Drop Pad Disabled!
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 19th of May 2020

I haven't had a chance to update the code to check unit CEs against your deployed army's CE for the Drop Pad. To prevent the temptation of abuse, I've disabled this feature.

Auto-Salvage (oops!)
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 19th of May 2020

Due to last week's Code Jam changes to Commander Abilities (Army of One and Supreme General); the maximum Auto-Salvage amount increased from a previous cap of 85% (Preserver Pod - 45%, Survivor Pod - 20%, Supreme General 10%, War Hero - 10%) to 95% (Auto-Salvage on Supreme General moved to Army of One and increased to 20%).

Increasing Auto-Salvage past the value we've had for years was never my intent for this change. While I was focused in on making the Commander specialization more interesting and meaningful I missed how tuned the Auto-Salvage mechanic was. I then compounded this mistake by adding a hasty patch that set the Auto-Salvage cap too low.

I've been thinking a lot about Auto-Salvage, why it was implemented, what it means for the game and how we can improve it for everyone. This is going to be the first topic we discuss at this week's Code Jam and I have some ideas I look forward to hearing your feedback about.

In the mean-time I've set the hard-cap for Auto-Salvage back to 85% so that we stay with our previous mechanics. It was not my intent to break or tweak something that has been a foundation of the game for so long without discussion, in my rush to add to the game this was an oversight on my part.

Army Limits: Busted, CE Limits: New Hotness
by: Frizz on Saturday the 16th of May 2020

Army Limits have been swapped for CE Limits. This was a major point of discussion at today's Code Jam and I want to thank everyone who participated. The community had very good feedback on my initial approach to this change and I believe we found middle ground that should open-up interesting possibilities for army creation.

This change (like the rest of the game) is a work-in progress and I welcome feedback at the next Code Jam. If you want to listen to the Code Jam or provide feedback:

5/19 Code Jam Recording

We have a subreddit (and updates)!
by: RoseThorn on Wednesday the 13th of May 2020

Code Jam this Saturday at 3:00pm EST! Please post any question you have to the reddit thread; I'll reviewing those before taking in-channel questions.

Drop-Shock Discord

Please post any questions you have for the upcoming Code Jam to our new subreddit:

Code Jam Questions for 5/16

I'll be going-over the questions posted to the subreddit before taking any questions through Discord.

RoseThorn also posted the following updates:
- Vehicle mining buffed: Now all deposits are mined in 1 turn
- Dominus Building limit set to 100 buildings
- Sha'khar units can now spawn on Hadeas in addition to Sha'khar bases

To-Do list of wiki pages needed currently:
- Grab pages from old wiki, modernize, add to new wiki
- Core Concepts explanations:
-- PvPvE, Faction vs Faction, salvaging and how things are lost (on planet cycle etc.)
-- Exp explanations, CE cap, crew training, crew restrictions (BP, piloting restrictions, etc.)
-- Modern Planet Guide (This planet has this and is used for that, etc.)
-- Construx/building guide

Daily Command Update
by: Frizz on Monday the 11th of May 2020

Daily Command amounts have changed:
- All players (regardless of status) now receive 250 Command each day
- Players without Paid Days are still capped at 1,000 Command

Blank pages in Chrome Bug
by: Frizz on Monday the 11th of May 2020

Unfortunately, Chrome has a long-standing bug with iFrames:


The enabling of SSL appears to have caused this issue to impact Drop-Shock. It doesn't appear this bug will ever be fixed in Chrome; I've added a work around that isn't optimal but appears to resolve the issue. Firefox is not effected by this bug.

5/9 Outage Report
by: Frizz on Sunday the 10th of May 2020

The turn processor experienced issues on 5/9 when an illegal character was added to the code. A previous version of the turn processor was deployed which resolved the issue. In trouble-shooting the problem, the new turn length system was ruled out as a possible culprit (this code appears solid and new turn lengths were re-implemented).

Changes deployed once issues was resolved:
- Large building mining bonus when processing ore on Konu
- Kilrah transmission find bonus when deploying under 30,000CE
- Ore no-longer blocks spawning of Bandits
- Claymore buffed with +1 all speed
- Rynn turn length set to 30 seconds
- Konu turn length set to 45 seconds
- Rynn buff: Supplies now give +20 Command and can be captured while moving
- Crew Merits in Modify Units are now in a consistent order

A Wild Wiki Appears!
by: RoseThorn on Saturday the 09th of May 2020

Once again a big thank you to all those who participated in this weeks Code Jam! While it started out as a clearing of the air/thoughts behind the updates and a brief big-picture look towards future changes we were able to get some constructive conversations going and put ideas out there. That being said, without further ado, the updates along with a minor to-do list of future updates/features.

Bases now have a 25 building limit
Refineries give x15 ore production to compensate the smaller number of available buildings
Turns are now 45 seconds long with slight padding for loading times
OOB movement now disallowed
Bonus chance when salvaging to receive transmissions if CE is less than 30k (including base)

Future implement plans:
Allow bandits to spawn where existing ore deposits are
Buff bandit base XP, term used is "XP PiƱata"
Transmissions that are dropped because of undeployment drop "beacons" for others to pick up

Several planets have been removed as they are redundant. Current plans are a rework for planets that will give each planet a unique identity. So far planets are as follows:

Dominus: Large Army Fighting Resource Acquisition Planet
Konu: Mid-Size Army Fighting Resource Acquisition Planet
Rynn: Currently Crew Training Planet with fast combat
Zedus: Skirmish Beacon Planet
Hadeas: Shak Base/FP Planet (with FW nodes taken away)
Mortum: Large PvP Node/TB Acquisition Planet

We are still working on the identities for each planet at this time so several may be reworked in the foreseeable future.

#Bite# #Wiki# #Forum #Discord# #Ask Frizz# now all properly work. The wiki is a new version of the wiki. RoseThorn will be sending people who update the wiki incentives as it is filled. Please note that currently the wiki button on the ribbon in communications still connects to the old wiki, not the current one. Simply type #wiki# into the chat to get the link to the current wiki

Code Jam Saturday!
by: Frizz on Friday the 08th of May 2020

Join us for the Code Jam on Discord this Saturday at 1pm EST. We'll be discussing future changes to the game and the impact of recent updates.

Discord Invite

Drop-Shock now supports 30 second turns! Rynn and Konu have been switched to 30 second turns. This time is fully configurable, planets can now have any turn length. This also fixes a long-standing server crash that was tied to the old method of running server turns.

Message from the Kilrah
by: Frizz on Thursday the 07th of May 2020

*** Incoming Transmission ***
Attention warriors!

Your help has been a great service to our cause! Even now we gain strength and prepare for our next strike against the oppressors. Your tireless efforts have allowed us to solve a great mystery. We have determined a process for handling a substance you call "Unknown".

This substance requires great time and pressure to reveal its treasures but we assure you it will be worth the wait. Good hunting!
*** End Transmission ***

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