Updates ...
by: Frizz on Friday the 01st of December 2006

Some Bandit vehicle are now being outfitted with special modifications, keep an eye-out for these!

Interface changes:
You can now order one of your units to attack an enemy unit by issuing an "Attack" order to your unit and then simply clicking on an enemy vehicle.

Balance Tweaks:
- Buckler Light Shield Generator now provides +8 Shields.
- Plasteel Armor now provides +12 Armor.
- The RoadRunner Turbine now divides the unit's Controlled Speed by 2.5 and then adds that to the unit's Max Speed. Then the unit's Controlled Speed is set to 0.
- Offensive Commands now have a Range. This is the maximum number of squares the enemy unit can be from the Commander's unit. The Command panel now shows how far your target is from your commander. Non-offensive commands do not have a range. Ranges are:
 + EMP Burst - 25 squares
 + EMP Surge - 20 squares
 + Static - 20 squares
 + Detect Weakness - 20 squares
 + Find Flaw - 20 squares
 + Expose Soft-spot - 15 squares
 + Paint Target - 25 squares
 + False Orders - 20 squares
 + Jam Communications - 20 squares
 + Critical Flaw - 25 squares
 + Power Down - 15 squares
 + Shield Failure - 20 squares
 + Mass Confusion - 15 squares

Commander Changes:
You can now purchase up to three merits for your Commander, if you have maxed out piloting and gunnery. The first merits costs 3 Level Points, the next 6, the last 9. The Marksmanship and War Hero Merits cannot be purchased. Everyone has been given a free respec to take advantage of these changes.

There are also two new Commander abilities:
+ Iron Hide - Improves Commander's Armor by +25%
+ Shield Master - Improves Commander's Shields by +25%

Modify Units and Base Designer Tweaks
by: Frizz on Thursday the 30th of November 2006

The Modify Units page has been updated to be easier to use. Multiple units are now grouped together and the code has been updated to load faster. The Base Designer page has also been updated - you can now save up-to five different base designs. A Multi-place mode has also been added, allowing you to select a building and place it multiple times on the grid. Once the Base Design page is tested, it will also be used in the Faction section.

In my Defense ...
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 29th of November 2006

A balance pass has been made looking-at how defense is handled in TinyWarz. The intent of this update is to increase the amount of damage high complexity units can take and to give players more (and better) options when improving the defense of their vehicles. This update should increase the length of battles between high complexity units and also give higher complexity units better survivability against low-complexity, high-damage units. All mods that affect defense have been considered and many have been changed (some vehicles and commands have also been tweaked). Lastly, two new Merits and three new Commands have been added that provide defense bonuses ... all players who used their re-spec to choose new Commands and Abilties have been given another for free (Note: Free re-specs will not always be given when Commands & Abilities are modified or added).

Buckler Light Shield Generator - Increases Shields 25%
Kite Medium Shield Generator - Increases Shields 50%
Hightower Shield Generator - Increases Shields 100%
Backflash Recharger - Increases Shields 50%
Hyper-bat Recharger - Shield Regen Increased
Masscap Recharger - Shield Regen Increased
PlaSteel Armor - Increases Armor 25%
Steelcore Armor - Increases Armor 50%
Pro-Max Armor - Increases Armor 100%
Patchwork Armor - Increases Armor 50%
Shield Boost Acti - Activated bonus improved
Shield Rush Acti - Activated bonus improved
Shield Restore Acti - Now restores all Shields when activated
Basic Repair Nanites Acti - Activated bonus improved
Repair Nanites Acti - Activated bonus improved
Advanced Repair Nanites Acti - Now restores all Armor when activated
Improved Hydraulics Acti - Activated bonus improved
Powered Hydraulics Acti - Activated bonus improved
Natural Armor Acti - Activated bonus improved
Overload Capacitor - Damage Reduced
Shield Shunt - Max Speed bonus increased, Shield penalty decreased
Volley Adaptor is now the Rapidfeed Adaptor (modifies Ballistic weapons instead of Missile weapons)
Armor Piercing Missiles - Damage decreased, CE Modifier decreased
Explosive Missiles - Damage decreased
Zeus Missile System - Max speed penalty removed, Controlled Speed -5, Damage increased to 14
Neptune Seige Cannon - Max speed penalty removed, Controlled Speed -5, Damage increased to 18
Thunder Clap Recharger - Shield Recharge increased
Distant Thunder Recharger - Shield Recharge increased
Triad Missile Launcher - Range decreased

Two New Merits, plus Changes:
(New) Engineer - Crew's unit receives +25% Shields
(New) Armorer - Crew's unit receives +25% Armor
Packrat - Now gives +50% ammo
Beserker - Crew does +1 Missile, +2 Ballistic, +4 Energy Damage

