Act III: Performance Enhancements
by: Frizz on Sunday the 04th of April 2010

Modify Units & View Army:
The Modify Units & View Army panels have been revamped to improve performance. These pages now automatically save any changes you make to them, you no-longer need to confirm changes to these pages. Also, there is now on-screen feedback for Integrating and Activating units. Lastly, you can now assign a unit to a Task Force from the View Army screen. This allows you to quickly toggle all units in a Task Force in or out of your army depending on your current deployment needs. If you use the Image Pack you can download the new files here.

- Integrate Mod on Simple Unit: 70% chance to Integrate mod, 40% chance to destroy a Tear
- Integrate Mod on Intermediate Unit: 40% chance to Integrate mod, 70% chance to destroy a Tear
- Integrate Mod on Advanced Unit: 20% chance to Integrate mod, 90% chance to destroy a Tear
- Integrating a Mod onto a non-Meka has receives +10% chance to Integrate a mod & -10% chance to destory a Tear
- 50-70 Unit Construx gives +0 to +10% chance to Integrate a mod & -0 to -10% chance to destory a Tear (all shared faction construx are included)
- 50-70 Mod Construx gives +0 to +10% chance to Integrate a mod & -0 to -10% chance to destory a Tear (all shared faction construx are included)
- Chance to Integrate will not go above 90%, Chance to destroy a Tear will not go below at 10%
- When integrating a second mod onto a unit, divide the chance to Integrate by 2
If the Integration chance is failed a destroy check is made for one Tear, if the Tear is not destroyed a new Integration check is made, this process repeats until Integration succeeds or a Tear is destroyed when Integration fails. This process improves the chance of Integration above the percent-chance to integrate listed above.

Change for players without TinyDayz:
Players without TinyDayz can rejoice, your day has come: Unit and Mod restrictions are lifted. You can now use / build all Units and Mods except for Uniques. This means that Advanced units and Intermediate / Advanced mods are now fair game. This will give players without TinyDays a more complete TinyWarz experience. To balance this, players without TinyDays can no-longer build / deploy bases and are restricted to the following planets - Wulf, Taris, Riona, Esika, Konu.

Planet Scaling for New Players:
To cut down on the confusion of which planet to deploy to new players will now gradually gain access to planets as they level-up. Initially only Taris and Riona can be used, then Wulf is added at Level 3 and Esika / Konu are added once a player reaches Level 5. At Level 10 all planets are unlocked.

Shared Construx Cap:
A maximum of 20 Shared Construx in one slot now pass-through to faction members when building. While this will not be a popular update, it is a needed update. A change to this system was required for several reasons:

1) It gave too much of an advantage to large factions: Large factions with lots of shared construx had a huge advantage over smaller ones. There should be some advantage to shared construx, but not a massive one.

2) Removed need for dedicated builders: With everyone receiving the bonus for all the construx a faction had everyone in the faction could be a builder lessening this role in the game.

3) Removed need to rely on construx: Again this gets back to the large-faction advantage. Having unlimited shared construx made larger factions more desirable because of their huge library of build-able items any of which could be created risk-free.

4) Killed off Construx trading market: This used to be a very robust in-game market and a great way to make some additional TinyBucks for the savvy trader. Unfortunately, because of the decreasing demand for construx (because a player could just join a faction with lots of shared construx) this market has been hurting for some time.

5) Not in the spirit of TinyWarz: One of the theme's of this game is to *individually* trade and collect construx. Having unlimited shared has pretty-much removed this from the game. The construx you have are, in-a-way an extension of you and what you bring to a faction. A player should be considered valuable for the things he or she can build for a faction, not the other way around.

- Bandit damage, shields and armor now scales with the difficultly of the planet
- Bandit experience-given now scales with the difficultly of the planet
- Sha'Kahr are now more intelligent in their targeting of enemies

Server Upgrade
by: Frizz on Monday the 22nd of March 2010

The server will be down for maintenance at 6pm PST to install more RAM. TinyWarz will be offline for 20-40 minutes while this update takes place.

Update: Upgrade complete!

