems Revealed!
by: Frizz on Sunday the 15th of February 2009

The mystery of Sha'Kahr Gems has been solved! You can now use these Gems to permanently integrate Mods into vehicles and meka. To do this, you need Sha'Kahr Gem(s), a Mod to integrate and a vehicle / meka with Mods slots. Place your Mod in a slot along with with the required number of Gems. The number of Gems you need depends on the complexity of the vehicle / meka you're trying to integrate a Mod onto. After you've placed your Mod and Gem(s) on the unit, select "Confirm". However, there is no guarentee that your mod will be integrated:

* Simple units require one Sha'Kahr Gem (70% chance of integration)
* Intermediate units require two Sha'Kahr Gems (30% chance of integration)
* Advanced units require three Sha'Kahr Gems (10% chance of integration)

If you fail to integrate the mod you will lose one Sha'Kahr gem; if you succeed the Mod will be permanently integrated onto your unit and all Gems will be destroyed. If you are attempting to integrate a mod onto an Advanced vehicle or meka then there is a 50% chance you will lose a second Sha'Kahr gem. Lastly, if a unit already has one integrated mod, your chances of integration are halved. Vehicles and meka can only have a maximum of two integrated mods.

You can also increase your chances of integrating a mod if you have construx for the vehicle / meka you are trying to integrate a mod onto. For every two construx you have over 50 you increase your chances of integration by 1%. This bonus is capped at 10% and is divided in half if you are trying to integrate a second mod. Once a Mod is integrated the same Mod cannot be re-added to the unit via a Mod slot. Integrated Mods still increase a unit's overall CE by their modifier.

Also updated:
* Black Market now shows how many of each item is available
* EMP Generator and Sha'Kahr Interdictor now reduce Shields by a percentage every turn
* EMP Generator and Sha'Kahr Interdictor are now Unique
* Cloaking Actis now cloak after combat (previously they cloaked a unit before combat allowing for exploitive behavior); units that are using a Cloaking Acti must change their speed to Controlled or Max to move out of Cloak
* Damage reduction mods now provide additional protection to damage done from building-based weapons, 60% and 30%, up from 40% and 20%
* Phase Shields are now in-effective if an attacker is at range 4 or less
* Scout Sniper Deploy Main-gun Acti now provides +9 range (was +8), Requisition Request Acti replaced with Combat Shielding (enemies cannot issue commands against Scout Sniper for next two turns), X-var gives +2 range to all Ballistic weapons

Faction War Planet changes:
Faction War planets now pay out faction points progressively to encourage attacks later in their orbits. Instead of receiving 50 faction points every 12 hours, factions that control nodes will now recieve faction points as follows (total faction point pay out has not changed):
* 12 hours - 15 faction points
* 24 hours - 25 faction points
* 36 hours - 35 faction points
* 48 hours - 45 faction points
* 60 hours - 55 faction points
* 72 hours - 65 faction points
* Horizon - 100 faction points

Merit Removal:
You can now remove merits from crews that you own. This can be done from the Headquarters -> Tinybucks page. Simply click on a merit you would like to remove from a crew, you will then need to confirm your choice before the merit is removed. It costs 5 Tinybucks to remove a merit from a crew. Once a merit is removed, that crew can continue to level-up to randomly earn a new merit (however, the crew may end-up with the same merit you removed).

Also Updated:
- Construction Faction Level 11 now properly pays out Command Points.

Shadow Wars Released!
by: Frizz on Monday the 19th of January 2009

Shadow Wars is released today! This new expansion adds additional elements to TinyWarz including new Command units, cloaking, visual range increases, damage reduction by weapon type, Phase Shields for buildings and more ... These new features will bring new strategies and tactics to TinyWarz. Image Pack users can download the additional content here.

New Command Units
Four new Command units have been added with this update:
- Scout Sniper: A meka with a large ballistic weapon that can shoot over 10 range and deploy turrets to the battlefield.
- Shadow Assassin: A cloaking Command meka with the ability to deal massive damage.
- Deep Sensor: A meka able to deploy cloaked probes which is also equipped with Deep View, allowing it to see further than other units.
- Phase Guardian: A base defender meka able to protect structures and reconstruct destroyed buildings.

Cloaking comes in two forms in TinyWarz: On-unit cloaking (handled through Cloak Speed) and Acti Cloaking. Units with a Cloaking Speed automatically cloak if they move at or under their Cloak Speed for the previous turn, if they exceed their Cloak Speed they uncloak. Units with built-in cloaking can also be ordered to move only at their Cloak Speed. Any unit can also be equipped with a Cloaking Mod which comes with a limited number of activations and allows that unit to cloak until that it moves.

