Base Alert!
by: Frizz on Saturday the 04th of June 2011

Large Sensor Arrays now provide an alert in Faction Chat whenever an enemy moves within visual range. This should provide an early warning system for possible base assaults. The Drop Shock penalty was also tweaked with this update. Units which deploy to a base now receive a large penalty to-hit for the first two turns making them unable to hit anything. For the next three turns these units receive a 3 Gunnery Level penalty. This is a decrease from the old Drop Shock penalty (5 turns down from 6).

- Experience given from player and faction owned buildings has been doubled
- You can no-longer target yourself with Stack Attack on Dueling and Arena planets

Mass Bandit Experience Bonus
by: Frizz on Saturday the 21st of May 2011

Planets with a significant amount of Bandits now provide a scaling experience bonus based on the number of bandits presents. The actual amount of this bonus will be displayed in a planet's deployment information later today.

- Phase Shielding is now capped at 95%
- Building-limit for bases on Dominus has been raised by 5 for all factions
- Bandit Swarms will now occur about once per orbit

Whack! Smack! Stack Attack!
by: Frizz on Friday the 20th of May 2011

There have been several debates on how to make large-army combat less of a click-fest. The larger issue to balance here is ensuring that any feature which makes larger armies more controllable does not unfairly disadvantage players who deploy with only a few units. If it is too easy to control a large number of units the game will quickly devolve into who can deploy the most to any planet.

With this in-mind, you can now select one of your stacks and press the attack target hotkey to issue attack orders to every unit you control within a stack. However, there are some significant restrictions to this new feature. First, you can only target enemy stacks which contain five or more units. Second, all the units which receive a stack attack order will randomly target enemies within that stack. Third, issuing this order deletes all other targets which were assigned to your units in that stack.

Random targeting is meant to ensure that this feature does not replace the skill it takes to focus fire on a target; it has been added to ensure that, in large battles, your units will always be shooting at something. You can also issue a stack attack order to start, then re-target certain units you wish to shoot at an exact target.

- The Command queue code has been re-worked to no longer freeze on errors; this should lessen the need to reload the game (while deployed) when something unexpected happens

Incoming Transmission ...
by: Rebel HQ on Thursday the 05th of May 2011

*** Incoming Transmission ***

Priority: Urgent
Classification: Public
Sender: Rebel Combine

We are received unusual cross-traffic from various sites across Dominus. The sources appear to be scrambled and we have been unable to identify nature of the transmissions. Commanders are advised to exercise caution until the nature of these messages can be determined.

*** End Transmission ***

- Bandit salvage now appears in faction salvage reports
- You now have the option of messaging all leaders in your faction from Messages -> Compose

Incoming Transmission ...
by: U.F. Command on Wednesday the 27th of April 2011

*** Incoming Transmission ***

Priority: Urgent
Classification: Public
Sender: United Federation

Commanders deploying to Dominus are advised to be on the look-out for increased Bandit activity. Recent intercepts reveal an exponential increase in Bandit traffic over recent cycles. Furthermore, we have been unable to contact an expeditionary force sent to investigate these signals.

*** End Transmission ***

Double PvP-Exp Weekend!
by: Frizz on Saturday the 09th of April 2011

This weekend all PvP experience is doubled! All experience points earned in player vs. player combat will earn twice the normal amount of experience. Note that kills against Bandits, Sha'Kahr and drones does not qualify for double experience.

Construx Tweaks
by: Frizz on Thursday the 07th of April 2011

Some big changes to Construx, Building and Integration. The required number of Construx for each operation has been halved making it much easier to build and integrate all units. This lowers the maximum number of Construx needed for full Construction / Integration benefits from 70 (in the most extreme case) to 35 (40 if you want the additional +5% Integration bonus which was just added).

