Incoming Transmission ...
by: Unknown on Sunday the 18th of January 2009

*** Incoming Transmission ***

Priority: Urgent
Classification: Public
Sender: Rebel Combine

Attention Citizens!

Amazing news, our scientists have unlocked the secrets of the Sha'Kahr gem and discovered that this is actually a data storage device containing the history of a previously unknown alien species. We now know that this race existed thousands of years ago and fought a desparate battle with the Sha'Kahr called the Shadow Wars. Unfortunately, the Sha'Khar proved to be too powerful for them and, in a last desperate act, this now extinct species fused it's knowledge into gems before being completely destroyed.

The Sha'Kahr now appear to be gathering these gems in an attempt to prevent the further disemination of this knowledge, but the pieces our scientists studied have allowed us to make huge leaps forward in understanding this once forgotten race and their technology. We are in the final stages of perfecting the techniques needed to master this new knowledge. We will update you as information becomes available.

*** End Transmission ***

The server will be offline starting around 8:50am PST on January 19th for an update. It is highly recommended that you not be deployed to a planet during this time.

Library Revamp
by: Frizz on Sunday the 04th of January 2009

Additional filters and sorting options has been added to the Library. You can now filter by complexity and sort by Combat Efficiency. This should make it easier to find vehicles, mods and buildings at a certain complexity, or to compare items with similar CEs.

Incoming Transmission ...
by: Unknown on Tuesday the 30th of December 2008

*** Incoming Transmission ***

Priority: Urgent
Classification: Public
Sender: Rebel Combine

Attention Citizens!

We have an important update! Several scouting groups have reported sightings of a large alien creature. Initial intelligence suggests that this creature is the most dangerous encountered yet; it's extremely hostile so caution is recommended.

Also, our science teams have begun work on the initial alien artifact samples. We will send additional communications if another sample is needed.

Lastly, our planetologists have corrected a previous error in the naming of Konu II. This planet has been re-identified as Esika.

*** End Transmission ***

Players using the Image Pack should download this update which contains the added content.

Happy Holidays!
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 24th of December 2008

Happy Holidays everyone! Santa was extremely pleased with everyone who took part in the TinyWarz gift exchange (thanks to Battalia for setting this up) and has added a few extra presents under the tree to show his thanks.

Dasher - Blair
Dancer - lulwave
Prancer - 00don00
Vixen - Garrow
Comet - DY
Cupid - trumpetguy
Donder - SLYDER
Blitzen - Jake_Radden

4 Skirmisher Tank ASD (Mod Slots: 4) - Ramrod, Pounce, CBX, liath555
3 Bandit Thug Meka DRE (Mod Slots: 4) - hellsrun, Dfenceking, haloguy48
2 Bandit Overlord Meka RES (Mod Slots: 3) - Peetah, Heian

1 Bandit Eye - player1337

Trade Now!
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 17th of December 2008

By popular demand, you can now list Construx or items on a trade that you would instantly trade for. To do this, create your Construx, Command or TinyBucks trade as you normally would. Once your Trade is created, view your trade in My Trades or Public Trades and click Create Trade Now! Request. You can then create a Trade Now! request - this a request for items that you would instantly accept for your listed trade. Once you have saved your Trade Now! request other players will be able to view and accept it. When another player accepts your Trade Now! request, the trade is instantly processed and all trade items are swapped (provided all players have the necessary items). You will need to remove your entire trade if you want to delete a Trade Now! request.

Note: If you have trouble creating a Trade Now! request, clear the cache on your browser and re-login to TinyWarz.

Also, no deployment messages will appear on planets where PvP is possible deployment messages which are automatically posted to Planet Chat are now delayed by 1 turn. This is to prevent possible abuse of these messages when a player deploys to a planet in the middle of a battle.

Lastly, deployment shock units receive when deploying to a base has been increased from a 6 gunnery level penalty to 12 gunnery level penalty. However, this penalty now decreases by 2 gunnery levels every turn and goes away completely after 5 turns (this includes the first turn when the units cannot be controlled).

