Message from the Rebel Combine and United Federation
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 05th of May 2020

*** Incoming Transmission ***
Attention citizens!

We are proud to declare another victory in this fight against the terrorist forces of the Kilrah. Their unsanctioned research was too dangerous to fall into unregulated hands.

A frightening development has occurred which sours this sweet moment. Although the Kilrah base has fallen, they were able to detonate an unknown weapon which incapacitated our forces on the planet. As we speak, witless local factions pick-through the remains from both sides. We urge all people who love freedom to keep a watchful eye for remnants of the Kilrah base and their artifacts (which may have been carried off as insidious prizes).

Our scans show the remaining Kilrah have escaped on a Short-range Dropship and we have focused our search in areas most likely to be targeted by hit-and-run attacks; we believe they will seek outside assistance to continue their fight against justice.

Remain vigilant!

*** End Transmission ***

Message from the Kilrah
by: Frizz on Tuesday the 05th of May 2020

*** Incoming Transmission ***
Attention warriors!

We require your assistance! We are under attack by the combined forces of the United Federation and Rebel Combine. The wish to undermine our research and steal it for themselves.

We seek honorable warriors who are will to fight these oppressors. Be vigilant, other have already made off with our technology. We fear they may use it without fully understanding the consequences.
*** End Transmission ***

Ore Processor Fix & Chat Improvement
by: Frizz on Sunday the 03rd of May 2020

I've fixed an issue in the Ore Processor code. To maximize ore output: deploy three Ore Processors and have each working on a piece of ore.

Chat images now support PNGs and sizes up to 60x60 (still scaled down to 15x15). The : and # operators have been switched:

: is for images.
# is for links.

Also, FaceBook logins should be working again!

First Code Jam Changes & Tabled Discussions
by: RoseThorn on Saturday the 02nd of May 2020

First off I would like to thank everyone who participated in the code jam. Overall it was a major success and we were able to not only get changes that the community has been requesting but also constructive discussion on how certain things work.

Ore Processor Overhaul:
Ore Processors have been changed completely.
- Having all 3 processors running at the same time will earn a processing bonus for refineries, giving out bonus ore
- Sliding scale of bonus ore output from 1x - 3.5x multiplier based on current processing bonus
- Processors now eat through ore deposits 150% faster. Formerly, processors went through ore deposits at a rate of DepositSize / 8, they now eat through at rate of DepositSize / 30
(bugged): Intention was to have regular deposits average 30 turns for processing, currently only processing for 12-20 turns

Ore Deposit Amounts Changed:
Change is for PvP planets only
- Normal Ore Deposit base value is now 600 - ####
- Large Ore Deposit base value is now #### - 2400
- Ore deposit graphics updated.
- Yellow deposits range from 600 - 800 ore
- Red deposits range from 801 - 1500 ore
- Green deposits range from 1501 - 2000 ore
- Purple (mega) deposits range from 2001+ Ore

Other Changes:
- Construction Time decreased from 9/15 seconds to 1/2 seconds (With/Without Egghead)
- Salvage of bandit units on PvP planets no longer have the newbie tag and can be scrapped in headquarters at normal scrap rates
- Energy Damage at Range Nerf
-- Formerly energy did 150% damage at point-blank range, decreasing by 5%/square
-- Current energy does 150% damage at point-blank range, decreasing by 10%/Square
- Missiles now deal 120% damage at max range or max range - 1 (After doubling of range)
- Katana bonus damage nerfed, now only gives +50% damage

Here's a list of who all participated in this Code Jam:

Thank you everyone for your participation!

On table for next Code Jam (Lets discuss before next week):
X-Var added to PU Var Change Selected
Buildings giving xp
Individual mod/unit buffs (Make a list before hand)
Zedus/Konu first capper minor bonus in addition to regular payouts/mod payout
More to come

Code Jam Saturday
by: Frizz on Thursday the 30th of April 2020

This Saturday (5/2) will be the first Drop Shock Code Jam. The intent will be to host this on Discord; I'll aim to be online from 1-2pm EST to chat, debate changes to the game, and update code.

See you Saturday!

More Resources, More Bandits, More Everything!
by: RoseThorn on Thursday the 23rd of April 2020

Few updates were made this morning by Frizz.

- Tweak to swarm code, now has an additional trigger. No current details as to what that trigger is.
- Increase chance of bandit spawns on Rynn by 75% (175% previous rate)
- Non-training planet Relic payout has been boosted by 25%
- Mortum payout increased. New payouts are 16, 24, 30, 32.

Shoutouts to ImLarkable for the Rynn bandit increase suggestion and Slayer666 for the relic and Mortum payout increase requests.

Error change:

- Vehicular mining speed has been increased. The code change was intended to increase the amount of ore mined from each deposit but upon looking at the actual code change it is only speed of getting ore out of a deposit that was affected. Potentially going to change this to increase the amount of ore received in a future update. (Shout out to ImLarkable for pushing for this but the wrong line of code was changed)

Construction Buff
by: Frizz on Thursday the 16th of April 2020

Constructed units will now be of higher quality with more Mod slots and Variants. Now *any* amount of Construx has a chance of creating a unit with Variants but more Construx gives a higher chance. Maxed-out construction should now occur at around 20 Construx with full Oversight.

Community Connection
by: RoseThorn on Tuesday the 14th of April 2020

Another quick update for you all. Below you'll find a permanent link to the TinyWarz / Drop-Shock Discord channel. I know I appreciate hearing from people after an absence, and while some of us have contact information outside the game for each other that isn't the case for many. Save this link somewhere, if TW/DS ever goes down we can still stay in touch.


Arena Node Planets
by: Frizz on Friday the 29th of November 2013

Total Nodes held at horizon Arenas appears to be working! Most turns with Nodes Arenas are currently not working. Most turns with Nodes Arenas appears to be working! =)

Updates 2.0
by: Vanoi on Sunday the 06th of October 2013

Thanks to the community for the following updates:

- Keep_on_death variable fixed
- Damage reduction is now hard set as a maximum of 60%
- Minor Zedus visibility change
- Stealth fixed
- Hawkeye now has a new acti that detects beacons and hatches, but only work on Hadeas or Rynn
- 200k Fp limit removed from Hellion, inplace of recent Infernus changes
- Bandits Nodes can now be spawned on Arenas
- Changes to some damage rounding
- Swarm is currently disabled
- Ballistic and Missile weapons have now been re-enabled for stealth units
- Node Arenas now has more options
- Turret Suicide Bug has been fixed
- Heavy Laser and Missile Turrets have now been dropped down to Intermediate complexity

Khaibar has been putting a lot changes onto the forum recently, it would really help us out if we received people's comments.

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