Code Tweaks
by: Frizz on Friday the 03rd of August 2007

The code for giving units, mods, buildings and crews from your personal storage and a faction's storage has been completely re-worked. Giving items should now happen much faster and use fewer server resources while it is processing.

PvP Training Planet Changes III
by: Frizz on Sunday the 29th of July 2007

One last tweak to the PvP planet that should give the best of both worlds. Holding the Beacon on the PvP Training planet now gives 1 Faction Point to the controlling player's faction (as it did previously) however factions will now see what player is responsible for gaining those faction points. This allows factions which reward players for earning faction points with the ability to know who earned what points on the PvP Training planet.

Also: Beacons which are moved out of bounds are now dropped at that location and will have to be re-captured.

Lastly: If your commander's unit is destroyed while you are deployed to a planet, you will only have to wait six minutes if you are attempting to deploy to a base, "blind deploys" do not have to wait.

by: Frizz on Thursday the 26th of July 2007

You no longer need to have a crew in a vehicle in-order to save Mods assigned to it. This should make creating vehicle load-outs must simplier; you can now assign the mods you want to a vehicle, then add and remove crews as you like.

If your Commander is in a unit that destroyed while you are deployed to a planet, you must now wait six minutes before you can re-deploy to any planet. If you Evac, Request a Dropship or reach the Horizon, you will avoid this penality. Note: This penality does not apply to Commanders who are destroyed on the Dueling planet.

Lastly, the Request Dropship Command now only costs 1 Command Point to issue (was 5) and it now removes your units after 5 turns (was 6). However, your Commander will now be un-able to move while waiting five turns for the dropship to remove your forces from the planet.

PvP Training Planet Changes II
by: Frizz on Thursday the 26th of July 2007

The PvP Training planet now only pays out faction points when the planet reaches horizon. There is only one pay-out per orbit and the Beacon begins accumulating faction points when it is first captured, if a Beacon is later captured by another faction the already built-up faction points do not reset. The message whichs tells a faction how many faction points were received from a Beacon now also says what player captured the Beacon for that faction.

PvP Training Planet Changes
by: Frizz on Thursday the 19th of July 2007

Several tweaks have been made to the PvP Training planet (Aldus). The CE caps for this planet have been reworked, higher level players can now deploy a few more units to help them compete with other players. However, low level players are still able to deploy atleast twice as many units as high level ones. Here are the new limits:

Up to Level 10: 4,000 CE Limit
Up to Level 20: 3,500 CE Limit
Up to Level 30: 3,000 CE Limit
Up to Level 40: 2,500 CE Limit
Up to Level 50: 2,000 CE Limit
Above Level 50: 1,500 CE Limit

Also, the Beacon on Aldus now pays 1 Faction Point every turn (increased from 1 Faction point every-other turn). Bandits and unique bandits will now be found more often on this planet.

Lastly, the unit information panel will now display a faction's name if you leave your mouse over the faction's flag.

Note: Factions can now control what player ranks can see other faction members' levels. This is controlled through the "Levels" right in the Ranks panel.

Community Feedback Changes
by: Frizz on Thursday the 19th of July 2007

Players who are able to leave Community Feedback can now also use this feature to issue a Community Mute to disruptive players. To issue a Communtiy Mute to another player, 3 players must leave negative feedback which contains the word "spam" somewhere in the description within 1 hour of each other, if this happens that player will be muted for 1 day.

Also, if a player has a feedback marker it will now appear on the Black Market, for Construx Trades, and in the Unit Info panel while deployed.

Community Feedback
by: Frizz on Saturday the 14th of July 2007

Because of growth of the TinyWarz community, new features are being added to make it easier for players to identify helpful (and harmful) players. Community Feedback is a feature players who have at least one year with TinyWarz can use.

All players now have a Profile which can be accessed by clicking on their name in Chat or on the player list. Opening a player profile shows all feedback for that player and allows players who can leave feedback to leave a message about that player on their profile.

Players who have at least 5 positive feedback posts will receive a marker next to their name indicating that they are a positive influence on the TinyWarz community, likewise, players who have at least 5 negative feedback posts will be marked as-well. These scores can be used to assess trades with a player, whether a player helps or attacks others, a player's behavior on Chat, etc.