Incoming Transmission ...
by: Unknown on Monday the 15th of December 2008

*** Incoming Transmission ***

Priority: Urgent
Classification: Public
Sender: Rebel Combine

Attention Citizens!

We have received word that a strange new alien artifact has been found! We are currently working to create a team of top scientists and researchers who can tackle unlocking this new discovery. Commanders, please keep your eyes-out for Sha'Kahr artifacts while you are deployed, these may be the key to a new leap forward in battlefield technology!

*** End Transmission ***

Bugs and Tweaks
by: Frizz on Saturday the 13th of December 2008

A bug with how to-hit values are calculated when a vehicle loses a Controlled Speed bonus has been fixed. Also, when re-deploying after losing your Commander an additional penalty may be added. For every 5,000 CE your army has when your Commander is killed you will receive an additional 1 minute penalty, up to a maximum of 15 minutes of being unable to deploy to a base (the default penalty for losing your Commander is the inability to deploy to a base for 5 minutes).

New Player, PvP Planet
by: Frizz on Friday the 24th of October 2008

To help new players get a feel for PvP combat without forcing them to fight high level players, a new planet has been added: Konu II. Konu II is a Relic planet with 3 Relics (one less than Konu I's 4 Relics) and a slightly lower (25% less) Command payout for captured Relics. However, Konu II is smaller and Bandits on this planet are easier than Konu I's. Also, CE limits have been put in place on this planet to encourage mid-level players to use this planet to learn PvP tactics. Players above Level 30 are restricted to a very small force (500 CE) if they choose to deploy to this planet. Players Level 30 and under have the following limits:

Up to Level 10: 3,000 CE Limit
Up to Level 20: 2,500 CE Limit
Up to Level 30: 2,000 CE Limit

Display Damage Toggle
by: Frizz on Sunday the 19th of October 2008

You can now toggle whether or not you see individual attacks while deployed with the Show Individual Attacks when Deployed option in Account Settings. If you choose to uncheck this option, all the damage a unit sustains in one turn from different attackers will be added-up and displayed as a single number. Unchecking this option should also improve performance for players who are involved in large fire fights.

Monopoly Busters
by: Frizz on Monday the 22nd of September 2008

A handful of enterprising players have figured out that by placing a very large amount of a commodity (Ore, Command or TinyBucks) on the market they can corner that market at a price of their choosing. Because it is almost impossible for other player to buy such a large block of one commodity, the price becomes fixed. That player can then set a Buy Order slightly above the price of that they were selling at and then become the main buyer (by setting the Market Price) of a commodity at a price they choose.

This is no-longer the case: First, Buy Orders now have minimum amounts - 10,000 Ore, 1,000 Command and 10 TinyBucks. Second, When a Buy Order is posted, it no-longer needs to buy all of a commodity which is for sale at the price of the Buy Order.

Here's an example: 100,000 Ore is for sale at 2 Credits each and a Buy Order is created for 10,000 Ore at 2 Credits. Under the old system nothing would happen. The Buy Order could not be posted because it could not purchase all the Ore which is for sale at its stated price (2 credits each). Under the new system, the person who posts the Buy Order will receive 10,000 Ore for 2 Credits each and the Ore for sale on the Black Market will now show as 90,000 Ore for sale at 2 Credits each.

If a Buy Order only purchases part of the total amount of a commodity which is for sale, an additional note is added to the sale emails stating that this was a partial sale. This new system allows players to work together to chip-away at a monopolist ... happy monopoly busting everyone!

Also, the following changes have been made:
* SteelTech Repair Bot now repairs 3 points of armor per turn (was 1), CE decreased to 1.2 (was 1.25)
* SteelTech Repair Droid now repairs 6 points of armor per turn (was 3), CE decreased to 1.1 (was 1.2)
* Grease Monkey ability now allows the Commander to repair 2 points of armor per turn (was 1)
* Seasoned Mechanic ability now allows the Commander to repair 2 points of armor for all units which are in the same square (was 1)

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