Old: 1st Variant @ 10 Construx, 2nd @ 20 Construx, 3rd @ 30 Construx (5% of Var per Construx)
New: 1st Variant @ 5 Construx, 2nd @ 10 Construx, 3rd @ 15 Construx (5% of Var per Construx)

Old: Starts @ 50 Construx, +0.5% integration bonus for every Mod / Vehicle Construx up to +10% (70 cap, +20% max bonus)
New: Starts @ 25 Construx, +1.0% integration bonus for every Mod / Vehicle Construx up to +15% (40 cap, +30% max bonus)

Mod Pool
Old: x2 @ 25 Construx, x3 @ 35 Construx, x4 @ 45 Construx
New: x2 @ 10 Construx, x3 @ 20 Construx, x4 @ 30 Construx

Relic & Relic Tax Changes
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 29th of March 2011

A few changes to Relics: Relic pay-outs have been modified to a flat amount which was based on average of pay-outs to all factions. This is now 300 600 Command for Relics on Konu and 150 300 Command for Relics on Esika. For both planets, this is the maximum amount a Relic will pay if it is capture on the first turn. The amount of Command a Relic will pay decreases for every turn they are un-captured (i.e. capturing and holding an Esika Relic halfway before horizon will pay-out 150 Command, 300 * 50% & would pay 300 Command for a Konu Relic, 600 * 50%).

The last change is Konu Relics now have a minimum Command pay-out of 100 . This means Relics captured on Konu will always pay-out at least 100 Command. Also, the Relic Tax cap has been eliminated. Any faction can now set their tax amount from 0% to 100%.

- You can now skip the hangar and proceed directly to the updates page by selecting the No Hangar option in Account Settings
- All players on a planet now gain vision of every unit at horizon

Withering Fire Bonus
by: Frizz on Monday the 21st of March 2011

Multiple units attacking a single target now receive a Withering Fire Bonus. The bonus is 1/5th of a Gunnery Level for every attacker after the 5th and capped at 20 attackers (+3 Gunnery Levels). The bonus is given per attacker, not per attack and the order of attackers is random. Attacks do not have to hit to count for a Withering Fire Bonus. Also, the bonus is added per attack and not given all at once. For example:

- 1st through 5th attacker: No bonus
- 6th attacker: +1/5 of a Gunnery Level
- 10th attacker: +1 Gunnery Level
- 20th attacker: +3 Gunnery Levels
- 21st attacker: +3 Gunnery Levels

- The Commander level-cap for players without TerraDays has been removed
- Expect some lag or even downtime for at least 2 hours on Monday, April 4th; the server company is making equipment updates

Fan Fiction Winner: armoredman
by: Frizz on Friday the 11th of February 2011

The Puma ambulance bounced across the sand dunes, spewing gravel from under reinforced tires, clawing to the top of another crest in the alien desert. The man in the stained and worn surface suit swore as he fought the controls of the machine.
"Iman, easy!" a voice hollered from the back of the vehicle, and he spared a glance in the bent rearview mirror, to a sandy haired youth hanging on to an overhead strap with both hands, apologizing, "Sorry, we’re late. Hang on!"
They crested the dune to see a smoke column rising in the still air from a heap of blasted metal and shattered plastic with the menacing shape of a hulking Shadow Assassin meka looming over the vanquished, the double ended galaxy of PGF emblazoned on its breast armor.

Iman swallowed hard, and called back, "I’m putting on the lights, there’s a SAM out there, and it’s not a friendly one."
"Iman, you are NOT good for my retirement prospects!"
On the top of the old machine a set of red and green lights began flashing, and Iman laid the accelerator to the floor, zigzagging the little truck down the dune face. He spared a look up, and scowled; the enemy machine was still there.. He hit the bottom of the dune, fishtailed, and aimed directly towards the fallen meka. He tapped his helmet mike, and selected the General Frequency, "PGF SAM, this is ER Medical, en route to assist fallen personnel, we’re an unarmed ambulance."
Crackling static washed over him in response.
"Iman, you sure you want to do this? He’ll squash us like a bug, man!"
"If that was us out there, would you want rescue to keep coming?"
"Yeah, but we AIN’T out there!"
"Aw, shaddap."
As he closed to the wreck, details became visible, the distinctive elongated cannon barrel and hunchback shape of a Scout Sniper Meka, the rear stabilizing legs torn off by the blast that killed it. Puddles of fluids stained the sands, and Iman swore hotly when he saw a figure sprawled on the dune a little ways from the smashed cockpit, dark stains under it.

