Respect my Boundaries!
by: Frizz on Monday the 22nd of August 2005

By popular demand - maps now contain a visible indicator showing where "Out of Bounds" is. No Bandits or Ore can be found past these boundaries, however crossing them will have no adverse effect on your vehicles. Also, some small bug fixes have gone in to address caching issues for players experiencing page-loops while deployed.

Also, the way critical hits function has been completely re-worked. Units now only have a chance of taking a critical hit if they have around half their total armor left. At that point - the more damage done by a single attack, the high the chance for a critical hit by that attack. Attacks that hit, but do no damage, have no chance of causing a critical hit.

Reseting Command Crew
by: Frizz on Sunday the 21st of August 2005

Many players have asked for a way to reset their Command Crew - Paid Users now have the option of resetting their Command Crew back to Level 1. This removes all experience, skills, abilities, commands and gives back the starting 15 level points. You can reset your Command Crew from the Headquarters -> Tinybucks menu for 1 Tinybuck.

Big Update!
by: Frizz on Friday the 19th of August 2005

Major update today, let's get started:

First off, the number of Paid Days received from a PayPal purchase is being doubled. Players who already purchased time through Paypal will receive additional days. This also lowers the cost to purchase Paid Days with Tinybucks, players who already purchased Paid Days with Tinybucks will be refunded the difference.

And ... the Tinywarz Referral Program has been added! This program is designed to give something back to Paid players who bring in new people ... Here's how the Tinywarz Referral Program works - Let's say Joe is a Paid player and he tells his friend Tom about Tinywarz. Tom creates an account and adds Joe as his Referrer. Tom then decides to purchase some paid days through Paypal. Because Joe is listed as the Referrer for Tom, Joe gets Tinybucks. Joe will also get Tinybucks for any future Paypal purchases Tom makes.

These are the rules of the Referral Program:
  • Players who have no Unpaid Days and have never purchased Paid Days may enter another player's username into the "Referrer" text box in their Account Settings page. The player whose name is entered must have Paid Days in-order for the entry to be accepted.
  • Once accepted, the Unpaid Player's account will display "Referred By (username)" ... once this is active, any future PayPal purchases made by that player will give the Referring player Tinybucks (based on the amount of the purchase). Purchases made with Tinybucks do not provide a reward.
  • An Unpaid Player may only enter one Paid user as their Referrer, however a Paid player can be entered as the Referrer for an unlimited number of Unpaid players.
  • An Unpaid Player may not enter the name of another Unpaid Player in their Referrer textbox.
  • A Paid Player may not enter the name of another Paid Player in their Referrer textbox.
  • A Paid Player may not enter the name of an Unpaid Player in their Referrer textbox.
  • This system is intented to provide a reward for players who are active in bringing new members to the Tinywarz commuity. Players found abusing this system risk having their accounts removed.

More Help
by: Frizz on Thursday the 18th of August 2005

More information has been added to the online guide. There are now pages about what to do when you are deployed, moving around, issuing Commands, etc. The Online Guide can be accessed from the ? (Question mark) on the top of the page.

Interface Changes
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 17th of August 2005

Some interface tweaks have gone in. While undeployed, the chat panel on the left now sizes to fit the window. Also, players' names in the Main Screen are now colored based on their status: Paid Users (player who have Paid Days) appear in white, Unpaid Users (players without Paid Days) appear in green.
Also, you can now click on a player's name on the Faction Info page to give them items, Command, Ore, etc.

Map Tweaks
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 16th of August 2005

You can now access Trade Chat while you are deployed. Also, tweaks have also been made to the multi-unit icon. If there are several enemy units in one square, the multi-unit icon will be red. If there are several friendly units in one square, the multi-unit icon will be green. If there are friendly and enemy units in one square, the multi-unit icon will be red and green. This means you can now see where enemy and friendly units are located at a glance.

Give it Away! (again!)
by: Frizz on Monday the 15th of August 2005

Clicking on a player's name (in the Chat window or Welcome screen) now provides the option of giving Construx, Units, Mods, Buildings, or sending an email to that player. This should make giving units and sending messages much easier.

Online Guide
by: Frizz on Sunday the 14th of August 2005

A new online guide is now available, it can be accessed from the Question-mark in the top menu. It covers the basics of building, creating your army and deploying your forces. More topics will be added later. Also, error messages for sending emails have been made more informative.

Friday Tweaks
by: Frizz on Friday the 12th of August 2005

A few changes today - the game now checks for new email while you are undeployed (no more having to refresh that part of the page by-hand). If you receive a message, you will receive notification. Also, a Trade Chat channel has been added, please use this channel for all Trade related chat (ie. Construx Requests, Mod Trades). Players found using the All Chat channel for trade requests may have their chat privileges revoked.

Tinywarz Launched!
by: Frizz on Thursday the 11th of August 2005

Welcome to the launch of Tinywarz! First off, a huge "thank-you" to everyone who participated in the Beta Test, this wouldn't have happened without you. Going forward, there are a few new features to announce:

Tinybucks can now be earned through our partner-site at MetaReward. The link to this site can be found in the Headquarters -> Tinybucks page. Tinybucks can be used for all the usual goodies (Training crews, Construx Sets, Creating Factions) as well as Paid Days.

You can now purchase Paid days for Tinywarz. These come in 30, 90 and 180 blocks. Paid Users have access to the following:
* Trading Construx
* Give Command
* Give Tinybucks
* Use Intermediate and Advanced vehicles and mods
* Command Crew can advance past Level 5
* Can deploy to Faction Planets
Also, Unpaid players earn 50 Command Points every Midnight (PST), Paid users earn 100 Command.

Paid days and Construx Sets can now be purchased through PayPal. This link can be found in the Account panel. Paid days can also be purchased with Tinybucks from the Tinybucks menu on the Headquarters panel.

Lastly, all players who create an account in the first week will receive 100 extra command when they first login.

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