Also: Part of the next update will contain improvements to how mod data is organized on the server. This should provide a performance improvement, especially for users & factions with a large number of mods. Unfortunately, this update will remove all mods (except for integrated mods) from units and all mods from the market; this is necessary due to the difference between the old and new mod code. To best prepare for this update, note your mod & unit set-ups now so you can quickly re-build them once this code is added to the server. Crews will not be removed from units when this update is applied.

Act II: Ballistic, Energy, Missile Balance
by: Frizz on Monday the 22nd of March 2010

Balancing the three weapon-types in TinyWarz is extremely tricky. Some changes have been made to correct imbalances between weapons which were over-powered compared to other weapons in their class. Also, some weapon classes have been adjusted to correct inequalities with the other classes. Below is the full list of changes:

- Armor Piercing Missiles now give +1 Damage
- Guided Warheads CE decreased to 1.1

- Incursion Assault Launcher now has 2x 3 Range, 5 Damage, 10 Ammo
- Onslaught Heavy Launcher now has 4 Range, 7 Damage, 15 Ammo
- Sabot Launcher now has 4 Range, 15 Damage, 12 Ammo, is Unique
- Triad Missile Launcher now has 3x 2 Range, 3 Damage, 8 Ammo
- Wraith Light Launcher now has 2 Range, 5 Damage, 15 Ammo
- Hailfire now has 3 Range, 3 Damage, 20 Ammo
- Zeus Missile System now has 5 Range, 14 Damage, 5 Ammo

- Missile weapons now gain an incremental bonus to-hit (+2/3 Gunnery Levels / Square of optimal Range) the further they are from their target, within optimal Range
- ie. A target 7 squares from a 5 Range Missile attacker gives a (7-5) * 2/3 = 1.3 Gunnery Level bonus
- The flat bonus to-hit (1 Gunnery Level) for Missile weapons firing at optimal Range has been removed

- Calypso now has +1 Range, +3 Damage, +1 Rechage
- Pallas now has +3 Damage
- Kypris Prism now has -4 Damage, +1 Range
- EMP Adaptor CE decreased to 1.1
- Evercell Capacitor Damage reduction increased to -5, CE decreased to 1.2
- Maxwatt Transformer Damage bonus increased to +5, CE decreased to 1.2

- Bandit Energy Turret now has 2 Range, 6 Damage, 3 Recharge, +4 Damage to Bandits
- Burster Heavy Turret now has 4 Range, 14 Damage, 3 Recharge
- Deathlance now has 3 Range, 20 Damage, 3 Recharge
- EMP Cannon now has 4 Range, 20 Damage, 3 Recharge, is Unique
- Leech Laser now has 3 Range, 6 Damage, 3 Recharge
- Hellfire Energy Turret now has 3 Range, 6 Damage, 3 Recharge, +6 Damage to Bandits
- Hellseeker Turret now has 2 Range, 8 Damage, 3 Recharge
- Punisher Assault Turret now has 2x 2 Range, 7 Damage, 2 Recharge
- Vampire Cannon now has 3 Range, 15 Damage, 3 Recharge
- Venom Energy Turret now has 2 Range, 28 Damage, 4 Recharge
- Vertigo Energy Turret now has 3 Range, 6 Damage, 1 Recharge

- The penalty for vehicles firing outside optimal Range with Energy weapons has been changed from a flat penalty (-5 Gunnery Levels) to a scaling penalty (-3 Gunnery Levels - 1 additional Gunnery Level for every square past optimal Range)
- Energy weapons on buildings receive a fixed -5 Gunnery Levels for firing outside optimal Range
- The to-hit bonus for firing an Energy weapon inside optimal Range (1 Gunnery Level) has been removed

- Balanced Ammunition no longer increases Ammo, Damage penalty increased to -3
- Superior Grade Ammunition now decreases Ammo by 25%, CE reduced to 1.2

- Avenger Assault Cannon now has 2x 4 Range, 7 Damage, 8 Ammo, +3 Damage to Bandits
- Bandit Ballistic Turret now has 3 Range, 5 Damage, 20 Ammo, +2 Damage to Bandits
- Carnivore Gatling Cannon now has 2 Range, 5 Damage, 8 Ammo
- Crusader Long-gun now has 6 Range, 12 Damage, 12 Ammo
- Deathdealer Gatling Cannon now has 2x 5 Range, 6 Damage, 6 Ammo
- Mag-Cannon now has 6 Range, 1 Damage, 10 Ammo
- Neptune Seige Cannon now has 7 Range, 20 Damage, 6 Ammo
- Reaper Assault Cannon now has 2x 4 Range, 10 Damage, 8 Ammo
- Scatterfire Gatling Gun now has 3 Range, 6 Damage, 12 Ammo
- Wartech Gatling Repeater now has 4 Range, 4 Damage, 15 Ammo

