Faction Levels!
by: Frizz on Saturday the 11th of November 2006

Faction Levels are Live! Faction leaders can now spend Faction Points to customize their outfits in the following areas - Combat, Construction, and Research. Each area provides 12 possible levels, which each level providing a variety of combat, defense, and construction advantages, as-well-as unique vehicles, mods and buildings that can only be obtained through faction levels. The constux for these items are automatically placed in a shared slot, making them buildable by all members of the faction. Construx obtained through Faction Levels cannot be given or traded.

The following changes have also been added:
+ Sha'Kahr and Faction-only vehicles, mods, and units now appear in the Library. Sha'Kahr and Faction items have been given icons so they can be properly identified.
+ Shared slots are now permanent and their cost has been increased.
+ All previously spent Faction Points have been refunded.
+ Newly created factions no longer receive a free Shared Construx Slot. Existing Shared Construx Slots have been removed.
+ Union Member ability changed to provide damage bonus to all building weapons
+ All Mods that affect Missile and Ballistic ammo changed to add a percentage of ammo instead of a constant amount
+ Hyper-bat Recharger now provides +4 Shield Regen
+ Calypso stats now +1 Range, +4 Damage, +1 Recharge
+ Shield Recharger Power Use decreased to 8
+ Sha'Kahr Defense Matrix Power Use decreased to 30
+ To-hit bonuses & penalties now quantified for mods, buildings, and units (see descriptions for more information)
+ (This is not a change, simply stated to clarify how crew survival works) Base crew survivability is 50%, 75% with Survivalist ability. This is decreased by 1% for every point of damage taken past 0 when the vehicle is destroyed. Mods & units that affect this now show what percentage they improve this score by.

Customized Hotkeys!
by: Frizz on Thursday the 02nd of November 2006

You can now set your hotkeys for the Attack, Target, Set Waypoint, All Attack, Info, and Command orders you issue to your vehicles, mekas and buildings. To do this, click on the Account Settings link. Each order will need to be set to a unique key.

Faction Levels - Construct Construx
by: Frizz on Saturday the 28th of October 2006

Last of the Faction Levels, this update covers the buildings for the Construct levels (from Simple on the left to Advanced on the right). Find out more about Faction Levels here). Below are the unique construx for the Construct levels. Enjoy!




Also: Lone-Eyes now provide an increased chance of crew survival, not a guaranteed chance.

Faction Levels - Combat Construx
by: Frizz on Friday the 27th of October 2006

Another Faction Level update, this covers the vehicles for the Combat levels (from Simple on the left to Advanced on the right). Find out more about Faction Levels here). Below are the unique construx for the Combat levels. Enjoy!




Faction Levels - Research Construx
by: Frizz on Monday the 23rd of October 2006

Coding and art for Faction Levels is progressing (if you missed it, read about the proposed Faction Levels here). Below are the unique construx for the Research levels. Enjoy!

Energy Sword
Adds close range energy attack. (Level 4)
Double Barrel Energy Turret
Fires two energy attacks. (Level 8)
Escape Pod
Improved chance of crew survival. (Level 12)

Referred Players
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 03rd of October 2006

You will now see a list of players you have referred to TinyWarz (from your refer link) in Account Settings. You can also create your referral link from the Account Settings page.

Planet Changes
by: Frizz on Saturday the 23rd of September 2006

The following planet changes have been made:
* Planet are now "recycled" ... when they reach horizon, they are now brought back (instantly) and are ready to be deployed on again. This was done for several reasons: (1) No gaps where one planet reaches horizon and the next planet is not ready. (2) Halved the number of planets in-play, which reduces server load. (3) Allowed for the creation of an additional Training Planet.
* There are now 4 capturable Relics on the Relic Planet.
* The number of turns the Relic planet orbits for has been increased from 90 to 100.

Note: You may need to clear your cache to properly see the planets again on the Deploy screen.

Faction Ranks
by: Frizz on Saturday the 16th of September 2006

Here is a preview of the proposed Faction Ranks system. This system will allow factions to spend their hard-earned Faction Points on Rank Points which they can use to level-up their factions in one of three areas - Research, Combat, and Construction. Please add any comments or feedback to the forum post.

Even Easier Construction!
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 13th of September 2006

On the Construction screen, you can now click on a required Mod in the Requirements Panel to build that Mod (provided you have the necessary Ore, Command, and any Required Mods). With the addition of construction slots, it should be much easier to construct Mods and Vehicles that have several required Mods. (You may need to clear your cache to enable this functionality.)

Mass Production
by: Frizz on Thursday the 31st of August 2006

The Construction Panel has been completely re-worked. You can now build multiple Vehicles, Mods, and Buildings at the same time. All players can now build two items simultaneously ... however, abilities can also be purchased to allow you to build up-to six items at the same time - the Highly Efficient and Efficiency Expert abilities will each increase the number of build slots you have by two. Also, when a vehicle is completed, you will now see a message stating how many Mod Slots that vehicle has. Note: You may need to clear your browser's cache in-order for the update to function properly.

Second, the Rockhound Merit and Bit-chipper Mod lost their salvage abilities with the Battle Tactics update. The salvage ability for these two items has been restored. Keep in-mind: these items provide the lowest chance of salvaging a vehicle or mod ... using a Salvage Vehicle or Salvage Mods greatly increases your chance of recovery.

Lastly, several players have created "throw-away" factions that they simply lure other players into then leave. Because of this, the cost of creating a faction has been increased to 50 TinyBucks.

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