Auction X-var Reminder
by: Auctioneer Frizz on Tuesday the 04th of October 2011

This is a quick reminder that the faction X-var auction will end at 11:59pm PST, October 14th. Faction leaders must have their bid into to me by this time to take part. Remember that only one bid for one complexity can be placed. There are two Advanced X-vars, one Intermediate and one Simple up for bidding. Only one bid per faction is allowed and a faction can only bid on a single complexity.

Drop Shock Promo
by: Crazy Frizz on Friday the 30th of September 2011

For a limited time all prices in Drop Shock have been halved. This pricing applies to all Construx and TerraDays purchases. TerraBucks and Ad Assist purchases will provide twice the usual amount while this promo is in effect.

High-level Exp Requirements & Faction Conquest Tweak
by: Tweaker Frizz on Thursday the 29th of September 2011

The amount of additional experience required has been frozen after your Commander reaches level 200. All levels after this will require a fixed amount: 100,000 experience. This is the amount needed to advance from level 199 to level 200. Players who are currently over level 200 will receive an additional level for every unit they destroy until their level reaches the proper amount -based on the new formula.

Also, the TerraBuck pay-out amounts on Faction Conquest planets have been further tweaked to discourage hoarding:
1 Nodes: 8 TerraBucks total
2 Nodes: 12 TerraBucks total
3 Nodes: 12 TerraBucks total
4 Nodes: 8 TerraBucks total
5 Nodes: 0 TerraBucks total

Faction X-Var Auction
by: Auctioneer Frizz on Tuesday the 27th of September 2011

Have you ever wanted to design your own vehicle? Now's your chance! Factions will be able to bid on the ability to create an X-variant for one Simple, Intermediate or Advanced vehicle or meka using unspent faction points. Here are the rules:

- Two Advanced, one Intermediate and one Simple X-variants are up for auction
- Only faction leaders can submit a bid and a faction can only submit one bid (multiple bids on the same or different complexities will cause the faction to be disqualified from the auction)
- A faction can only bid on a single complexity, if your faction bids for the Advanced X-var it cannot bid for the Simple or Intermediate X-variant
- The highest amount of unspent faction points bid wins that auction, these factions points will then be marked as spent
- Bidding is blind, you will not know what other factions bid
- Faction which bid unspent faction points they do not have will be disqualified from this and all future X-var auctions
- Faction leaders who wish to participate in the auction must submit their bids by 11:59pm PST, October 14th
- There will be four winning factions: two will create Advanced X-variants (the highest and second highest bids), one will create an Intermediate X-variant (highest bid) and one will create a Simple X-variant (highest bid)

Faction leaders, consult your members and decide which complexity you wish to bid for. When you are ready to submit your bid, email me in-game with a message subject of Faction X-var Bid the body of your message should contain your bid amount and the complexity you are bidding for. Remember, you can only bid once for a single complexity! Bidding ends on October 14th at 11:59pm PST. Once bidding has ended I'll work with the leaders to implement the new X-variants. It will be up to the factions to determine how these variants will work with a few exceptions:

- Commander-only and Unique vehicles cannot be given X-variants
- Units which already have X-variants are also excluded
- X-variants must be possible with the current code and "within reason": a X-variant requested by a faction cannot simply inflate its stats, the X-variant recommendation must offer balance (i.e. we want to increase the armor so the speed will decrease)
- I will make any final needed adjustments to balance submitted X-variants

Acheron & Mortum
by: Frizz on Friday the 26th of August 2011

The Faction Conquest planets have been given proper names -and Infernus / Hellion have had their names reverted. Abandon Supplies on Acheron & Mortum are now capture-able. Also, the size of these places has been decreased by a quadrant -may be a little off until the next orbit. Lastly, the orbits of Infernus, Hellion, Rynn, Acheron and Mortum has been increase to about a week. The TerraBuck payout scripts have been modified to go into effect immediately after the PvP period ends, this should prevent pay-outs from be missed because the planet reached horizon before the pay-out check could be run.

Note: If a Faction Conquestion planet reaches horizon during the PvP period, the pay-out will be for the Nodes held after horizon, not before it.

(Re)introducing Hellion & Infernus 2!
by: Frizz on Monday the 22nd of August 2011

By popular demand, modified version of Hellion and Infernus have been added. Hellion II is a Faction War planet with the 200,000fp limit removed; once-again high fp factions will have a place for large-scale battles. Infernus II is a Faction Conquest planet for non-US players, PvP is allowed on this planet from 5am to 9am PST. TerraBuck pay-outs for owners of Nodes on Faction Conquest planets will remain at midnight PST.

Server Issues
by: Frizz on Sunday the 14th of August 2011

Unfortunately, over the last few days a server reboot (due to a power failure at the hosting facility) caused the game to improperly load data. This occurred at a time when I was unable to resolve the issue. I have fixed the problem while adding some stop-gap code which will detect and resolve this problem if it should happen again. As compenstation, all users with TerraDays have been given 10 additional days.

Faction Conquest & Shared Construx
by: Frizz on Monday the 08th of August 2011

Infernus is now a Faction Conquest planet! The Nodes on Infernus no-longer provide Faction Points, but pay-out TerraBucks instead. A captured Node pays out 10 TerraBucks at midnight PST, minus 2 TerraBucks for each Node captured past the first. Below are the possible payouts:

1 Nodes: 10 TerraBucks total
2 Nodes: 16 TerraBucks total
3 Nodes: 18 TerraBucks total
4 Nodes: 16 TerraBucks total
5 Nodes: 10 TerraBucks total
6 Nodes: 0 TerraBucks paid

PvP on Infernus is now only possible between 5pm and 9pm PST (however bases will still defend themselves even when PvP is not enabled), this is to ensure that each faction has the ability to fight for Nodes when most of its forces are available. The decreasing pay-out amounts are intentional to prevent a single faction from hoarding the planet. The TerraBucks paid out by Infernus are given directly the faction which controls the Nodes.

Also: The limit on Construx Shared Slots for factions has been lifted. The builders in a faction can now take advantage of all the Construx that faction has shared.

Unit Tweaks: Round 1
by: Frizz on Saturday the 06th of August 2011

Based on the data collected over the last month the worst performing units have been identified and tweaked. Here are the units which were modified:

Ares Meka:
- Armor repair removed
- Ballistic Attacks now do 30% less damage
- Added Energy weapons now receive -1 Recharge

Lightfoot Meka:
- Max speed increased to 8 (was 6)
- Controlled speed increased to 5 (was 4)
- Gained Target Recognition Acti, 4 Charges, +2 Gunnery Levels to-hit

Battle Axe II Meka:
- Gained Combat Repairs Acti, 1 Charge, repairs 100 Armor

Hellbore Meka:
- Added Missile weapons receive +2 Damage
- Added Ballistic weapons receive +4 Damage
- Added Energy weapons receive +8 Damage

Ballista Meka:
- Gained Volley Acti, 5 Charges, attacks do +50% damage this turn and no damage next turn

Upcoming Unit Tweaks
by: Frizz on Sunday the 03rd of July 2011

Data is currently being gathered to help assist in improving under-used units. It will take a few weeks to obtain all the needed information, but once all the data is gathered it will be much easier to make future adjustments to ensure a greater variety of units are deployed to battle. In the meantime small tweaks are being made to certain vehicles:

- Dragoons now take 2 less Damage per Shield-hit if they moved last turn
- Battle Axe III now takes 7 less Damage per Armor-hit (was 6)
- Cluster Missile Mod mis-target chance increased to 30% (was 20%)
- Gyrojet Mod mis-target chance increased to 30% (was 20%)

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