- Bandit Overlord Ballistic Damage increased
- Hellbore Ballistic weapons Range increased by 1, Damage also increased
- Pirata Ballistic Damage increased
- Loggerhead now loses no Speed while transporting Ore
- Diamondback now loses 1 Speed while transporting Ore
- Cyclops now has Emergency Shielding, Restores 50% of Shields, 3 Charges
- Claymore now has: added Missile Mods receive +2 Damage

- Cerberus now has +50% Shields, +10% Regen, -1 Damage / Attack for 1.2 CE

Sha'Kahr Mods:
- Sha'Kahr Darkvengeance now has 4 Range, 10 Damage, 10 Ammo. All units in same square as target take 20 Shield Damage
- Sha'Kahr Shadowraith now has 7 Range, 12 Damage, 5 Ammo. Now has a 5% chance of resetting Cooldowns and 15% chance of removing 1 Charges from all on-unit Actis
- Sha'Kahr Wraithunter now has 4 Range, 30 Damage, 3 Recharge. Armor disolve increased to 5 / Turn

- Medium Acti Recharger now has a Cool-down of 8 Turns

Act I: Unit & Mod Overhaul
by: Frizz on Thursday the 18th of March 2010

This update focused on neglected units and mods. Intermediate units have usually been disregarded; the goal is usually to progress to Advanced units as quickly as possible. This update attempts to tweak that by giving almost every Intermediate unit an unique Unit Acti. Unlike Command-unit Actis, these have Charges instead of Cool-downs, this means the abilities can be more powerful, but also more limited in use. A full list of changes and tweaks is below (you may need to clear your browser's cache to see all the changes):