Units that cloak with an Acti do so before firing takes place during a turn - this means that Acti Cloaking units can activate their cloak to avoid being shot at (provided no enemies are currently in their square). Units using Cloak Speed will cloak after firing occurs - this means they can be attacked if they can be seen the turn before. This gives units with Cloak Speed a first-strike ability, if they stalk their enemies properly they can attack with fear of counter-attack the turn they shoot. Units with a Cloak Speed cannot use Cloaking Actis. Units which are attacking cannot cloak. Cloaked units can attack, but do not move the turn they uncloak to shoot at their targets. Cloaked units cannot be attacked.
Cloaked units can be revealed two ways. Some units and buildings are equipped with cloak revealers which reveal any cloaked units in their normal visual range (however, not at Deep View range). Cloakers are also revealed if they move into a square that contains an enemy (even if that enemy is cloaked).
When deployed, friendly units that are cloaked will appear semi-transparent (you will be unable to see enemy cloaked units unless you reveal them and remove their cloaking). Google Chrome currently does not display cloaked units correctly. These will have a white glow around them instead of being transparent. This is a bug with how Chrome renders transparent PNGs.

Deep View
Deep View is a new technology that allows some units and buildings to extend their visual range by an additional sector. Some units and buildings are equipped with permanent Deep View, others have a built-in Acti or must use a Mod. Deep View does not reveal un-spawn bandit or Sha'Kahr units.

Building Actis
Some buildings are now equipped with Actis, these function exactly like their vehicular-counterparts.

Phase Shields
There are three new Phase Shield generating buildings. These create a Phase Shield in all adjacent squares around them. A Phase Shield reduces damage by 30, 40 or 50% and stacks with other overlapping Phase Shields. This allows buildings to gain 100% Phase Shield protection and be completely immune to damage until the Phase Shield generator is destroyed. Phase Shield generators only receive protection from the shield they generate, they receive no additional bonus from an overlapping shield.

Damage Reduction by Weapon Type
New Mods have been added that reduce damage by each of the weapon types. This makes it possible to reduce ballistic, missile and energy damage done to your units by up to 40%.

Game Tweaks
* The Library can now filter by what expansion / group a Construx belongs to
* The Market for crews now allows you to filter by merits you are looking for
* All Building Shield Recharge Rates have been doubled
* Aldus CE Limits increased by 500 for all level ranges
* Bandit spawn rates on Faction War planets has been decreased
* Buildings that repair and rearm have been balanced, specialized buildings now provide the most repair or rearming
* Because of Command changes, all players who have used their Respec have been given a free one
* A crew's merits will now appear in the individual unit status window when deployed
* Research Facion Level 2 & 9 have been reduced to 5% & 10% Shield bonus (was 10% & 25%), Shield Regen bonus removed
* EMP Pulse Command now removes 15% of target's Shields (was 20%)
* Shield Failure Command range reduced to 10 (was 20), duration reduced to 1 (was 3), cooldown increased to 6 (was 5)
* Effects displayed in unit status when deployed are now more descriptive
* Referral bonuses for Paypal purchases have been increased by 50%
* Archive and Sent folders removed from Messages to improve server performance

Shield Regen Change
Shield Regeneration for Units, Buildings and Mods has been completely re-worked: Shield Regeneration is now based on a percentage of total Shields. This means that units with massive Shields (ie. Heavy Combat Meka) will now gain an additional bonus when their Shields or their Shield Regeneration is increased. Shield Regeneration percentages were generated to match past values (with increases given to Advanced units and some buildings) to keep previous unit balances. However, units with higher Shield and Shield Regeneration values will now see larger advantages when these numbers are increased with Mods or Merits.

