When Aliens Attack!
by: Frizz on Friday the 20th of June 2008

The Sha'Kahr are no longer waiting around for their bases to be destroyed; they've decided to send a scouting party to Aldus to see if they can take the fight to the "invaders" ... Sha'Kahr Drones are well trained and deadly, use extreme caution if you choose to engage them in combat (although, you may not have a choice).

If you are using the Image Pack, you can download the new art you need for this update here. You can download the full Image Pack from Account Settings.

Combat Efficiency limits for Aldus have been raised by 500CE for each bracket so slightly larger forces can be deployed. Lastly, Sha'Kahr buildings are now slightly harder to salvage.

Also, due to the greater risk to players who deploy to Aldus, the faction point payout for the Aldus beacon has been increased by 50%.

Lastly, for players who use Aldus to level-up crews: newly spawned Sha'Kahr units will not chase opponents for the first two turns. This should give players who do not want to fight them time to get away (just make sure you run far and fast). Sha'Kahr which are not newly spawned will chase you on-sight.

Code Optimizations
by: Frizz on Saturday the 07th of June 2008

The code for Unit/Faction Storage and the Modify Units panel has been completely re-vamped. These panels should now load much faster, especially if you have a large number of vehicles, crews, mods, and/or buildings. However, the Modify Units panel may still be a little slow if you have a large number of crews. Please report any issues to the Bugs area of the forum.

Also, you can now make purchases for other players. To make a purchase for another player, you will need to click "Make a Purchase for Another Player" on the payment page then provide the email address for their TinyWarz account.

New Ways to Trade
by: Frizz on Saturday the 31st of May 2008

The trading system has been completely re-vamped and re-coded. For starters, it is now possible to make a trade for Command using the TinyWarz trade system. This means that trades between TinyBucks and Command are now possible.

Second, the way trades work has been changed. You now post items you would like to trade, along with a description of what you are looking to trade for, and how long you would like the trade to run. Other players can then post offers to your trade and you (as the trade's owner) can then accept the best offer.

Trades are sorted by how much time they have left, so the trade with the least amount of time left will be closest to the top. It still costs 1 Command to post a trade and it costs 1 Command to post an offer to a trade. If you post an offer to a trade for something you don't have, your offer will be deleted when the trade owner attempts to accept it. If you post a trade for something you don't have, your trade will be deleted when you attempt to accept an offer.

Lastly, you can have a total of 8 trades and offers pending at any one time. Once the time runs out on a trade you own it is considered expired. You can still accept an offers which are pending on an expired trade, but no new offers can be made.

Faction Planet Update
by: Frizz on Monday the 21st of April 2008

You can no longer re-deploy a base to the Faction planet if your faction has earned over 50 faction points there during the current orbit. This limit did not exist previously because Beacons on the Faction Planet were the only way to earn faction points. Because there are now three different planets, each offering different ways to earn faction points, deployments to the Faction Planet will now be more difficult to promote use of the other planets and encourage factions to better protect their bases when they do deploy to the Faction Planet to gather Beacons.

Note: This only applies to factions that have earned over 20,000 faction points.

TinyWarz Hits the Airwaves!
by: Frizz on Saturday the 12th of April 2008

TinyWarz has been featured on the Power of Information radio broadcast! A podcast of the show is available (TinyWarz is featured at the end of the show) or you can tune in this weekend to listen to the actual broadcast.

Mass Move Order
by: Frizz on Friday the 11th of April 2008

A new order has been added to help players who deploy very large armies. You can now issue a Waypoint order to all of the units that are in the same square (aka stack). To do this, open a stack, then (using your Waypoint hotkey), press the key which orders a waypoint. After you click to set the waypoint, you will issue a Mass Move command which will assign a waypoint to each unit in that stack.

Currently you can only issue Mass Move commands with hotkeys. Keep in-mind that moving large groups of units together will provide your enemies with a bonus when they attack you. So, while it may now be easier to move massed units, you will now be easier to attack when moving in this manner.

Market Tweak
by: Frizz on Friday the 28th of March 2008

You can now sell Mods, Crews, Buildings and Vehicles on the Black Market for Credits or TinyBucks. To offer any of these items for TinyBucks, simply choose this from the drop-down when you price the item for the Black Market. This should make it easier for players who sell rare or high-priced items.

Also, you will now see a description of what effect a variant has on a unit if you place your mouse over the variants a unit has. Crew merits are now also easier to see. Lastly, the Packrat merit now provides +100% Ammo (was +50%).

Faction Level Tweaks
by: Frizz on Thursday the 13th of March 2008

The end-level items for Combat and Research faction levels have been tweaks to make them more usable. The Escape Pod has now gives a unit the chance to Auto-Salvage, this means a unit & its mods have a chance of being automatically recovered when the unit is destroyed. The following units where also tweaked:

Palestar Armor increased to 35 (was 30). Necromancer Shields increased to 65 (was 50), Shield Regen increased to 6 (was 4), Armor increased to 25 (was 20). The Dreadnaught has been modified as follows:
- Max Speed increased to 3 (was 2)
- Damage for all weapons increased
- Shields, Armor and Shield Regen increased
- CE increased
- Build cost increased
- Unit made Faction Unique: A faction can only deploy one per planet
- Made activate-able: Battle Link faction units in same sector do +3 damage this turn & Rally Point faction units in same sector increase Max Speed by 3 for 3 turns

Lastly, if you are receiving a to-hit bonus for a faction level, you will now see this bonus reflected in your attack panel when you target enemies.

Game Tweaks
by: Frizz on Monday the 03rd of March 2008

You can now see what Commands have been issued to each of your vehicles on the main stats panel while you are deployed. Commands which were not issued by you will only appear the turn after they are issued.

Also, you can now issue Commands to units while deployed to the Practice Planet for free. A Command Cost will still display in your panel, but there is no cost when you actually issue a Command. All Evac Commands are also free to issue - you can now deploy and leave this planet for 0 Command.

Damage Indicators
by: Frizz on Monday the 25th of February 2008

Damage Indicators have been re-introduced. If you are not using the Icon Zoom level - units will now show how much damage they received last turn in their shield and armor status icons. These will now flash with the amount of damage that vehicle received last turn (if they received any). If you are using the Icon Zoom level - an explosion icon will appear over a unit at the start of the turn to indicate that the vehicle has been damaged. Damage indicators appear by default, but can be turned off from the Account Settings panel.

If you are using the Image Pack, you will need to download this Image Pack update. If you are not currently using the Image Pack, you can install it from the Account Settings panel.

Also updated:
- A player's faction will now appear in their profile.
- You can now see the date your TinyWarz account was created when you view your own profile (no one else can view this information).
- The range of the Kitfox's main guns has been increased to 4.
- The Union Member ability now provides a damage bonus to building-based weapons.
- The Buckler Light Shield Generator now provides +10 Shields.
- The Bandit Shield Generator now provides +8 Shields.
- Plasteel Armor now provides +15 Armor.
- Bandit Armor now provides +10 Armor.
- The Death Lance's recharge has been decreased to 3.
- To prevent crew hoarding: You can not longer give crews that are under level 2 (crews under level 2 in a faction's storage can still be given).
- The Juggernaught's armor was increased to 50 (was 40), its ballistic weapon's range was increases to 7 (was 5).

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