"Got one EVA, go!"
He skidded to a stop next to the body, careful not to spray sand on the body. He slapped the controls to secure the vehicle in park, and threw open the door to the unpressurized cab while Doug manhandled a bubble repulse stretcher from the double doors at the back of the ambulance.
Iman didn’t spare a glance for the looming machine silently watching them, as they sprinted to the figure on the sands.
Iman knelt, and quickly surveyed, "No obvious bone fractures, can’t tell about spinal or neck, going to take a chance on rolling him over," he said in a professional monotone, for his partner and the recorder unit in the Puma.
He reached out and grasped the tattered body armor at on the shoulder, and pulled the victim onto his back. He bit down his gorge at the ruin of the face behind the shattered helmet, and forced himself to triage the body.
"I have no pulse, respiration, body temperature dropping. Victim has severe facial trauma, aw, hades, this guy has no face. Time of death," and he consulted a wrist chrono, " sixteen forty ."
The younger man, his face apprehensive behind his tinted faceplate, tapped Iman’s arm urgently, "Look, the cockpit!"
Iman turned, and saw an arm, ragged with blood and tattered clothing, moving slowly above the shattered window.
They ran across the sands to the smashed cockpit of the machine, smoke and fluttering debris surrounding them.
"Doug, lift me!"
The younger man made a lift with his hands, and boosted him up to the cockpit window. Iman looked in, and saw a figure feebly moving, trying to climb out of the shattered armored glass. Iman flipped his external speaker on.
"Easy, easy, ambulance here, hang on buddy, we’ll get you out!"
He slipped his feet into holes in the destroyed machine, and looked down at his partner, "Grab the stretcher!"
"Got it!"
Iman turned back to see the blood smeared faceplate look into his, and the confused face of a young man, eyes unfocused and blank.
"Give me your hand, buddy, c’mon."
The arm came up slowly, and Iman grasped the bloodied glove carefully, using his great strength and control to gently lift the smaller man clear of the smashed cockpit, to floating stretcher, up at its maximum six meter height.
"Easy, easy," he chanted as he laid the man down, carefully holding on while he maneuvered the form onto the stretcher. When he was satisfied, he thumbed the altitude controls and it sank quickly to a one meter altitude while Iman jumped clear of the wreckage.
Doug leaned over the unresponsive crewman, bubbles of blood popping from tears in his nervesuit and body armor, "Iman, he’s shocking, getting the stretcher connections on."
The young medic slipped fast connects over the warrior, and slapped the purge button. A clear plastic balloon inflated over the stretcher, canisters underneath sighing, purging the poisonous atmosphere of Konu, and replacing it with a high oxygen mix.
The stretchers computer began speaking in its mechanical monotone, "Patient evaluation. Patient breathing, atmospheric poisoning, possible severe internal injuries, possible concussion, transport immediately."
A sound behind him made Iman twirl, to see the giant machine move a leg towards them. Iman stepped away from the stretcher and screamed at the silent thing, "That’s right, this one is alive! Didn’t get enough killing? Need some more? Come on, shoot me too! COME ON!"
The Shadow Assassin meka paused, then stepped back, turned, and moved off slowly. The outlines wavered and blurred out as the PGF machine vanished into cloak.
"Iman, let’s get this one back. C’mon, we gotta go."
The older man stared at where the meka had been standing; one fist still uselessly raised, then let it drop, and muttered, "Yeah, you’re right."
He turned back to the life that still remained.

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