• Simultaneous turn-based strategy game
  • Small scale to huge (1,000+) army battles
  • Player vs. Player and Player vs. Environment (PvPvE)
  • Faction vs. Faction
  • Over ten years of content
  • Player-driven game updates

Nearly Limitless Customization
  • Over one hundred vehicles and nearly two hundred modifications
  • Create your army with countless vehicle / modification / crew combinations
  • Base building with over fifty buildings
  • Your Commander joins the fight with skills and abilities

Meaningful Combat
  • Fight in a persistent world with vehicles you've built and crews you've trained
  • Win engagements, take your opponent's losses
  • Build and expand your army with every battle
  • Compete against real people in open, meaningful PvP combat
  • Fight planet-wide battles with hundreds of vehicles, buildings and aliens

Strategy & Tactics
  • Modify your army to fit your strategy
  • Gain new tactics with hired crews and your Commander's abilities
  • Change tactics mid-fight with special abilities and Commander-issued orders

Player-run Economy
  • In-game items are player-built and player-sold
  • Trade with other players via in-game markets

Multiple Social Aspects
  • Make friends and enemies through in-game chat & messaging
  • Leave comments and taunt your foes through profiles with player-feedback
  • Learn and share on the Wiki and Forums

Different Ways to Play
  • Fight with faction-mates on a variety of different planets, each with differing objectives
  • Go mercenary and work for the highest bidder
  • Be a lone-wolf and play by your own rules

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