Unit Changes:
- Asp Assault Hovertank gained Target Recognition +2 Gunnery Levels to-hit, 8 Charges and Overload, attacks this turn do 150% damage but unit does no damage next turn, 4 Charges
- Ballista Armor increased to 30
- Bandit Thug gained Defensive Shielding, 3 Charges, takes no damage from attacks this turn
- Beast now gives 50% bonus experience to crew that pilots it
- Behemoth Heavy Tank now has Field Repair, Repairs 60 Armor, 4 Charges
- Brawler now has Stasis Shields, takes 25% damage this turn, 6 Charges
- Covert now has Sensor Jamming, +3 Gunnery Levels Dodge, 3 Charges
- Cyclops Shield Regen increased to 25%
- Dark Inquisitor Meka when activated now gives +2 Acti Charges
- Darkhunter now has Sensor Jamming, +3 Gunnery Levels Dodge, 6 Charges
- Deathwhisper Artillery now receives a Dodge-bonus (2 Gunnery Levels) if it did not move the last turn
- Ferdelance now has Near Invulnerability, takes 25% damage for one turn, 8 Charges
- Firestorm now has Request Recon, Lone-eye Probe is Deployed to current location but only one Probe can be deployed at a time, 5 Charges
- Gattlinger Shield Regen increased to 30%, Armor increased to 40, CE decreased to 1,150
- Gladiator Shields increased to 20, gained Sensor Masking, +4 Gunnery Levels Dodge, 6 Charges, if this unit did not move last turn it does 150% damage this turn
- Grunt now has Power Transfer, all Energy weapons are fully charged, 8 Charges
- Hawkeye Spotter now has Deep View, 10 Charges
- Hellbore Shields decreased to 50, Armor decreased to 50
- Hermes now has Salvage Nanites, +33% Salvage this turn, 4 Charges
- Howitzer now gains +1 Gunnery Level to-hit if it did not move last turn and has Requisition Request, all Ballistic ammo is restored, 2 Charges
- Howitzer II now gains +1 Gunnery Level to-hit if it did not move last turn and has Requisition Request, all Ballistic ammo is restored, 4 Charges
- Jabberwock now has Short-range Teleport, teleports up-to 15 squares, 8 charges, weapon damage also improved
- Juggernaught completely re-worked
- Killfox now has Tactical Movement +3 Controlled/Max Speed, 5 Charges and Sensor Jamming Sensor Jamming, +3 Gunnery Levels Dodge, 5 Charges
- Leopard Assault Tank gained Overdrive, +4 Max Speed, 10 Charges and Combat Repairs, Repairs 100 Armor, 2 Charges
- Lightfoot Energy weapons Range increased to 3, Recharge decreased to 2, also gained Burst Shot, all weapons do 150% damage this turn, but no damage next turn, 4 Charges
- Long-Rifle main-gun Range increased to 9, added Double Shot, main-gun does double-damage this turn but no damage next turn, 8 Charges
- Paladin now has Combat Support, 10 Charges, all units in square Repair 10 Shields / 10 Armor, Gain +1 Ammo
- Porcupine Assault Vehicle Controlled Speed increased to 4 and Requisition Request, all Missile Ammo is restored, 2 Charges
- Prowler main-gun Damage increased to 13, Ammo increased to 5
- Python Heavy Hovertank now has Shield Regen, Repairs 100% Shields, 3 Charges & Target Tracking, +3 Gunnery Levels to-hit, 5 Charges
- Sentry's main-guns Range decreased to 6, Damage increased to 8, all Ballistic weapons on Sentry receive +2 Range & can have their Range increased to 11
- Spider Salvager now has Sensor Scrambling, unit is harder to-hit in combat (3 Gunnery Levels), 10 Charges
- Sunburst now has Overload, attacks this turn do 150% damage but unit does no damage next turn, 5 Charges
- Titan now has Shield Overload, Gains 100 Shields before combat, 5 charges, weapon damage also improved
- Tornado now has Power Transfer, all Energy weapons are fully charged, 4 Charges and all Energy weapon Mods gain +3 Damage
- Tortoise Assault Vehicle now has Speed Boost, +6 Max Speed, 15 Charges
- Whirlwind now has Tactical Movement, +4 Controlled/Max Speed, 8 Charges, added missile weapons now receive +1 Range
- Witman now receives a 2 Gunnery Level Dodge if it did not move last turn and has Speed Boost, +4 Max Speed, 8 Charges
- Wolverine now has Speed Burst, +2 Max Speed, 6 Charges and Overload, attacks do 150% damage this turn but no damage next turn, 6 Charges

Mods Changes:
- Shield Boost Acti repairs 40 Shields, has 6 Charges
- Shield Rush Acti repairs 50% Shields, has 4 Charges
- Shield Restore Acti repairs 100% Shields, has 2 Charges
- Basic Repair Nanites repair 40 Armor, has 6 Charges
- Repair Nanites repair 50% Armor, has 4 Charges
- Advanced Repair Nanites repair 100% Armor, has 2 Charges
- Sanctuary Adaptor Charges increased to 20
- Sanctuary Barrier Generator Charges increased to 10
- Targeting Laser now has 12 Charge Acti that gives +3 Gunnery Levels
- Advanced Targeting Laser now has 6 Charge Acti that gives +4 Gunnery Levels
- Avenger now does +5 damage to Bandits
- Hellfire now does +7 damage to Bandits
- Improved Hydraulics Acti now has 30 Charges, gives +4 Max Speed
- Powered Hydraulics Acti now has 15 Charges, gives +6 Max Speed
- Holoprojector Dodge-bonus increased to 2 Gunnery Levels
- Holofield Dodge-bonus increased to 3 Gunnery Levels
- Overload Capacitor now gives +16 damage, it is now impossible to increase a weapon's Range beyond 1 when this Mod is used
- Crusader Longgun Range increased to 6, Damage decreased to 8, Ammo increased to 10
- Tri-gun Ranged held at 5, Damage increased to 10, Ammo decreased to 12
- Gemini Assault Turret Range increased to 3, Damage increased to 14, Ammo increased to 15
- Explosive Ammunition now gives +5 Damage for -1 Range, CE decreased to 1.05
- Superior Grade Ammunition CE increased to 1.25
- Condensed Neutron Ammunition CE increased to 1.15
- Earlybird Warning System Dodge Bonus increased to 1 Gunnery Level, given 20 Charge Acti, +1 Gunnery Level Dodge
- Sixth Sense Warning System Dodge Bonus increased to 2 Gunnery Levels, given 10 Charge Acti, +2 Gunnery Levels Dodge
- Distant Thunder Recharger Regen increased to 25%
- Thunder Clap Recharger Regen increased to 35%
- Gladius damage increased to 16
- Compound Optics to-hit bonus increased to 2 Gunnery Levels
- Advanced Optics to-hit bonus increased to 3 Gunnery Levels
- High Capacity Ammunition now gives +1 Ballistic Ammo Regeneration to the unit every 5 turns
- High Capacity Missiles now gives +1 Missile Ammo Regeneration to the unit every 5 turns
- Energy-Web Missiles now do 25% damage to Shields

