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The code which handles receiving and processing of commands while you are deployed to a planet has been completely re-worked. A new AJAX-based command queue system has been implemented which allows for the asynchronous sending of orders to the server. Here's what this means to you:

The old command system was synchronous, this means that the game could not let you send or queue additional orders while it was processing your current one. If you experienced a connection issue while issuing an order, you would be locked-out from issuing additional commands until your connection was restored.

The new system uses a separate channel to send orders to the server. This means that you are no longer locked out of commanding your units while the current order is processing, it also allows you to queue up multiple commands and the server will process them for you automatically.

Because you can now issues several commands at once, the old response system has been removed and re-worked. The display panel at the bottom of the page has been discarded, allowing you to see more of the map while deployed. Units will now report back directly to you with their order status; allowing you to see how each unit responds to an order you issued. An Order Queue will also appear when you have pending orders which are waiting to be processed by the server.

Current Users should Clear the Cache on the browsers to avoid possible issues with new files not being recognized which may lead to gameplay problems. If you experience any issues with this update, please post them to the Bugs area of the forum.

The End Turn message will now also show you how much Command you are losing if you do not have the Image Pack installed. If you are currently using the Image Pack, you will need to add the following image for this update:


If you need to install the Image Pack, you can do-so from the Account Settings panel.

Community Feedback Update

You can now revoke Community Feedback you have left for another player if that feedback is more than 10 days old. Revoked feedback will still appear in a player's profile, but it will be struck-through. Also, the score for revoked feedback is removed from a player's total Community score. Once you have revoked feedback for a player you may leave them new feedback.

Combat Clarification

Several small changes have been made so that the effects of moving at Controlled and Max speed are easier to see. You will now see your to-hit numbers change in the Attack panel when you issue an Upload Terrain Data or Move Out command to one of your units. Also, a bug that caused these commands to not be taken into account when a unit was shooting (in some cases) has also been fixed. Lastly, when targeting weapons one at a time, you will now be told if you are being penalized for moving at Controlled or Max speed.

- Upload Terrain Data now has a cooldown of 1.
- The Cyclops now has a recharge of 3 (was 4) on its energy weapon.

Google Killboard for TinyWarz 2.0

The google killboard gadget for TinyWarz 2.0 is finished! If you'd like to track kills from your Google homepage, feel free to add this widget. This gadget allows you to follow PvP and non-PvP kills even when you're not playing TinyWarz.

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There have also been questions about the adjustments to Energy weapons firing at long range as well as vehicles attacking while moving above Controlled speed - these types of shots now miss more than previously.

Keep in-mind that Energy weapons are not for long ranged attacks, getting even an Average shot at long range should be considered a good thing. An Easy long-ranged shot with an Energy weapon is no-longer a simple thing to do; you may want to consider adding a Targeting Computer mod if you want to see better to-hit chances while firing Energy weapons at range.

Vehicles now also receive a larger penalty for moving more than their listed controlled speed, if you want to see more of your shots hit, make sure you're moving at your vehicle's Controlled speed or less. You can toggle a vehicle to always move at its Controlled speed from the Unit Info panel while deployed.

Lastly the game did appear to be overly pessimistic when it came to reporting bad to-hit numbers: chances to-hit that were not very good were being report back as worse than they actually were - this has been adjusted.

Map Tweaks - Icon Lovin'

The map code has been revisited to fix issues with stacking and the Icon zoom level. Any new images from the previous update, which could cause performance issues, have been removed from the Icon zoom level. Status bars at the Icon Zoom level now have transparency to better mimic the older map viewer. Map grid lines have been darkened. Stacks have been re-worked: now clicking on a stack cause the entire stack to appear with a black background to help designate vehicles and buildings in the stack, scrolling is no longer necessary to select any unit in a stack. Icons denoting stacks of units have also been made larger to make them easier to see. Lastly, the background map for Konu has been redone.

If you are still experiencing performance issues, please do the following:
- Uncheck "Help with Unit Names When Deployed" in Account Settings
- Uncheck "Auto Scroll Unit Stacks when Deployed" in Account Settings
- Install the Image Pack in Account Settings

Please clear your brower's cache! If you are using IE you may also want to restart your browser to see all the changes. If you are already using the Image Pack, these changes have been rolled into the previous Image Pack update, you can download it here. You can download the entire Image Pack from the Account Settings panel.

Zoom Zoom Zoom

A new zoom level has been added, this is should provide the best of both worlds - 3D vehicles and the ability to easily see/control your units. You can now toggle between the three zoom levels from the Account Settings panel. All map code has been consolidated for better optimization, so the old map view may look a little different to those who continue to use it. Also, you can now toggle whether or not you want stacks of units to scroll on the map. Lastly, you can also enable and disable a tool tip that displays vehicles and building names on the battlefield, when your mouse is over them.

If you're currently using the Image Pack you should download the updated files here.

Note: You will need this update even if you are using the old map. You can download the full Image Pack from the Account Setting panel. You should also clear the cache on your browser, many files were changed with the update, and your web browser may not pickup on all the changes.

The aimed-for balance between Energy, Missile and Ballistic weapons is as follows:
- Energy Weapons: Very good at close range, very poor at long range, no ammo, must wait between shots to recharge, firing can be disrupted by Commands, easy to improve weapon range.
- Missile Weapons: Excellent at long range, poor at short range. ammo dependent, no wait between shots, firing cannot be disrupted by Commands, easy to improve weapon range.
- Ballistic Weapons: No penalty or bonus to hit at any range. ammo dependent, no wait between shots, firing cannot be disrupted by Commands, difficult to improve weapon range.