Salvage Change
* A new Command has been added - Mod Salvage. Mod Salvage has an increased chance of finding and salvaging mods. However, Mod Salvage never salvages the vehicle the mods were on.
* All salvaged bandit units and buildings (except for rare bandits) now have the "Newbie" tag, this means they can only be scrapped for 1 Ore
* Scavenger ability bonus decreased to 5% (was 10%)
* Rockhound Merit now provides a salvage bonus (5%)

Mods Tweaks
* CE Modifier of Sha'Kahr Mods decreased to 1.0
* Repair Bot & Droid now repair 10 / 20 Armor per turn (was 3 / 6)
* Hightower Shield Mod no longer provides a Shield Regen bonus
* Masscap Mod no longer has a Shield penalty
* Roadrunner Mod now only divides Controlled Speed by 2 (was 2.5)
* Faction Mod - Esacpe Pod is now called the Preserver Escape Pod and has been made non-Unique

Unit Tweaks
The build costs of Intermediate vehicles have been examined and modified. Many units which were less useful because of their high build costs have been changed.
* Spellbreaker Meka's Armor increased to 30 (was 20)
* Battle Axe Meka X's main weapon damage increased to 20 (was 18)
* Palestar Meka's main weapons damage decreased to 6 (was 8), Armor reduced to 40 (was 45)
* Palestar Meka's Shield Regen adjusted to properly balance it's Shield Regen bonus
* Nightstalker Meka's Immunity cooldown reduced from 10 to 6, Controlled Speed increased to 4 (was 3)
* A bug where one of the Nightstalker's guns would give a to-hit bonus (instead of a penalty) to its target has been fixed
* Dreadnaught Meka's Battle Link cooldown reduced to 5 (was 10), Move Out duration increased to 4 (was 3)
* Necromancer gained Forced Recall Acti - One random AI-Slave is destroyed, Necromancer's Shields are set to Max Shields x2 this turn (3 cooldown)
* Necromancer AI-Slaves now appear in unit list when deployed
* Necromancer AI-Slaves now give their Commander a share of experience for any kill they make
* Battle Axe (I,II,X) and Dreadnaught Meka have had their damage absorption increase by 1
* Ares Meka build cost reduced to 3,500 Ore was 4,000 Ore, now self-repairs 10 points of Armor per turn
* Battle Axe Meka now self-repairs 20 points of Armor per turn
* Super Nova Meka main gun damage increased to 26 (was 22)
* Cyclops Meka main gun damage increased to 50 (was 40)
* Mammoth Combat Support Unit Armor repair increased to 5/turn (was 3/turn)
* Python build cost reduced to 900 Ore / 8 Command was 1,400 Ore / 12 Command
* Tornado Meka build cost reduced to 1,250 Ore was 1,650 Ore, movement reduction removed from Experimental Variant
* Titan Meka build cost reduced to 800 Ore / 5 Command was 1,900 Ore / 9 Command, High Tension Shocks and Patchwork Armor added as requirements
* Jabberwock Meka build cost reduced to 700 Ore / 6 Command was 1,800 Ore / 7 Command, Missile Ammo and Maxwatt Capacitor added as requirements
* Brawler Meka build cost reduced to 1,300 Ore / 7 Command was 1,800 Ore / 10 Command, weapon damage increased to 9 (was 5)
* Cobra build cost reduced to 900 Ore / 7 Command was 1,530 Ore / 12 Command
* Behemoth build cost reduced to 800 Ore / 8 Command was 1,200 Ore / 9 Command, Armor increased to 50 (was 40)
* Firestorm Meka build cost reduced to 1,300 Ore / 8 Command was 3,000 Ore / 18 Command, armor increased to 25 (was 15), Controlled Speed increased to 4 (was 3), Ammo increased to 8 (was 6)
* Whirlwind Meka now requires Missile Ammo Mod and one extra Command to build, Shields increased to 15 (was 14), Armor increased to 20 (was 18)
* Howitzer Meka build cost reduced to 1,400 Ore / 10 Command was 2,400 Ore / 10 Command, Explosive Ammo Mod requirement removed
* Howitzer II Meka build cost reduced to 1,500 Ore / 12 Command was 3,200 Ore / 15 Command, requirements replaced with Carnivore Gatling Cannon. CE reduced to 400, was 440
* Sunburst Meka build cost reduced to 1,600 Ore / 8 Command was 2,800 Ore / 16 Command, Controlled Speed reduced to 2 (was 3), requirements replaced with Veritgo Energy Turret and Compound Optics Array, weapon damage increased to 20 and recharged decreased to 1.
* Covert Meka build cost reduced to 1,100 Ore was 1,400 Ore, can gain Cloaking:1 from an X-variant
* Porcupine build cost reduced to 1,000 Ore / 9 Command was 1,500 Ore / 11 Command
* Ferdelance build cost reduced to 850 Ore / 7 Command was 1,150 Ore / 9 Command
* Beast Meka build cost reduced to 700 Ore / 5 Command was 1,700 Ore / 8 Command, Derringer Cannon added as requirement
* Tortoise build cost reduced to 1,000 Ore was 1,300 Ore, Max Speed increased by 1
* Gladiator Meka build cost reduced to 1,150 Ore was 1,300 Ore
* Long-Rifle Meka build cost reduced to 1,100 Ore / 7 Command was 1,300 Ore / 10 Command, Long-Rifle now receives a bonus (<1 Gunnery Level) to-hit
* Killfox Meka build cost reduced to 1,300 Ore was 1,400
* Wolverine Meka Armor reduced to 10 (was 20), Controlled Speed reduced to 3 (was 5), Hellseeker Mod requirement replaced with Venom
* Whitman Meka Armor increased to 20 (was 10)
* Sha'Kahr Protector weapon recharge decreased to 3 (was 4)