Players who can leave feedback can only create one new feedback post every 24 hours. Once feedback is posted it cannot be withdrawn. Community Feedback is for game related issues only, players who do not use Community Feedback for this purpose will find their ability to leave feedback revoked.

X-Variant Update
by: Frizz on Thursday the 12th of July 2007

Experimental variants (X-variants) have been re-visted and tweaked. Several variants have been changed and many are now easier to obtain. Each vehicle that can have an X-variant now lists a percent chance, this is the chance that an X-variant will be one of the possible variants for unit when it is built (i.e. a 50% chance means there is a 50% chance that the unit will have an X-variant in its possible list of variants when it is constructed). The previous chance of having an X-variant was 10% for all applicable vehicles.

Keep in-mind, you need atleast 10 Construx of one vehicle type in-order to have a shot any a variant.

Market Tweaks
by: Frizz on Saturday the 07th of July 2007

A few tweaks to the Black Market - there is now a minimum price of 1 Credit per Ore, Command or TinyBuck. This applies to Buy Orders and sales posted to the Black Market.

Also, any sale posted at a price below the highest priced Buy Order will now use the Buy Order's price instead of the posted sale price. i.e. If you post 1,000 Ore for 1 Credit, you will sell that Ore to the highest price Buy Order at the Buy Order's price (before you should that amount for 1 Credit). This will make it easier to get the best price for large amounts of Ore, Command, or TinyBucks without posting multiple sales; simply post your items for Market Price (see below) and your sale will work its way through all the Buy Orders.

Also, you will now see if you are asking for Market Price or a higher price on any items you post to the Black Market.

Lastly, you will now see the range you attack and are attacked at in your Combat Log as the last number in red.

Mining Update
by: Frizz on Thursday the 21st of June 2007

A review of how mining functions in TinyWarz has been completed and several changes have been made. First off, it's become apparent that vehicular mining vs. building mining is not quite working as intended. This is because most people who use buildings to mine (quite smartly) are ending their turns early, this effectively halves their drop cost and makes it very difficult for vehicular mining to compete. To fix this, your base's drop cost will no longer be considered when you end your turn early, this means you will only be able to get half your drop cost back for your deployed units, not your base. Your mining base will still provide the same amount of ore as it did before this update, it will just cost you more command.

To bring vehicular mining up to the same efficiency (ie. amount of ore that can be mined per command point) as building mining had, several changes have been added. Ore deposits on Faction War and PvP Training planets now have an average yield of 600 ore. Advanced Mining now gives a yield bonus and a new mining command (Mega Mining) has been added that doubles the yield in an ore deposit while also giving a 20% efficiency bonus. The reasoning and numbers for the mining change are detailed on the Mining Explained wiki page. This update better fits the design of TinyWarz; vehicular mining (active mining) is intended to provide more ore than building mining (passive mining), plus the new changes make vehicular mining even more efficient (in ore per command) than building mining was before this update (see above link for details).

Lastly, several Commands and Abilities have been changed, as a result, everyone who used their Respec has been given a new one. Below is the complete list of changes:

- Base Efficiency for Vehicular Mining has been decreased to 50% (was 55%)
- Increased average yield of ore deposits on Faction War and PvP Training planets to 600 (was 500)
- Increased chance of Mega Ore deposits by 3x to 10% (same chance for all planets that allow PvP)
- Decreased range of ore in Mega Deposit from 500-2,500 to 1,000-2,000
- New Command: Mega Mining gives +20% Eff. doubles yield from a deposit, Costs 5 Command to issue
- Mining Expert Ability now only gives a discount for Mining Commands, Level Point cost decreased 4
- New Ability: Salvage Expert, costs 4 Level Points, gives 1 Command discount for Salvage commands and increases ore given from Recycle Commands, Requires Scavanger
- Born Geologist and Mining Expert Abilities now require Mineralogist as a prereq.
- Scavanger ability cost decreased to 4 Level Points
- Hermes now gives +10% Eff.
- Calico now gives +15% Eff.
- Command refunded from Ending Turn early now no-longer includes command spent on base
- Note: On Faction War planets, new ore is randomly added back to the planet as it is mined
- NEW: Your base's CE is now removed from the experience calculation when you destroy a unit (but not when you have a unit or building destroyed), this feature will be tested so that people can deploy bases and hunt bandits at the same time.

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