Three New Commands, plus Changes:
(New) Wild Maneuver - Target unit is much harder to hit this turn (3 Gunnery Levels) and receives a penality to-hit (2 Gunnery Levels). (Requires Evasive Action)
(New) Energy Shell - Target unit takes 2 less damage per attack for the next 3 turns. (Requires Power Burst)
(New) Energy Barrier - Target unit takes 5 less damage per attack this turn. (Requires Energy Shell)
Evasive Action - Bonus increased, unit is now always harder to hit (not just when not moving), cool-down increased.
Mass Confusion - Unit now loses 2 Movement for 3 turns, cool-down increased.
Detect Weakness - Inflicts 1 additional damage per attack this turn.
Find Flaw - Shots that hit the target's armor inflict 2 additional damage per attack for 2 turn.
Expose Soft-spot - Inflict 1 additional damage per attack for 3 turns.

Vehicle Changes:
Brightlance - 1 Controlled Speed
Super Nova - 0 Controlled Speed
Sentry - Damage increased to 7 per weapon
Takagi - Ammo increased to 6 per weapon
Prowler Ammo increased to 4
Whirlwind CE increased to 390
Firestorm CE decreased to 440

Other Tweaks:
You can no longer issue a Mine, Salvage, or Recycle Command to a unit that moved the previous turn.

MiniMap Updated
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 28th of November 2006

Some minor bugs in the MiniMap have been squashed. Also, the Minimap has been zoomed out, allowing you to see twice as much as you could before. Lastly, the MiniMap and chat will no-longer "flicker" when you scroll your view in Firefox.

by: Frizz on Monday the 27th of November 2006

A MiniMap can now be accessed while you are deployed to a planet. You can also click on the MiniMap to jump your view to that location. The map can be viewed each turn by clicking the MiniMap icon in the status panel or you can have the MiniMap automatically appear each turn by choosing that option in your Account Settings. Note: The map is still a little quirky, please report any bugs to the Bugs section of the forum.

Sunday Tweaks
by: Frizz on Sunday the 26th of November 2006

You can now view price histories for Ore, Command and TinyBucks for sale on the Black Market. This should give you a better idea about what prices have been paid for these items in the past.

The following tweaks have also gone live:
- The to-hit penality for Energy weapons shooting at targets that are beyond their optimal range (which is the listed range, up to two times the listed range) has been decreased from 3 Gunnery Levels to 1 Gunnery Level.
- The Crusader Longgun range has been increased to 5, ammo increased to 7.
- Death Whisper Artillery's range was increased to 9, To-hit penality and bonus has been decreased to 1 Gunnery Level.
- The Union Member ability again provides a short-ranged ballistic attack.
- Ammo Drop now has a 3 turn Cool-down.
- Resupply Drop now has a 5 turn Cool-down.

Show Me the PvP!
by: Frizz on Friday the 24th of November 2006

You can now choose to only show Player vs. Player kills on the Recent Kills list. To do this, load the Account Settings Panel and check the "Only Show PvP in Recent Kills List" option. Using this option elimates Bandit kills from the Recent Kills list and only displays kills that are PvP. You can also enable this setting on the TinyWarz Killboard Gadget.

Also, a suggestion to balance Missile vs. Ballistic vs. Energy weapons is posted here ... please take a look and post any feedback you may have.

Faction Storage and Updates
by: Frizz on Thursday the 23rd of November 2006

A few faction tweaks - Faction Storage now has the same functionality as the new Headquarters -> Units page. The Request Units admin power for factions has been replaced with the Storage admin power, the Storage admin power allows users to directly give units, mods, vehicles, and crews to other players (a message is sent to the faction logging the transaction).

Also - faction invites now contain information about a faction's levels and any shared construx the faction has, this gives players who are considering joining a new faction more information.

Show Me the Units!
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 21st of November 2006

The Headquarters -> Units page has been completely reworked and optimized. This page should now load a bit faster and the tweaks should also make it easier for players with lots of vehicles, crews, buildings & mods to sort through their stuff. If no major issues are found with this page it will be used to handle faction storage as-well. The Headquarters -> Activate Units page has also been optimized for players who have a lot of vehicles.

TinyWarz Google Gadget
by: Frizz on Wednesday the 15th of November 2006

You can now view the latest combat-vehicle kills from your Google homepage. Simply add the TinyWarz Google Gadget (link below) and can keep an eye on the most recent victories and defeats from anywhere. The TinyWarz Google Gadget updates automatically, so you'll always know who's on-top.

Add to Google

The code changes needed for the TinyWarz Google Gadget have also been incorporated into the kill list on the TinyWarz main-page. The kill list on the TinyWarz main-page will now automatically update with the latest vehicle destructions.

Lastly ... each player is now limited to a maximum of 12 Public Construx trades. Also, Public Trades older than 21 days, which have not been accepted, will be automatically deleted.

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