The current weapon bonuses and penalties have created a situation where Missile weapons are the ugly, redheaded step-child of combat. The following changes have been implemented to bring a little more parity to all weapons and better follow the balance outlined above:
- Missile weapons now receive an additional bonus of +1 Gunnery Level (+2 Gunnery Levels total) when firing at their optimal range (listed range to listed range x2).
- Energy weapons now receive an additional penalty of -1 Gunnery Level (-4 Gunnery Levels total) when firing at their non-optimal range (listed range to listed range x2).
- "D" variant units now only provide a +3 damage bonus for Energy weapons (was +4).
- Faction Level: Combat 6 now only provides a range bonus to Energy and Missile weapons.
- Faction Level: Combat 10 now only provides a +3 damage bonus for Energy weapons (was +4).
- The penalty for firing while moving above controlled speed has been slightly increased.

Several other tweaks have been rolled into this update:
- The Sentry's main guns have had their range increased to 8 (was 6).
- The Paladin's main guns have had their recharge reduced to 2 (was 3).
- The Pirata now has 5 Controlled Speed (was 3) and 5 Max Speed (was 4), it's Energy weapon's recharge is now 2 (was 3).
- The Juggernaught's Energy weapon's recharge is now 2 (was 3), it's X-var no longer has any penalties.
- The Hellbore's Energy weapon's recharge is now 3 (was 5), it's Ballistic weapons have been given +1 range.
- The Ares's CE has been decreased to 675 (was 800), it's Energy weapon recharge is now 2 (was 3).
- The Lightfoot's CE has been increased to 750 (was 700), it's Controlled speed has been reduced to 4 (was 5).
- The Claymore's CE has been decreased to 850 increased to 1,000 (was 990).
- The Katana X-var no longer has a damage penalty.
- The SuperNova's main guns have had their recharge decreased to 3 (was 4).
- The Brightlance's main guns have had their recharge reduced to 2 (was 3).
- The Battleaxe's Max speed has been increased to 5 (was 4), it's Controlled speed has been increased to 4 (was 1).
- The Wolverine's CE has been increased to 425 (was 390), it's Max speed has been reduced to 6 (was 7).
- The Firestorm's CE has been decreased to 400 (was 440), two of it's base weapons have had their range increased to 3 (was 2).
- The Witman X-var now provides a <2 Gunnery Level bonus for all units in the same sector, if it did not move the previous turn.
- The Hawkeye now provides a 1 Gunnery Level bonus for all units in the same sector, if it did not move the previous turn turn.
- The Sunburst's Energy weapon's recharge is now 2 (was 3).
- The Ballista's Shields have been increased to 40 (was 30).
- The Death Whisper's main gun has had its range increased to 10.
- The Nightstalker now provides a <2 Gunnery Level bonus to all units in the same sector, if it did not move the previous turn.
- The Necromancer's AI-Slaves now only have a -1 Max/Controlled Speed penalty (all other penalties removed).

Merit changes:
- The Steady Hand Merit now provides +4 Controlled Speed (was +3).
- The Berserker Merit now only provides a +3 damage bonus for Energy weapons (was +5).
- The Eagle Eye Merit now only provides a range bonus for Energy and Missile weapons.

If you'd like to help out TinyWarz and earn free TinyBucks, click here.

TinyWarz 2.0 Launched!

Welcome to TinyWarz 2.0 ... there are many updates, changes and improvements that have gone into the second version of TinyWarz.

If you are a current player, please clear your cache. Several files have been updated and your browser may not pick-up on all the changes. Also, make sure you download the updated Image Pack.

- All panels in the game have been optimized and re-coded to use the new art.
- Construx now appear in blue with a blue background to distinguish them from regular units.
- You can now assign a unit to your army from the Modify Units panel. The Create Army panel has been replaced by the View Army panel, which also allows you to assign units to your army.
- Mods on most panels now provide a description when you mouse-over them.
- When constructing buildings, the more advanced version now have the less advanced version as a requirement.
- You can use icon-only mode while deployed by toggling "3D Map When Deployed" in Account Settings.

Lastly, if you are using Internet Explorer version 6 or less your pages will load a lot slower because additional image processing needs to be done. Using IE7 or Firefox will provide you with a noticeable speed improvement.

Pending Update

A game updated is scheduled for Saturday (1/26) at 10:00am PST. The server will be down for about an hour while this update is applied. It is highly recommended that you not be deployed to a planet during this time.

Buy Orders

Buy Orders for Ore are now rounded to the nearest 1/10th of a Credit. Buy Orders for Command Points are now rounded to the nearest 10 (per Command Point). Buy Orders for TinyBucks are now rounded to the nearest 100 (per TinyBuck). Also, the first Buy Order posted at a price gets first crack at any sales. For example, if you Post a Buy Order at 2 Credits per unit and someone else later posts another Buy Order which is also for 2 Credits, your Buy Order will be filled first (if your Buy Order has the highest price), before the other Buy Order is considered.

The Buy Order panel now sorts Orders by price, then by when they the Buy Order was submitted (with the oldest on-top). If someone's Buy Order is above yours for a given price, simply increase your price per unit so that your Buy Order comes out on top and you will get first crack at any sales.

Also, you can now choose to sell only at the current listed Market Price or you may attempt to Sell Ore/Command/TinyBucks as long as there are pending Buy Orders.

XP Meka Tweaks

Some small tweaks have been made to create a little more parity between the Activate-able XP Meka:

- Activated Palestar can never be targeted by enemy commands
- Activated Spellbreaker receives 25 Controlled Speed while teleporting
- Activated Necromancer can give its AI-Slaves +4 Max Speed and +5 damage for one turn (7 turn cool down) and AI-Slaves now have better gunnery
- AI-Slaves (and their Mods) are automatically salvaged, however there is a 25% chance of failure when attempting to create an AI-Slave (unit will be lost on failure)
- Activated Battle Axe X takes 7 less damage per armor hit

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