Crew Changes:
- New Merit has been added, Acti Master - All Actis on the unit gain -1 Cooldown / +1 Charge, Regen +1 Charge every 10 Turns. If you are using the Image Pack you can download the image for this merit here.
- Packrat now gives Ammo regeneration to all units in the same square, +1 Ammo every 10 Turns

New User Tutorials
by: Frizz on Monday the 08th of March 2010

New tutorials are being added which will help players learn how to play TinyWarz. The first of these guides on how to create and modify your army has already been posted. New players will automatically be directed to the tutorial index when they join the game to make it easier to find help.

- Oversight now defaults to 100% when building units
- Oversight is saved when building different units
- Leech Laser and Vampire now add 100% of Shield-damage to firing unit
- Vampire range increased to 3 (was 2)
- Covert X-var Cloak Speed reduced to 1 (was 3), can now equip non-Energy weapons
- All Building Shield Regen values increased by 10%

Super Nodes!
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 09th of February 2010

Faction War planets now support Super Nodes! If one faction is able to capture all of the Nodes on a Faction War planet (Hellion or Infernus), one of these Nodes will be randomly converted into a Super Node. A Super Node pays out Faction Points similiar to a stardard Node except at horizon. At horizon a Super Node will pay out 1,000 Faction Points to the faction which controls the Node at that time. Only one Super Node can be created per planet. A planet's deploy information will display which Node is the Super Node, this information is also broadcast on the planet from time to time. A faction must capture all Nodes on the planet by the 3,000th turn (1,500 turns before horizon) in-order to create a Super Node. Other than the additional faction point pay-out a Super Node has no other special properities and can be captured or re-captured like any other Node.

Super Nodes also increase the incremental pay-outs which happen during a Faction War planet's orbit by 3x:
* 12 hours - 45 faction points
* 24 hours - 75 faction points
* 36 hours - 105 faction points
* 48 hours - 135 faction points
* 60 hours - 165 faction points
* 72 hours - 195 faction points
* Horizon - 1,000 faction points
Total possible Super Node faction points: 1,720

Also, Ore amounts in ore deposits on non-PvP planets has been slightly increased to help starting players gather starting resources faster.

Other Updates:
- Dark Inquisitor Meka's Armor increased to 75 (was 50)
- Dark Inquisitor Meka self-repairs 15 Armor per turn
- Dark Inquisitor Meka takes 2 less damage per Armor hit
- Reactor Boost now provides +3 Max / Controlled Speed for 3 turns, Cooldown increased to 6
- Terrain Mapping Cooldown decreased to 5 (was 6)

Changes and Tweaks
by: Frizz on Thursday the 28th of January 2010

Damage reduction Mods for Ballistic, Missile and Energy attacks have been reworked. The reduction amounts on all these Mods has been increased from 20% to 25% and from 40% to 50%, these effects now also stack. Damage reduction is capped at 60% in each weapon category; the additional reduction bonus for building damage has been removed. The Dark Inquisitor (50% Energy) and Phase Guardian (25% all types) Meka have had their damage reduction amounts increased.

New players now receive a larger selection of units / mods and starting factions now also have more shared construx to build with. Starting players no-longer receive two Construx packs.