Mining Tweaks
The intent of these changes is to make getting 100% efficiency more difficult without the proper equipment. Completely efficient mining with vehicles will now only be possible if a Commander and mining unit are highly specialized.
* Default Mining efficiency decreased to 40% (was 50%)
* Hedgehog Utility Vehicle mining efficiency increased to 10% (was 0%)
* Coluber Utility Vehicle mining efficiency increased to 25% (was 5%)
* Hermes Meka mining efficiency increased to 30% (was +10%)
* Calico Utility Vehicle mining efficiency increased to 35% (was 15%)
* Rockhound Merit no longer allows crew to transport ore, efficiency decreased to 10% (was 15%), now provides 15% yield bonus
* Advanced Mining Command efficiency decreased to 10% (was 15%)
* Mega Mining Command efficiency decreased to 15% (was 20%), yield bonus decreased to 40% (was 100%), Command cost reduced to 4 (was 5)
* Advanced Mining Platform Mod yield bonus increased to 20% (was 15%)
* Born Geologist Ability efficiency decreased to 5% (was 10%)
* Bit-chipper Mod efficiency decreased to 5% (was 15%)
* Ore transporters have had their CEs and build costs reduced

Post-Launch Tweaks:
* Cloakers now only cloak if they are set to move at Cloaked Speed - this is done in the unit info panel when deployed. Acti Cloaking is not affected by this change.
* When cloakers deploy their move speed is set to Cloaked Speed.
* After cloakers fire their move speed is now set to Max Speed, this must be reset to Cloak Speed the following turn to re-cloak.
* Command Shield Generator Mod duration decreased to 1 (was 2).
* Shadow Assassin's Power Overload Acti damage bonus decreased to 50% (was 100%), using this Acti now causes Shadow Assassin to do no damage the following turn. Cooldown reduced to 3 (was 5).
* Scout Sniper's Main-gun range decreased to 8 (was 10), Deploy Main-gun Acti now increases range by 8 (was 5), Main-gun can now only shoot over range 10 if it is deployed.
* Scout Sniper now has an experimental variant that gives +2 Main-gun range.
* A DeathCam has been added! If your Commander is destroyed you will now see how they were killed.
* Mag-cannon change was left out of update notes: This Mod now cuts recharge by 50% per hit (was of 100%)
* Farseer now has an Experimental Variant: Reveals all cloaks in same quadrant every 5 turns, +2 cooldown for Deep View Acti
* Silentdeath Meka's weapons range decreased by 1, recharge increased by 1, CE increased to 800 (was 700)
* Heavy Phase Shield shielding reduced to 33% (was 50%)
* Medium Phase Shield shielding reduced to 22% (was 40%)
* Light Phase Shield shielding reduced to 11% (was 30%)
* In-game email has been revamped! Sent messages are back! Also, you can now create folders to save up to 100 messages indefinitely. Unfortunately, this change was not compatible with the older messaging code; all Send Mail and Archived Email before this update is no longer accessable.
* If you cannot see the new Mail tabs in the Messages panel, clear your cache.
* Weapons now having a firing order: Energy weapons hit a target first, then ballistic weapons, missile weapons hit a target last. All combat is still simultaneous.
* The first turn units deploy to a base (the turn their Commander is unable act) they cannot be seen
* All Sha'Kahr owned buildings now receive 33% Phase Shielding
* Your army is now limited to a maximum size of 50 units. This can be increased to 60 with the Gifted Tactician and Skilled Commander abilities.
* The Hellbore Meka now takes 3 less damage per attack and requires a Sanctuary Dampening Shield for construction.
* Unpaid users can now use Intermediate units

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