Battle Tactics Released!
by: Frizz on Friday the 25th of August 2006

The TinyWarz: Battle Tactics expansion has been released! This expansion adds 21 vehicles, 44 vehicle mods, and 10 buildings - Battle Tactics focuses on faster-paced combat, new techniques / tactics, and improved base defense. Battle Tactics also introduces Actis; Mods which can be activated to give you an extra edge over your opponents in-combat.

New to Battle Tactics are Actis - Vehicle Modifications that can be activated a certain number of times when a vehicle is deployed. An activation sign will appear in the description field of any Mod that is an Acti. When deployed, this Mod can be activated by checking the status of a vehicle, then clicking Activate on any Mod you'd like to activate. Actis can repair a vehicle, recharge its shields, rearm its weapons, improve its speed, and more.

There are several new buildings in Battle Tactics which allow base builders to create more formidable defensive positions. There are several new structures that make it much harder for an attacker to launch hit-and-run attacks and give base defenders a better chance of hitting their targets. Lastly, faction members can show their "colors" by including Faction Flags in their base designs.

Stale Trades
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 22nd of August 2006

Sales that are older than ten days will now be removed from the Black Market. This means that any sales for Ore, Command Points or Tinybucks will be pulled if they are on the market for too long. The items will be returned to their owners and a message will be sent that the items will removed ... however, the Command Points used to post the sale to the market will not be refunded. It will take a few days for the new code to kick-in, so some very stale trades will be around for a little-bit longer.

Faction Cup
by: Frizz on Thursday the 17th of August 2006

A player sponsored event, the Faction Cup is now accepting sign-ups, check it out.

TinyWarz Turns One!
by: Frizz on Friday the 11th of August 2006

Happy Birthday - TinyWarz Turns One today! A huge thank-you to all the players who have helped us get to this point. Also, Rewards for TinyWarz ranking will be given out today (check your email to see if you're one of the ten twenty lucky winners) ... also, all players with Paid Days will receive an additional 100 Command Points to spend as they see fit.

Lastly, players who have been with TinyWarz (ie. had an account on the Live Server) over a year will now have a 1 Year Mark placed next to their name.

Hot Keys!
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 08th of August 2006

You can now issue orders to your vehicles while deployed using Hot Keys! ... To do this, click on a vehicle (while you are deployed to a planet) and use any of the following:

a - Attack
t - Target
c - Command
i - Info
w - Set Waypoint
A - All Attack

This should make it much easier (and faster) to control your forces in-combat.

Also, several new Rewards are now available - Netflix, iTunes, Starbucks and Lego Rewards are now available on RewardGamer!

by: Frizz on Saturday the 05th of August 2006

The code for the Modify Units page has been optimized for players with lots (ie. hundreds of) crews. If you have a large amount of crews this page should be a lot faster for you now =)

by: Frizz on Friday the 04th of August 2006

Faction members who have Base Admin Rights can now manually set targets for Faction Base Turrets. This means you can use a vehicle as a spotter to manually target enemy units that are at a greater range than the base would normally auto-target. If an enemy vehicle moves within auto target range of the base, all turrets will have to be re-targeted manually each turn (because auto targeting will attempt to assign a target to each turret).

Wednesday Updates
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 02nd of August 2006

Stats should now update a little quicker, when you confirm a purchase on the Blackmarket via email. Also, there are now five new Rewards on RewardGamer (Headquarters -> TinyBucks), including two new Freebies.

Monday Tweaks
by: Frizz on Monday the 31st of July 2006

A bunch of small updates today, let's get started:

- New chat links, :chatpolicies: & :policies: will now link to the TinyWarz Chat Policies. :rewardgamer: will post a link to the RewardGamer page.
- Several new Rewards have been posted at RewardGamer (Headquarters -> Tinybucks). A few new freebies are up, and Airsoft / Paintball junkies also have a new Reward (check out Xtremez in the Variable Rewards section).
- Lastly, thanks to everyone who supported TinyWarz by voting and spreading-the-word this month. To "sweeten the deal" a challenge has been posted here ... check it out.
- Last, Lastly - several Faction Leaders have asked for a way to get TinyBucks in-bulk, this has been added to Account Settings.

Incoming Transmission ...
by: Frizz on Thursday the 27th of July 2006

*** Incoming Transmission ***

Priority: Urgent
Classification: Public
Sender: Rebel Combine

In an attempt to verify the United Federation's recent news flash of "unknown technology" the Rebel Combine has gained the following intel. A group of Rebel Combine intelligence operators recently raided a United Federation research facility and obtained the following images:

Clearly the United Federation has not been as forth-coming as it could be with it's progress in decoding this "mysterious transmission" ... the Rebel Combine demands that all data related to the transmission be released immediately, so the nature of this possible threat can be fully determined.

Long Live the Rebellion!

*** End Transmission ***

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