- Units with built-in cloaking can no-longer use Missile or Ballistic weapons
- Dark Inquisitor Meka's base-damage increased to 15 (was 10), added Missile weapons recieve +5 damage (was +4)
- Covert Meka X-var now gives Cloak Speed: 3, but X-var is unable to use all non-Energy weapons
- Nightstalker Meka's Shields reduced to 55 (was 70)

Name Changes
by: Frizz on Thursday the 14th of January 2010

By popular demand you can now change your in-game name. In-order to change your name, you must have (or have had) your 1-Year Mark, you can only change your name once and the following rules apply:

- No longer than 10 characters
- Only letters and numbers
- No spaces
- Must be unique
- Cannot be offensive
- You must have TinyDayz

If you choose to change your username, your old name will appear as an aka in your user profile. Your new name will automatically appear in any messages, sales, or actions you performed before the change. All user feedback is also retained after you change your name. You can change your name from the Headquarters -> TinyBucks panel for 50 TinyBucks.

- The Dark Inquisitor Meka now receives a 40% reduction in Energy weapon damage taken.
- Steeltec Repair Droid now repairs 25 Armor per turn (was 20).

Small Factions Update
by: Frizz on Sunday the 03rd of January 2010

Faction Levels have been modified to provide additional advantages to smaller factions (factions with 15 or fewer members in them). These abilities are divided into tiers: Tier 1 (15 or fewer members) / Tier 2 (more than 15 members). Below are the levels modified by this update:

Faction Combat Abilities
Level 1. Bonus to-hit for units (1 / .5 Gunnery Level)
Level 2. Bonus to damage for units (+1 / +0 Missile, +2 / +1 Ballistic, +3 / +2 Energy)
Level 3. Increased chance of Critical Hits (+30% / +20%)
Level 6. Range bonus (+1 Ballistic, Missile, Energy / +1 Missile, Energy)
Level 7. Vehicle Armor bonus (+35% / +25%)
Level 9. Bonus to-hit for units (1.5 / 1 Gunnery Level)
Level 10. Bonus to damage for units (+2 / +1 Missile, +3 / +2 Ballistic, +4 / +3 Energy)

Faction Construct Abilities
Level 1. Small improvement to Building Armor (+20% / +10% Max)
Level 2. Small improvement to Building Shields (+20% / +10% Max, +15% / +10% Regen)
Level 3. Bonus to damage for Buildings (+2 / +1 Missile, +4 / +3 Ballistic, +6 / +5 Energy)
Level 5. All buildings receive Simple Holograms (2 / 1 Gunnery Level)
Level 6. Building gunners receive a bonus to-hit (2 / 1 Gunnery Level)
Level 7. Large improvement to Building Armor (+35% / +25% Max)
Level 9. Large improvement to Building Shields (+35% / +25% Max, +30% / +20% Regen)
Level 10. All buildings receive Advanced Holograms (3 / 2 Gunnery Levels)

Faction Research Abilities
Level 1. Small dodge bonus for units (1 / .5 Gunnery Level)
Level 2. Vehicle Shield bonus (+10% / +5%)
Level 6. Large dodge bonus for units (1.5 / 1 Gunnery Level)
Level 9. Vehicle Shield bonus (+25% / +10%)

Faction Leaders with less than 20,000 Faction Points can now purchase 10,000 Faction Points for 100 TinyBucks from Faction -> Admin -> Levels. This is a one-time only purchase, the faction can never be merged with another faction if this purchase is made. If a faction makes this purchase, it must wait until a total of 30,000 Faction Points are earned before purchasing Faction Construx with Faction Points.

New Year; New Construx
by: Frizz on Sunday the 27th of December 2009

New Faction Construx are now available! Factions can gain additional construx from the current pool of Faction construx including new rare construx which allow the construction of previously unbuildable meka and vehicles. Faction Leaders can now purchase additional Faction Construx for 3 TinyBucks and 100 Faction Points each. Each construx purchased this way is randomly chosen from the current pool of Faction Construx, including the new Dark Inquistor Meka. With each purchase there is a chance that a rare construx will be created instead.


With each purchase a faction has a 16.7% chance of gaining an Advanced Construx, a 33.3% chance of gaining a Intermediate Construx and a 50% chance of gaining a Simple Construx. After the complexity is determined, there is a 20% chance that the construx will be a rare (non-faction) construx.

If you are using the Image Pack, you can download the additional files here.

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